Take a quick look at the next iteration upgrade of Optimization: Surpassing EVM equivalence and realizing Ethereum equivalence

Optimism announced the details of its next iteration upgrade Bedrock (which means bedrock in Chinese) and described it as the cheapest, fastest and most advanced rollup architecture, committed to achieving a greater goal - Ethereum equivalence rather than the previous EVM equivalence.

Optimism first introduced the concept of EVM equivalence in October last year, that is, it is completely consistent with the specification of Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), rather than just being satisfied with EVM compatibility. The first EVM equivalent chain was launched a month later as a large-scale upgrade of optimism network.




EVM equivalence realizes the feasibility of "coding once, deploying everywhere" and extends the attributes of Ethereum to layer2. However, just like its governance, optimization has been trying to redesign its technical core and focus on long-term sustainability.

The core design principles adopted by optimism to build the next upgrade bedrock are:

  • Minimize differences with Ethereum so that optimism can share and collaborate on the same core code;
  • Reuse the design pattern so that the mental model built for Ethereum can be applied to optimization;
  • Simplify each piece of code and make optimism the easiest to use, forkable and auditable rollup code base;
  • Modularize every part of the stack so that alternative data availability and execution layers can be easily inserted;
  • Optimize to minimize costs and reduce complexity.


Optimism means,After bedrock, EVM equivalence will no longer apply. By using all the code, infrastructure and design patterns of Ethereum, the goal of optimization is Ethereum equivalence.Bedrock  A series of powerful new features and optimizations will be introduced, including:

  • In theory, the best call data submission provides users with the cheapest transaction of any rollup (forever);
  • Following Ethereum's consensus and implementing client separation, optimism can seamlessly integrate eip-4844 with minimized cost. (recommended reading:《Brief analysis of eip-4844 proposal: how to significantly reduce rollup costs?
  • A micro client diff provides the possibility of alternative client implementation and provides additional security level for optimization users;
  • Fast point-to-point network, including support for snap sync, makes it easier to run optimization nodes than ever before, and lays the foundation for decentralized sorting;
  • Highly optimized deposit and withdrawal, allowing users to easily transfer assets in and out of optimism;
  • More intelligent synchronization, sorting and status submission to ensure that optimization can withstand all Ethereum network conditions.


At the same time, bedrock is also the basis of the next generation fault proof system cannon of optimism. Cannon was first built by George Hotz. It is the first interactive public fault proof that can run EVM equivalent layer 2. On it, the unchanged EVM contract can be run. Theoretically, it can also achieve the lowest calldata gas cost, which will also make optimism take into account simplicity and security. Bedrock has been merged into the main optimization single repository.

Optimism said that the alpha version of cannon will be launched at the same time when bedrock is released later. Bedrock is not only an upgrade, but also a new example of how to build rollup. Bedrock was designed from scratch to lay the foundation for true security and decentralization. Bedrock (combined with Ca # nnon) is the only rollup architecture that can easily support multiple fault proofs and client implementations.

With bedrock, optimism is committed to becoming the first roll up based on EVM to achieve Ethereum level security assurance. And for users,After the launch of bedrock, the average transaction cost will be greatly reduced, the throughput will be greatly improved, the deposit and withdrawal will be highly optimized, and the synchronization speed of optimization node will be increased by 50 times.In addition, bedrock will be a completely transparent upgrade, which means that users and developers do not need to make any changes. All previous transactions and data will remain available on optimism& nbsp;