Golden evening news | list of important developments in the evening of July 4

[golden evening news | list of important news in the evening of July 4] 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Tesla, binance, ens, horizon attacker 1. Tesla may report a $440million write down of BTC assets in its latest quarterly report; 2. Data: 57% of Dog Coin traders in binance are net bulls; 3. The current NFT market sentiment index is 21, with a rating of "cold"; 4. The trading volume of ENS has increased by 418.75% in the past 24 hours; 5. Russian media regulators blocked major encrypted news websites; 6. The Central African Republic launched a national cryptocurrency called "Sango coin"; 7. The market value of usdt, a stable currency, was about US $66.1 billion, falling by US $17billion in two months; 8. Security Agency: Horizon attacker will have laundered almost all funds through tornado.