Immutable co creation: NFT games will promote the wide adoption of blockchain

[immutable co creation: NFT games will promote the wide adoption of blockchain] it was reported on August 9 that on Tuesday at the Korean blockchain week in 2022, immutable co-founder Robbie Ferguson said that blockchain games will likely continue to be the key driving force for wider Web3 adoption. In the next 12 months, the game industry will be "quite driven by popular games". Ferguson said: "we will see that some studios in the middle market are committed to creating a game experience more suitable for players, and use Web3 and biomechanics to rapidly develop and provide more value for players. This means that they have a higher retention mechanism and can truly surpass their opponents." Ferguson added that in any market, "the reason we focus on games first is that it has obvious similar needs in the real world." He further added: "people buy $100 billion worth of game props every year, but they do not have any property rights to these props. They are often cheated by game publishers." With the invention of new game design mechanisms in Web3, such as composable finance, third-party financial incentive mechanism, market and guild, "we will actually use this $100 billion to quickly transform it into a larger economy." (Forkast)