Xi'an: more than 100000 digital RMB merchants

In November 2020, Xi'an became one of the second batch of six pilot areas qualified for digital RMB pilot areas. With the support and guidance of relevant departments and Xi'an Branch of the people's Bank of China, all pilot operating institutions continue to optimize the digital RMB acceptance environment. At present, Xi'an has preliminarily established a digital RMB ecosystem with both application scenarios and consumer groups.

By the end of April this year, Xi'an had accepted more than 100000 digital RMB merchants, opened more than 22 million personal wallets and nearly 1.59 million corporate wallets, with a transaction amount of 6.118 billion yuan. The use of digital RMB basically covers life services, retail consumption, transportation, education and medical treatment, smart people's livelihood, government services, Internet platforms and other fields.

Next, Xi'an will strengthen the publicity and popularization of digital RMB knowledge, and carry out a series of various forms of activities to benefit the people in tourist attractions and large business districts, so as to make the public widely know and use digital RMB, and make every effort to improve the acceptance and influence of digital RMB in Xi'an; Focus on overcoming the application of digital RMB in key and difficult areas such as government end, tax collection and inclusive financial services; Solidly carry out the construction of digital RMB in characteristic demonstration business districts and blocks, further promote the pilot work of "one district, one product, one line and one characteristic", accelerate the construction of digital RMB ecosystem, continuously improve the acceptance environment of digital RMB, make digital RMB widely and deeply integrate into all fields of economy and society, and enable high-quality development.