Opensea launches new market protocol seaport protocol

[opensea launches new market protocol seaport protocol] golden financial news: on Friday, opensea in NFT market announced the launch of a new Web3 market protocol seaport protocol, which is used to buy and sell NFT safely and efficiently. Opensea said that "seaport core smart contract is open source, decentralized in nature, without contract owner, scalability and other characteristics". Unlike some platforms that can only exchange cryptocurrency for NFT, seaport protocol allows users to obtain NFT in a series of new ways. Bidders (or bidders) can bundle different assets (such as providing eth / erc20 / erc721 / erc1155 items) in exchange for NFT. For example, suppose a user owns a doodle NFT of 40eth, but wants to trade bayc NFT of 100eth, the user can bid with the doodle NFT and 60eth. Opensea said it did not control or operate the seaport agreement and began a two-week agreement audit competition with code4rena, with a prize pool of $1 million. (THE BLOCK)