Coinbase CEO: not focusing on profit, focusing on stacking business

[coinbase CEO: not focusing on profits, but focusing on the stacking business] on August 10, Brian Armstrong, chief executive officer of coinbase, said at the latest telephone earnings conference that the company is not focused on profits, and currently focuses on the stacking business. Brian Armstrong said: cryptocurrencies will rise and fall every quarter. The key is to distinguish what coinbase can control from what it cannot. In the shareholder's letter of coinbase, the company said that its trading users prefer non investment activities, especially stacking. Coinbase's stacking products have won early victories, and coinbase's long-term goal is to become the first stacking service provider in the encryption industry. However, coinbase did not specify how many users are doing cryptocurrency stacking, only that it is currently providing tokens including eth, algorand, cosmos, Cardano, Solana and tezos with stacking rewards. (Decrypt)