Golden afternoon news - list of important developments in the afternoon of May 21

[golden afternoon news - list of important developments at noon on May 21] 7:00-12:00 key words: "calm bear", interest rate increase, hexagon, litchi group 1. The transaction volume of "calm bear" okay bears exceeded US $100 million; 2. Bloomberg: Apple may release the meta universe operating system "ROS" and head display products as early as this year; 3. Coingecko Lianchuang: the Fed's interest rate hike will make the encryption market full of challenges in the next 12-18 months; 4. Merit circle of chain Travel Association initiated a community proposal to publicly revoke YGG's seed round token distribution; 5. Hexagon, a decentralized WiFi company, completed a seed round financing of US $2 million, and mechanism capital and others participated in the investment; 6. Litchi group: "520" releases 8 audio digital collections; 7. Wormhole repaired a high-risk vulnerability through the immunefi platform, and hackers were rewarded with us $10 million; 8. Members of Congress proposed a new bill to support the addition of cryptocurrency to 401 (k) retirement plans; 9. The circulation of usdc on avalanche chain exceeded US $1.4 billion, a record high.