Bill Gates: why not have any cryptocurrency

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is not a fan of cryptocurrency.

Gates is now the world's fourth richest man, with a fortune of $125 billion. On Thursday, he said at reddit's ask me anything forum that he did not hold any digital currency.

"I like to invest in something of value. The value of companies is how they make great products, but the value of cryptocurrency is only the amount that some people think others will pay for it, so it will not contribute to society like other investments."

Gates has also previouslyBitcoinExpressed some doubts. In an interview with Bloomberg in February this year, the billionaire expressed his concern about ordinary people falling into the bitcoin frenzy, and he may have some truth. Since last weekTerraAfter the collapse of USD, the cryptocurrency market fell like a free fall, which also dragged down other digital currencies. Bitcoin fell 27% this month, whileEthereumDown 36%.

"If you don't have Elon(Musk)If you have money, you may have to be careful, "he said in February.

Gates talked about a wide range of topics in the "just ask me" link. He once again denied the bizarre conspiracy theory that he wanted to track people by implanting microchips in their heads with vaccines.

"Why do I want to know where people are? What will I do with this information?" He said.

On the question of whether billionaires should pay more taxes, Gates had previously said he would pay more taxes, but he also warned that too high tax rates could lead to more tax evasion.

"If your system allows, allowing the marginal tax rate to exceed 60% usually leads to a lot of complex avoidance behavior. It is strange that the rate of return on capital is lower than that of ordinary income. The estate tax can exceed 60% to some extent - but surprisingly few countries have such a tax."

Since the Q & A is conducted on reddit, it is not surprising that someone asked Gamestop, which is the most popular stock among retail investors on reddit.

"I've never been long or short on Gamestop," Gates said. However, he did not answer the question about his short of Tesla. It is said that his short action angered musk, so that the latter withdrew from the potential charitable cooperation with gates.

In response to Musk's public criticism, Gates said earlier this month that shorting Tesla "has nothing to do with climate change" and stressed that shorting an electric vehicle manufacturer is different from shorting the entire electric vehicle industry