Coinbase co-founder Fred ehrsam bought $75 million in coin shares

According to the Mars financial news, according to the form 4 document submitted to the US SEC, coinbase co-founder Fred ehrsam purchased more than 1 million coinbase (coin) shares worth about US $75 million in the past week. Ehrsam is currently a member of the board of directors of coinbase. The purchase transaction is conducted through the venture capital company paradigm. Ehrsam is the co-founder and managing partner of paradigm.

According to the document, ehrsam purchased more than 706000 coinbase shares at an average price of about $70 per share through paradigm on May 13, valued at nearly $50 million. Subsequently, on May 17, 385000 shares worth about $25 million were purchased at an average price of about $65 per share. This purchase enables paradigm to hold more than 3.6 million coinbase shares, and ehrsam also holds 1.1 million coinbase shares through trust.