Anhui Satellite TV 520 limited digital collection and other releases

Anhui Satellite TV 520 limited collection

The first meta universe Anhui Satellite TV logo is coming!

The first cover of Anhui Satellite TV's digital collection

Collect the first provincial satellite TV logo digital collection in China

This is the first satellite TV logo in the field of radio and television in ChinaDigital collection with theme.The creative digital collection of "Anhui Satellite TV logo" is jointly produced and distributed by Anhui Satellite TV and wave making culture. The collection focuses on the brand concept of Anhui Satellite TV, "great love spreads to all families", takes the classic logo of Anhui Satellite TV as the core design element, cooperates with domestic cutting-edge artists to design, and focuses on the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing""Cyberpunk, Huipai ink painting, green ecology, scientific and technological future, fashion and romance"5 collections of different styles. Five different styles of "Anhui Satellite TV" contain the meaning of science and technology, culture, environmental protection, international and happiness. The collection will be distributed in the form of blind boxes, with a total of 10000 copies.

In recent years, Anhui Satellite TV has been committed to the exploration of brand rejuvenation, transforming the broadcasting platform into a communication platform, and constantly making innovations and breakthroughs. This cooperation with wave making culture, by embracing the digital age,Create "new mainstream media" in the meta universe , deeply link with mainstream users of generation Z, create a youth wave culture, improve young users' brand recognition and favor of Anhui Satellite TV, and truly "stay with the audience". 

The "Anhui Satellite TV logo" released this time is the first Anhui theme series of the "digital landmark" co creation plan, and there will be new ways to play in the future!