Learn about four DeFi fixed rate solutions in one article

The crypto market is volatile and fixed interest rate returns are uncommon. This is a huge problem for creditors and debtors who want to match fixed rate liabilities with fixed rate assets. In particular, TradFi entities need access to convenient fixed rate solutions for proper asset and liability management. The ability to mitigate risks associated with specific investments is crucial for each type of financial institution - banks, pension funds, insurance companies and hedge funds - and is often accomplished through derivatives, which provide a high level of capital for risk management

Schrodinger's USDT is not in my crypto wallet, is it?

With the further maturity of the application of blockchain technology, the application of virtual assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFT digital collections has also been further expanded, and various industries in the upstream, middle and downstream regions have seized the capital for future development at the wind of the times. At present, the encrypted wallet has become one of the most important links in blockchain applications, Web3 and the meta universe. It not only plays many crucial functions such as encrypted asset storage, authentication, payment collection, and on chain application login, but also supports various DeFi projects and fund custody projects. The importance of encrypted wallet for each user goes without saying

Why will soul bound tokens lead to large-scale adoption of DeFi

Author: Ignas, the following is compiled by DeFi. In my opinion, the soul bound token (SBT) will bring large-scale adoption of DeFi. The concept of soul binding was first introduced by God V and his colleagues a few months ago. Now, many projects have used soul binding tokens! Tiezi, let me introduce the working principle of soul binding token and some projects that have adopted it. About the soul binding token The soul binding token represents a person's identity on the chain. Soul bound tokens are like NFT, but they are not transferable

The US financial stability regulator will hold a meeting next week to discuss issues related to digital asset regulation

[The U.S. financial stability regulator will hold a meeting next week to discuss issues related to digital asset regulation] Golden Financial Report. The Financial Stability Oversight Committee (FSOC) chaired by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will hold a meeting on September 23 to discuss its report on regulatory loopholes in digital assets and the potential risks they pose. The report is the last unfinished part of the broader regulatory framework of the Biden Administration, which represents the first attempt to coordinate the handling of digital currency by federal agencies. (The Block)

The Financial Stability Board will report the regulatory loopholes of digital assets next month

[The Financial Stability Commission will report the regulatory loopholes of digital assets next month] Golden Financial Report, according to senior officials of the Biden government, the Financial Stability Oversight Commission (FSOC) plans to identify regulatory gaps in digital assets next month, and suggests how to fill these gaps, as the last part of the long-awaited federal framework of U.S. digital assets policy. According to an overview provided by the government, the report will discuss the financial stability risks of digital assets, identify relevant areas requiring additional supervision, and make recommendations to promote financial stability. In addition to strengthening the federal cryptocurrency policy

Prospects for Pledge Economy and DeFi New Opportunities after Ethereum Merger

Under the background of ETH's national debt, the secondary utilization of interest bearing assets provides a feasible path for DeFi 2.0. Article: Loki, Huabi Incubator 1. Merge is a major turning point in ETH fundamentals. 1.1 The death of miners. Nodexing has been obtaining a large amount of mining income from miners. In July 2022, the total income of miners in Ethereum reached 596 million dollars. According to this data, the annual income is estimated to be about 7 billion dollars (18 billion dollars in 2021).

Data: about 21% of people in the Asia Pacific region are using defi

[data: about 21% of the people in the Asia Pacific region are using defi] golden financial news, nischint sanghavi, regional encryption director of visa Asia Pacific region, said in an interview with Bloomberg that 21% of the people in the Asia Pacific region said they were currently using defi, and the number of people who were interested in defi could be twice that.

Analyzing tezos defi Ecology: why it stands out from defi projects

Decentralized Finance (defi) is a revolutionary application of the underlying blockchain technology of cryptocurrency, expanding the vision of global finance. As an alternative to the traditional financial ecosystem, the defi application is implemented by Ethereum, the first programmable blockchain protocol with smart contract function in history. The defi field continues to grow, and a large number of projects reproduce almost all traditional financial products and services in a decentralized environment. As more and more people adopt it, the inherent scalability problem of Ethereum has become prominent, resulting in high transaction costs, confirmation delays and so on

What are the chances of defi challenging traditional finance?

Cefi thunderbolt, defi currency theft, financial world, risks. With the global trend towards instability and the diversity of crypto market participants, how institutions and users manage their assets has become a difficult problem. Today's vernacular blockchain brings you a compiled article, which takes you to understand the current situation and future of cefi and defi. The following is the compiled text. 01 defi vs. cefi, who is better? Sunny Aggarwal of osmosis DEX said, "like cels

Smart contract development: a comprehensive comparison between move and rust

Recently, discussions about Aptos and Sui are in full swing. Both are emerging high-performance L1 public chains, and move smart contract programming language is an indispensable part of these new chains. Some developers are actively turning to move, claiming that it is the future of smart contract development. Others are more cautious, thinking that move can't provide more and more new things than existing programming languages. Original title: smart contract development move vs. rust Author: KR