Golden Web3.0 weekly report | it is estimated that the global NFT will reach US $9.845 billion in 2027

Defi data 1 Total market value of DFI Tokens: US $35.967 billion total market value of DFI data source: coingecko2 Trading volume of decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: US $1.653 billion trading volume of decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours source: coingecko3 Locked assets in defi: US $72.82 billion. Top ten ranking of locked assets and locked positions of defi project data source: defilamanft data 1 Total market value of NFT: US $11.766 billion

You don't have to kill Web2.0 in the way of Web3.0

From: old yuppie, if you, like me, try to keep an open mind and think that one day there may be a non fraudulent application of blockchain, Then you may have read some articles about "Web3" (after all, it promises to decentralize the network through blockchain). I realize that this is far from the most important criticism, but I think it is very interesting that you find a large piece of historical revisionism in the standard interpretation copied almost word for word at the beginning of most "Web3" articles. It often goes like this: "first, Web1.0, that is, geoc

Abandon the Internet after 00: do not want to enter a big factory after graduation, but go to the most fashionable Web3

Web3 storm center, the post-90s and post-00s are on the main stage. "We have set up a Post-00 Web3 learning group to share Web3 information and learning resources with each other. We open twitter spaces every Sunday evening to discuss. If you are interested, please contact me." Recently, Michel, who is still a junior, posted this message on the social platform, and a series of "seeking to enter the group" messages quickly occupied his private message. In just a few days, his group has grown from a few people to more than 200 people. Different from the general atmosphere of diving, this discussion group of young people after 00 has always been non

Linea: new public chain with Facebook background

The story of the new public chain is not over yet. Solana, avalanchr and near have not yet satisfied users. The story of the new public chain is bound to continue. Today, blockbeats gives readers a brief introduction to linea, a new network built by former employees of fackbook and just received $6million financing from a16z. Simply put, linea is a layer 1 blockchain project aimed at introducing web2 scalability and low latency into Web3. Start with meta

Sequoia Capital fully embraces the encryption ecology. How does the traditional investment bank layout Web3

Author: the future of old yappie has come. As one of the oldest and most successful top venture capital companies in Silicon Valley, Sequoia Capital has hit the most dazzling companies in the Internet and financial technology fields, such as yadali, Cisco, Yahoo, Google, Oracle, NVIDIA, PayPal, LinkedIn, stripe, youtube, instagram, etc. In recent years, with the rapid development of the encryption field and the competition of traditional institutional giants, people's attention to the encryption field has further increased. Everyone began to realize

Web3 is suffering from a new kind of scam

Pdf files were once considered immune to viruses. However, since CNET announced the spread of a new virus in PDF in 2002, the web2 world has often been plagued by PDF malicious file scams. With the breakthrough development of the encryption market and the continuous expansion of the influence of the Web3 concept, PDF malicious file scams have begun to invade the Web3 field. Swindlers disguise the file embedded with virus as a normal PDF file. PDF files containing multimedia content are more likely to be embedded with malicious virus software, which is usually called Trojan

Web3.0 tears the capital circle

Web3.0 dominates the screen. Another concept is popular. Similar to the original scenario when the concept of meta universe rose, it was put forward more than 10 years ago. It was popular in the era of mobile Internet when it fell into a growth bottleneck. Well known institutions invested in it, investors paid attention to it, and social media discussed it. For ordinary people, just as the netizens exclaimed, "every time I read this article, I read it word by word, and I am still confused." Recently, Web3.0 has directly driven the enthusiasm of capital, which is the action of internationally renowned investment institutions. In February, Sequoia, one of the largest venture capital in the world

Pillar of Web3: overview of decentralized storage ecosystem

Filecoin, arweave, storj, crush network, SIA and swarm, who is the best decentralized storage solution? If we want to go further in decentralizing the Internet, we will eventually need these three pillars: consensus, storage and computing. If human beings successfully decentralize these three fields, we will embark on the next stage of the Internet: Web3. Figure 1: project example storage of each Web3 pillar, as the second pillar, is rapidly maturing, and various storage solutions have been applied to

Contradiction complex: Web3 piracy and "opening" endlessly

All contradictions stem from too slow development. Web3 based on blockchain computing may not be as good as expected in terms of right confirmation and data protection. In recent foreign media reports, moti levy, CEO of deviant art, the world's largest platform for displaying and sharing all kinds of art creation (with more than 70million registered users), said that deviant art was also making corresponding changes when the Web3 revolution came. As the vanguard of the Web3 era, NFT is also the object of deviant art's attention. At present, the platform has been indexed by more than 4

Those who leave the factory for Web3

With more and more preachers, explorers and experimental products, Web3 is changing from a vague concept to a concrete one. On the one hand, Web3's infrastructure and market education are becoming more and more perfect. In addition to the attractive wealth effect, Web3 products such as stepn and boring ape have attracted a large number of users' interest and attention for a time; On the other hand, nearly US $10 billion of venture capital has poured into the Web3 field, Facebook, Google and other giant companies have also successively, and the United States, Britain, France, Japan and other developed countries have also expressed their commitment to vigorously develop the Web3 industry. Soon, there was someone