From node to network: master the basic knowledge of Web3

Web3 is huge and complex, combining various components, technologies and concepts. Whether you are a novice or veteran of Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrency, you will get a high-level overview of various components supporting Web3 through this article, so that you can understand the purpose and benefits of each component. Specifically, the purpose of this series is: 1. to provide an overview of the basic components of Web3. 2. to evaluate various components. We define Web3 as the next iteration of the Internet, and combine our favorite things and verifiable numbers in today's Internet

Golden Map | Top 3 Weekly Report of NFT Trading Market (9.18 - 9.24)

[0918 - 0924] Summary of weekly report: 1. The trading volume of NFT market fell back last week, down about - 9.7% compared with last week; Among them, X2Y2's turnover continued to rank first, accounting for 45.8%. 2. Last week, the number of active users in the NFT market was slightly warmer than the previous week, with an average daily number of active users of about 47000, up about 4.4%; Among them, Opensea accounted for 89.3%, maintaining a leading position. 3. The token market fell back last week, and Lookes fell - 17.9% to close

Golden Morning Post | Russia starts to develop international crypto payment mechanism

Headline | Moscow Exchange is preparing to become a gold financial report of cryptocurrency exchange. According to social media, Moscow Exchange, the largest stock exchange in Russia, is preparing to become a cryptocurrency exchange. Golden Finance previously reported that the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) is drafting a bill to allow digital financial assets (DFA) and securities trading based on DFA. As of press release, according to Huobi  Global data shows that BTC recently traded at US $18933.53, up or down by 1.88% within the day

Layer 1 New Direction Meta Public Chain Aptos, Sui, Linera Inventory

Author: Daniel Li, the high-profile Ethereum merger did not produce the expected positive effect on the crypto asset industry. Instead, the crypto asset industry fell into a long downward trend again due to the US dollar interest rate increase policy. Relying on the consensus mechanism to expand Layer1 has become increasingly difficult to resonate with the market in the never lacking narrative and innovative blockchain. This Ethereum merger did not get the expected feedback from the market, which just shows this point. As more and more people begin to realize that consensus mechanism cannot solve the dilemma of blockchain. People will become more eager for different mechanisms

The first major of "Meta Universe" in China attracted heated discussion: the launch of Nanjing's two first-class universities, and the establishment of AI College three years ago

Source: Quantum Bit (ID: QbitAI), a "double first-class" university, will have a 25 year history of "Information Engineering Department", renamed as "Metacosmic Engineering Department"?! This is still the "first university to eat crabs" since the Yuantiansi fire. This big news comes from Nanjing University of Information Engineering, formerly the School of Meteorology of Nanjing University. In 2004, the name of the school was changed to the current name. According to the official documents, they are serious about launching the meta universe this time. In August this year, they also set up the Institute of Metauniverse as one of the research directions. according to

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