Will Web3 make the future of open source better?

"The tokenization of Web3 may provide a business model for open source contributors. The correlation between the two does exist, but the form is worth exploring." many views mentioned that Web3 and encryption technology can solve a series of problems such as data monopoly and algorithm control, but I think to explore this problem needs to think from a more essential point of view: Open Source: many of the computer software and other products we use today are derived from open source, Open source provides many basic components for many products we use, which are like bricks to build a house. In this article, we talk about

Release NFT from azuki to Murakami: Japanese NFT market may usher in explosive growth

Authors: vargason, Edwin, CGv fof researcher preface from rock painting 30000 years ago to NFT in the Web3 era, mankind has always liked works with visual impact. After the outbreak of NFT market in 2021, the current market is becoming more and more rational, high-quality NFT projects are constantly precipitating, and NFT ecosystem is also becoming an equal participant industry in finance, art, games and many other leading creative fields. CGv believes that Japan's NFT works and market have great potential. Japanese animation has

Emotions and views of music industry professionals on Web3

The future of music and Web3 depends not only on the basic technology itself, but also on marketing, culture and public perception of the ecosystem. We have built many emerging research agendas around this theme, emphasizing the central role of opinion leaders and the impact of their actions in promoting (or hindering) the development of music / Web3. We carefully studied the press releases of the flagship products in the artist NFT database and interviewed the artists and startups behind the famous music NFT project to highlight their strategies for new fans. We surveyed more than 150 music lovers

NFT trading platform: blue ocean or red ocean market

Key takeaway blue ocean market is an emerging market with high profit margin and no vicious competition; The Red Sea market is a known and highly competitive market, with high barriers and strict industry competition rules. Among markets of different sizes and forms, some markets can bring innovative value to both sides of the transaction, while some markets simply copy the income generating model of other markets. Some platforms using token provide users with new value through incentive design, such as looksrare and magic Eden. May 16, 2022, magic

Golden morning post - Golden Digital Collection meta official website officially launched beta beta

Headline ▌ Golden Digital Collection meta official website officially launched the beta beta test version today. According to official news, Golden Digital Collection meta official website officially launched the beta test version today, and will open the free looting activity of Xi Shi limited digital collection at 5:20 this afternoon. Click the original link to view and receive the tutorial. It is reported that golden digital collection meta is a digital art and culture collection platform incubated by golden finance and relying on Tencent to the letter chain. As of press time, according to the data of Huobi global, the recent transaction price of BTC was US $29220.67, up or down + 0.2 within the day

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