Golden observation | viewing the rise and fall of Ethereum products from gas consumption

From gas consumption, we can see the rise and fall of many products of Ethereum, such as the rise of DEX, the rotation of defi and NFT. Casey, the investment partner of paradigm, compiled a visualization tool gasguzzlers (website: )。 Here are some insights. The rise of MeV in 2022 is the first year for MeV searchers to enter the top 10 gas consumption contracts. The rise of stable coins (TET)

Ethereum main network merger (tentative TTD announcement)

[tentative TTD announcement of Ethereum main network merger] on August 11, according to the content released by Tim beiko, the core developer of Ethereum, the Bellatrix bifurcation epoch of Ethereum main network is 144896, and the time is about 19:34 on September 6. The TTD (terminal total diff) of the main network is 58750000000000000000000 (will transition to the POS network). However, changes may occur before the release of the client.

V Shen: gas fee may be as low as US $0.002 after eth merger

[v Shen: gas fee may be as low as US $0.002 after eth merger] according to golden financial report, vitalik buterin, founder of Ethereum, said that gas fee may be as low as US $0.002 after eth merger. It should be noted that the gas fee decrease after the merger includes the summary, which may be between us $0.002 and US $0.05. Previously, it was reported that the Ethereum goerli test network had been merged. Goerli is the last Ethereum test network among the three public test networks. After that, the main network merger is expected to occur at some time at the end of September.

Opensea announces stolen assets policy: if the police report is not provided within 7 days, the transaction will be restarted

[opensea announces stolen asset policy: if the police report is not provided within 7 days, the transaction will be restarted] it was reported on August 11 that opensea tweeted the "stolen asset policy", which is expanding the use scope of the police report and will be used to confirm all theft reports. Previously, it only used the alarm to handle the escalated disputes. For all loss reports in the future, if the platform does not receive the police report provided by the user within 7 days, it will restart the transaction of lost items to prevent false reports. In addition, opensea claims that the platform is working hard to better realize attack and theft

Gold trend - the end of the trend rebound or the opportunity of low absorption?

As shown in the figure, the pressure at the top still fails to break, and BTC falls again. However, the weekly line has not broken the lower support line, and the lower daily line has not broken the track support. The low point of this adjustment has not reached the new low on August 4. The overall upward trend of shock has not changed. If it does not break, there will be a chance to attack again. The general direction is still regarded as the bottom building market in the large bottom range. Therefore, once the position is broken or the bottom will be explored again, but the downward space is limited, The previous articles have repeatedly analyzed the trend of large cycles, so the medium and long-term low absorption opportunities come again. Eth has not broken the support of the upward track, and the upward trend of the overall oscillation has not changed. At the same time, the lower early stage

Golden observation | support or opposition: two sides of Ethereum grand merger

After several delays, the Ethereum merger is expected to take place in the third quarter / fourth quarter of 2022. However, along with the merger, there are also growing calls for hard bifurcation. At present, some exchanges and project parties have made their own choices and made statements on the issue of Ethereum hard bifurcation. Is it hype or belief, is it an excuse to protect users or cut leeks... Encryption users need to distinguish clearly. On August 9, tether, the issuer of usdt, officially confirmed its support for the upcoming merger, upgrade and transfer of Ethereum

What is the final form of Ethereum in the next five stages

Original title: understanding the merge, surge, verge, purge, and splash original author: Alec Chen, volt capital original compilation: kxp, blockbeats introduction "the merge", that is, the transformation from Ethereum to proof of equity network, is planned to be completed on the main network by the end of September this year. This upgrade aims to systematically improve the accessibility of the blockchain and will

Tether: support Ethereum merger and upgrade

[tether: support Ethereum merger and upgrade] according to the golden financial news, the usdt publisher tether officially confirmed its support for Ethereum's upcoming merger and upgrade and its shift to the blockchain based on the POS consensus mechanism. He also said that he would pay close attention to the relevant progress and preparations, and would support POS Ethereum according to the official timetable. Tether believes that the smooth transition of eth is critical to the long-term health of the defi ecosystem and its platforms, including those using tether. (Cointelegraph)

Ethereum: blockchain privacy is the next big thing?

Be prepared to trade NFT anonymously, because Ethereum can carry out a large-scale privacy upgrade to the erc-721 standard. About the privacy of Ethereum transactions and the discussions between vitalik and other Ethereum members on how private NFT transactions may occur in the future, these are controversial topics. The reason is that all transactions are always stored in an immutable ledger because of the use of blockchain. Everyone can access the transaction history at any time and see exactly who is the sender and receiver. This article will explore how private NFT transactions can be realized on Ethereum, and its pre

History repeats itself? Detailed explanation of Ethereum 2.0 and hard fork

"The merge" is coming. Since vitalik buterin released the "next generation smart contract and decentralized application platform" - Ethereum white paper in 2013, the upgrade of Ethereum 2.0 has been hotly debated. After several ticket jumps, Ethereum will finally usher in the historic "the merge" upgrade, The Ethereum main network will merge with the Ethereum beacon chain and complete the transition from POW workload proof mechanism to POS equity proof mechanism. However, "the merge" is only the beginning,