Golden Web3.0 daily | Cai Qi: promoting the development of meta universe industry

Defi data

1. Total market value of defi Tokens: US $52.982 billion



Total market value of defi data source: coinecko

2. The trading volume of the decentralized exchange in the past 24 hours was US $5.505 billion



Data source of transaction volume of decentralized exchange in the past 24 hours: coinecko

3. Locked assets in defi: US $68.46 billion



Defi project's top ten locked assets and locked positions data source: defilama

NFT data

1. Total market value of NFT: USD 23.788 billion



NFT's total market value and top ten projects in market value data source: coinmarketcap

2. 24h NFT transaction volume: 3.687 billiondollar



NFT's total market value and top ten projects in market value data source: coinmarketcap NFT within 24 hours


NFT data source: nftgo

NFT / digital collectionhotspot

1. Magic Eden proposes to build apecoin Dao into NFT market

According to golden financial report, magic Eden of NFT market has submitted a proposal to apecoin Dao to establish a market for $ape holders. Ape token holders can purchase and sell NFT at a transaction fee of 0.75%. The company said that our goal is to change this. The apecoin Dao market will significantly reduce costs, provide sustainable utility for apecoin, and provide a platform through which communities can launch their own projects and initiatives. Magic Eden proposes to charge 1.5% for each transaction, provide 0.5% discount for all transactions conducted with apecoin, and provide an additional 0.25% discount for transactions conducted by bored ape Yacht Club, mutant ape yacht club and bored ape Kennel Club NFT holders.

2. Data: the transaction volume of Tiffany "nftiff" series NFT has increased by more than 300% in recent 24 hours

Golden Finance reported that according to opensea data, the transaction volume of Tiffany's "nftiff" series NFT in recent 24 hours was 118.03 eth, and the 24-hour transaction volume increased by 307.01%. Ranked 14th in opensea in terms of transaction volume in recent 24 hours.

3. The 24-hour trading volume of the NFT project digidaigaku reaches 465 eth, and the floor price is temporarily reported as 2 eth

According to the news on August 10, according to opensea data, the 24-hour trading volume of the NFT project digi Daigaku has reached 465eth (about US $778400). The project is sold in the form of freemint. The domestic board price once rose to 2.2eth within 24 hours of its launch, and the current floor price is temporarily reported as 2eth.

    DeFi hotspot

    1. Uniswap founder: the tornado cash incident has set a negative precedent, and privacy is crucial to normal society

    According to the news on August 10, Hayden Adams, the founder of uniswap, commented on social media on the issue of the ban on tornado cash issued by the office of foreign assets control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury: privacy is crucial to a normal and safe society. The argument that privacy is only used for illegal activities is absurd and dangerous, which reminds me of those who want to define encryption as illegal. Sanctioning an unchanging smart contract rather than an individual or organization involves a great issue of freedom of speech and sets a bad precedent. Sanctions against companies to make them comply with the law are usually less effective than reasonable laws or policies.

    2. Viewpoint: the defi industry needs a "killer application" to achieve mainstream adoption

    On August 10,Ripple When participating in the round table discussion of blockchain futurist conference, Boris alergant, the market leader of lab, said that consumers need a "killer app" in order to upgrade the defi industry to the level of attracting mainstream audiences. The general view of the participants was that centralized financial institutions would eventually promote the mainstream adoption of defi. According to alertant, the growth may come from user-friendly cefi applications, The application provides a channel for WiFi service: "For ordinary users, it's a process for you to tell your mother how to go out and pledge on AAVE or eth. She doesn't know how to use metamask, but she wants to generate the income in some way. She wants to trade, but she doesn't know how to do it. So I think institutional adoption is the future direction of its development, and institutions will enable consumer killer apps to really raise cryptocurrency and defi to a new level."

    3. AAVE development company released a proposal in the community and suggested that AAVE Dao return $16.6 million of development funds to it

    It was reported on August 10 that AAVE development company released a proposal in the AAVE community, suggesting that AAVE Dao return us $15 million (development work) and US $1.6 million (AUDIT) to back fund V3 development. AAVE said that this funding request covers the work done by AAVE members over a year.

