Reversal of NFT and token transactions on Ethereum: interpretation of ERC-20R and ERC-721R

Article/Kaili Wang, the irreversibility of Stanford University blockchain transactions is a double-edged sword. BAYC phishing, PolyNetwork attack, Harmony Bridge and Ronin were stolen. In 2021 alone, 14 billion dollars of cryptocurrencies were stolen. These and more are undeniable thefts, but there is no "cancel button" (such as credit card payment cancellation), and not everyone has Jump Crypto to help them when they need it. But what if there is a reversible token? This is from Stanford University

Who owns Ethereum now?

More than a week has passed since the merger of Ethereum, and the ripples have begun to appear. A report commissioned by the Cryptographic Carbon Rating Institute (CCRI) shows that energy use has declined, even exceeding expectations. The CCRI report from "ConsenSys, a software company centered on Ethereum," said that Ethereum now uses about 99.99% less energy than before the merger. It also shows that the carbon footprint of the blockchain has decreased by more than 99.99%, "wrote an article on the website of Decrypto. Reducing energy use is one of the main objectives of the merger. however

Layer 1 New Direction Meta Public Chain Aptos, Sui, Linera Inventory

Author: Daniel Li, the high-profile Ethereum merger did not produce the expected positive effect on the crypto asset industry. Instead, the crypto asset industry fell into a long downward trend again due to the US dollar interest rate increase policy. Relying on the consensus mechanism to expand Layer1 has become increasingly difficult to resonate with the market in the never lacking narrative and innovative blockchain. This Ethereum merger did not get the expected feedback from the market, which just shows this point. As more and more people begin to realize that consensus mechanism cannot solve the dilemma of blockchain. People will become more eager for different mechanisms

Data analysis: Uniswap V3's TVL calculation is wrong?

2 x 2=5 Obviously, this is the wrong math problem. When I see that the data of liquidity and TVL (total locked value) displayed on the Uniswap V3 user interface are completely wrong, I feel the same as when I see 2 x 2=5. Uniswap is the largest decentralized finance (DeFi) project in Ethereum and the whole blockchain industry. Because thousands of liquidity providers are using Uniswap numbers to establish their investment strategies every day, how can these numbers be inaccurate? I tried to find me

The Modular Future of Ethereum: The Road to World Computers

From the perspective of the development trend of Crypto in 2022, it is inevitable that it is a bit far fetched to build a new L1 public chain at this time, and the narrative of modular blockchain cannot be ignored. After the Merge, Ethereum's development path is more and more inclined to the direction of modular blockchain. The difference between a modular blockchain and a monolithic blockchain is that a monolithic blockchain simultaneously implements execution, settlement, consensus and data in a basic consensus layer

This article explores the reasons for the adverse growth of ENS

Bitcoin has a bear market, while ENS does not. The once arrogant OpenSea's trading volume in August hit a monthly low in the past year. The blue chip liquidity of BAYC, CryptoPunks, Azuki and other blue chip companies, which had provoked the backbone, has been declining after experiencing a large-scale clearing crisis. The daily transaction count has already degenerated to single digits. However, in this cold winter, the domain name, which is one of the most valuable assets in the history of the Web, stands out. The OG type ENS domain name in the NFT industry quickly boarded the trading platform

Is the gas fee of Ethereum really as low as possible

High Gas will lead to a bad user experience, but it can also bring a sexy P/E ratio to Ethereum. For ETH holders, high gas fees are a double-edged sword: the advantages are: high fees mean high P/E ratio, which can bring more benefits to pledgers, and impose deflationary pressure on ETH supply. The disadvantage is that the user experience will be terrible because users will be forced to pay triple digit gas for Uniswap transactions& nbsp; The most ideal goal of ETH is to avoid too expensive transaction costs while incurring costs, which is in La

A Hundred Flowers Bloom: A Quick Look at the Progress of Layer 2 in the Post Merge Era

On September 22, the 2022 Shanghai Blockchain International Week and the 8th Blockchain Global Summit, hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, opened the theme forum of the third day - "Cold Wood and Spring Flower" online. TL; DR zkEVM: Compatibility and Equivalence - The problem of zkSync CEO Alex Gluchowski in ZK environment is that all constraints must be implemented for all instructions at each step of execution. Therefore, the cost generated by executing ZK certification at each step will be the sum of the costs of each component of each instruction. 《

ENS Business Guide: How Domain Name Degens Becomes Rich

We analyzed the eight most profitable addresses for ENS domain name transactions and found the secret of their wealth. In recent months, ENS domain names have continued to heat up. The wave after wave of popularity of company name domain names, digital domain names, first names or surnames, Emoji and other domain names has made ENS once ranked first in the NFT series 24-hour transaction volume list. The turnover in the past month was second only to BAYC, ranking second, reaching more than 13000 ETH. Foresight News based on Nansen data and

Golden Observation | Guide: How to run your own Ethereum verifier node

If you are a supporter of Ethereum, one of the most important things you can do now is to run Ethereum verifiers. This article will show you how to ensure the safe operation of Ethereum and obtain ETH by operating your own PoS verifier system. Objective: Run Ethereum PoS verifier Node Skill requirements: Medium and high skills require effort: 2 hours of research preparation ROI: get 4.79% annual ET through DIY verifier