You must read 10 articles a week | Web3 should pay more attention to types rather than decentralization

1. Viewpoint: Web3 should pay more attention to types rather than decentralization

Most typical encryption items, such asBitcoin, the current "decentralization" is what we call "distributed redundancy": global, open and consensus based storage of a common and homogeneous data set in many places. Distributed redundancy depends on three factors.Click to read

2. There is no shortage of creativity in the yuan universe. What is lacking is the "infrastructure" company

According to the report of sensor tower in 2022, since the outbreak of the concept of "meta universe", on average, one new "meta universe" software has been added every day, among which the social software of meta universe is emerging one after another. In cool demos, we seem to be close to building another virtual reality, but some experts don't think so.Click to read

threetencentVideo and Youku's digital collection battle

Both Youku video and Tencent video are app platforms with a wide range of users of domestic comprehensive video websites. They compete with each other and grow in the competition. Both of them focus on digital collections. It can be seen that the momentum of domestic digital collections is very strong, and it also reflects that big factories are very active in chasing new things. This battle has started, but the new world has not been fully opened. No one knows what's in it, but everyone knows that it's a new world.Click to read

4. In depth exploration: the valuation economic mechanism and MeV of layer1

We see that different encrypted assets have different single or multi-attribute characteristics. For mature projects with stable cash flow (such as mainstream DEX), we can use the valuation model of traditional financial market, while for some governance related assets (participating in voting or treasury expenditure), we need to obtain value through network fees and other means.Click to read

5. New ways to fund non encrypted projects with cryptocurrency

One of the main trends we have seen in the past 10 years is the rise of cryptocurrencies. Although it is often "diss" by some powerful elders, cryptocurrency is still growing. The design space of cryptocurrency is large enough to support innovation on at least the same scale as the Internet. It allows hackers, open source developers and entrepreneurs to use cryptocurrency to build new infrastructure and applications without trust. Because of this, hot money continues to enter this field.Click to read

sixVitalik: I haven't figured out ten major contradictions

Following vitalik's public praise on April 1BitcoinOn May 17, 2022, vitalik againBitcoinShow envy. Vitalik tweeted that he hoped to seeEthereumBecome a system more like bitcoin, especially long-term stability, including cultural stability.

In addition, he also disclosed ten contradictions in his thoughts and values. He said he had been thinking and had not completely solved them. Here are ten contradictions vitalik didn't figure out:Click to read

7.7 major events review the craziest week in encryption history

Reviewing the development history of cryptocurrency for more than ten years, everyone knows that many crazy things have happened in this field. For example, Mt. GOx was attacked by large-scale hackers in 2014; Tesla, an American electric vehicle giant, bought about $1.5 billion worth ofBitcoin; Tesla CEO Elon·MuskOn SNL (talk show "Saturday night live") for dog money platform and so on. Although the sensational degree of these historical events was second to none at that time, they could not compare with the series of crazy events in the past week.Click to read

8. Early advocates of bitcoin: why would I leave bitcoin and embraceEthereum

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that can reject innovation and still win; But now, Ethereum may be a better choice.

I first entered the cryptocurrency field by purchasing bitcoin in 201three Last week, I finally sold my last one BTC, and bought ETH。 I've been asked, "why did you leave bitcoin?", This article will answer this question.Click to read

9. Web3 to earn: everything can be realized

Web3 to earn projects on the market are increasing every day. They are embedded in life in a subtle way, involving all aspects of our life.

There must be some irrationalities behind the brutal expansion of the concept of Webthree For example, we see that most move to earn projects are seriously homogenized, and some obsolete old projects rub the heat of Web3 with self packaging.Click to read

10. The difference between web2 meta universe and Web3 meta universe: who is in charge of ups and downs

Many people think that the recent popular metauniverse and Web3 are the same thing, but it's not! Web3 is relative to web2. Web2 is a centralized Internet application, while Web3 is decentralized.Click to read