NFT weekly | cc0 knowledge sharing license agreement triggered hot discussion; Tiffany launches cryptopunk pendant; Meta expands instagram NFT function

This week, the NFT community had a heated discussion about moonbirds. At the same time, Tiffany's new pendants quickly sold out, and instagram's layout in the NFT field was further deepened.

Let's review the important news in the NFT field in the past week.

Cc0 caused heated discussion this week

A hot topic in the field of Twitter and NFT this week is about moonbirds,Moonbirds transformed its ownership model into a cc0 knowledge sharing license agreement

Such a change will actually transform moonbirds into public ownership, depriving the owners of their rights to their respective intellectual property rights.

Kevin rose, founder of moonbirds, said that this move "respects the values of the Internet and Web3".

However, as the project began to sell off, the community had different opinions on this matter.

Proof collective, the creator of moonbirds, conducted a survey after the announcement to seek the opinions of community members.

Tiffany raised more than $12 million with cryptopunk Pendant

Tiffany this week launched a limited edition cryptopunk pendant for 30eth (about $50000), which sold out in about 20 minutes.

A week ago, Tiffany officially announced that a total of 250 "ntiff" NFTs had been released.

After selling NFT, Tiffany provided a pairing mechanism,Cryptopunk owners can associate their NFT with their punk and redeem their custom pendants

Meta will expand its NFT support for instagram in more than 100 countries or regions

Over the years, meta has not evaded its investment in crypto field and NFT track, but rarely achieved practical results.

Currently, meta is gradually integrating NFT functions into social media instagram. This week,Meta announced that it will expand its ability to share data to other countries and will expand its NFT support for instagram in more than 100 countries or regions

In addition, Zuckerberg announced a new connection with coinbase wallet and dapper wallet and will integrate the flow blockchain.

Although the road of meta's exploration in the crypto field has been bumpy so far, this is undoubtedly a milestone.

Textbook publisher Pearson tracks secondary sales through NFT

As we all know, textbooks are an indispensable part of universities, and many courses use books as an important choice to carry out courses.

So far, publishers have not been involved in the sales of second-hand textbooks. However, NFT attracted the attention of textbook publisher Pearson.

According to reports in the past week, the company is actively exploring NFT textbooks, although the final result remains to be seen

NFT textbooks will allow Pearson to charge a certain fee from resaleBut in fact this will affect the price of textbooks. domain name is expensive

It seems worthwhile to add the function of Web3 to web2. This week, "NFTs. Com" was publicly launched and sold for about 15 million US dollars, becoming the largest public domain name transaction in history and one of the largest transactions this year.

NFT platform magic Eden will be extended to Ethereum

News about Solana ecology has been uninterrupted.

This week, magic Eden, based on Solana's NFT market, announced its support for Ethereum

As a leader in Solana's NFT field, magic Eden has set its sights on a broader market and sees multi chain as the future.

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