Check five potential projects incubated by Ubisoft Innovation Laboratory

Web3 and decentralized technology are bringing significant changes to the digital world and opening up new opportunities and value propositions for players and creators. Recently, Ubisoft strategic innovation laboratory held the 7th season incubation activity, which focused on the potential of games in Web3 track in the future. Daily Planet daily selected five winning projects to introduce to you. They involve different types of games, from environmental games to creator economy, and then to emerging narrative games.

Oxya origin is an RPG game that allows players to build land and carry out tribal alliances in the game to earn game revenue.

There are two important elements in Oxya origin. One is oxyan # NFT, which is your role in the game. There are 7898 of them. They come from 3 planets and 9 tribes. They can be bought on opensea at present. The floor price is 0.24 E.

The other is land NFT. Land NFT will generate practical resources that players can use to build, play and earn money in the game. Land NFT is divided into four sizes: 1 x 1, 2 x 2, 4 x 4 and 8 x 8, and is sold in four stages. The time of the first batch of land NFT is to be determined. You can go to the official website for white list registration.

At present, players can "pledge" oxyan NFT to obtain a randomly dropped mysterious box with a value of 0.3 ETH Rewards (3%), NFT lands, NFT weapons, resources and the first batch of Oxya tokens, etc.

Oxya is a token in Oxya origin, which can be used to trade resources and assets, as a reward for p2e, participate in pledge and governance, make unique assets, participate in Championships, etc. According to the official website, Oxya sales date and rules will be announced soon.


Tales from the Wild 

Official website:

Tales from the wild is a p2e MMORPG game, which was launched in April 2022. In this collaborative game, players will face dangerous monsters. You need to upgrade experience and get rewards through combat. Before the game starts, you need to get an elf. There are two batches of 2222 elves. They represent elements such as water, wind, fire, earth and so on. Players can merge them to get rarer and more powerful elves. The first batch of ELF NFT was cast on May 22. The second batch will start in July.

In addition, with genesis NFT, you can also participate in seizing the $ape # spoils in the game and game modes such as watch-2-earn, read-2-earn and listen-2-earn. In addition, you can also get free airdrop on a regular basis.



Official website: -season

Yumon combines blockchain, game and creator economy to develop a fantasy alliance. With the creator as the target, players can obtain rewards by collecting card NFT and building a strong deck combination. Yumon is the first player owned creator fantasy world. The game has been received from meta, epic, unity, webedia, Ubisoft, twitch and The Sandbox The trust of more than 30 world-class creators and business angels.

Yumon is about to start card NFT sales, and the game will be released in the fourth quarter.



Official website:

Versum is the NFT platform and metauniverse on tezos blockchain. In addition to the transaction of NFT collections, it also has a social function, which allows artists to communicate with collectors and control the subscription content by themselves. At the same time, Versum # also provides decentralized storage through # IPFs # to fully embrace Web3.

Mtria is Versum's token. As a participant in tezos community, you are eligible for mtria tokens. Versum will process your historical activities every day and determine the amount of mtria tokens according to your historical activities. In addition, material will be airdropped to users on a regular basis. In addition, casting NFT on Versum requires mtria tokens.


My Lovely Planet

Official website:

My love planet is the first game of recover and play to save. The main concept is that everything you do in the game will have a positive impact on the real world. For example, planting a tree in the game will also plant a tree in the real world. If you clean up garbage in the game, you will do the same in the real world.

My love planet is divided into two ways to play: one is without NFT, and the other is with NFT and MLC tokens. The two game scenarios are the same, except that in games with NFT elements, players can earn MLC tokens by placing NFT on their planet. However, both methods will contribute to "play to save" by funding environmental protection projects.

According to its roadmap, the second beta will be launched in May 2022, including four casual games and multiplayer games. The public offering and Ido will be launched in September 2022.