    4. The decentralized derivatives agreement injective completed the financing of US $40 million, and jump crypto led the investment

    According to the news on August 10, Cosmos based decentralized derivatives agreement injective completed financing of US $40 million, led by jump crypto and participated by BH digital, the digital asset Department of brevan Howard, a hedge fund company. Eric Chen, CEO of projective labs, said that the project has gradually become a "universal first layer blockchain with specific industry focus", and hoped that developers could launch their defi applications on projective.Terra Application aperture on is migrating its operation to projective.

    5. The Dai on optimism increased from 30 million to 140 million in five days

    On August 10, maker tweeted that the Dai on optimism had increased from to 140 million in five days. In addition, maker said that about 50% of all Dai in circulation at present are deposited in the external account (EOA), which means that about 50% of Dai is stored in the user'sEthereumIn my wallet. The index of Dai deposited in the external account has been rising in the past two years, and the supply of Dai has increased by 1600%.

    6. Cross Chain Protocol Ren announced version 2.0, which will be launched independently in September at the earliest

    On August 10, the cross chain protocol Ren announced ren2.0 version and roadmap. Ren2.0 will improve cross chain security and scalability through more thorough decentralization and simpler MPC algorithm based on frost; It also includes an EVM layer to facilitate the development of multi chain applications. It is reported that having 100000 Ren tokens will become a verifier for running renevm. Ren2.0 will be launched as early as September and will run in parallel with the existing network. It is expected to be merged by the end of next year.

    Metacosmic hotspot

    1. Cai Qi, Secretary of Beijing Municipal Party committee: yuancosmos is a "new blue ocean" to promote the industrial agglomeration and development of yuancosmos

    It was reported on August 10 that on August 9, Cai Qi, Secretary of Beijing Municipal Party committee, went to Zhangjiawan design town in Tongzhou District to investigate and study. According to the Beijing Daily News, Cai Qi came to the metauniverse application innovation center during his research to learn about the industrial development. He stressed that metauniverse is a new blue ocean, and it is necessary to give play to the leading role of leading enterprises, strengthen core technology research, put more application scenarios into play, and promote the industrial agglomeration and development of metauniverse. Cai Qi said that the next five years will be a critical period for the establishment of a long-term, strong functional and comprehensive development of the urban sub center. As an important fulcrum for the high-quality development of the urban sub center, the design town should be more proactive and strive to create a new business card showing the scientific, technological and cultural charm of the urban sub center. At present, the development of the meta universe has become the focus of all places. According to statistics, as of July 2022, the local governments of at least 7 provinces and 17 cities in China have released relevant construction plans for the yuan universe industry, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Wuxi. Among them, Tongzhou District is the area where Beijing clearly proposes to "accelerate the construction of the meta universe application innovation center".

    2. NVIDIA launches new development tools to increase the bets on the metauniverse

    On August 10, the hardware manufacturer NVIDIA released a new set of development tools focusing on the virtual world environment (metauniverse), including new artificial intelligence functions, simulation and other creative assets. Creators of Omniverse suite and applications such as nucleus, audio2face and Machinima will have access to the new upgrade. NVIDIA said that one of the main functions of these tools will be to help enhance the construction of "accurate digital twins and realistic avatars". The new NVIDIA toolkit includes Omniverse avatar cloud engine (ACE). Developers claim that ace will improve the construction conditions of "virtual assistants and digital people". Another new feature of NVIDIA update includes NVIDIA PhysX, an "advanced real-time engine for simulating real physics".

    3. Lenovo Vice President Mao Shijie: yuanuniverse will fully open up a new space for industrial digital transformation and development

    Golden financial report: on August 9, at the fourth world 5g conference held in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Mao Shijie, vice president of Lenovo Group and President of Shanghai Branch of Lenovo Research Institute, pointed out in his speech that as the future form of industrial development, metauniverse will be able to fully open up a new space for industrial digital transformation and development. He disclosed that at present, Lenovo has been making continuous efforts around the entrance of AR / VR, and has created application scenarios such as manufacturing meta universe, power meta universe and education meta universe to support the transformation and upgrading of industrial intelligence.

    4. Meta universe platformRobloxRevenue in the second quarter was 591.2 million US dollars, up 30% year-on-year

    According to the golden financial news, roblox's revenue in the second quarter was 591.2 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 30%; The daily active users (dau) reached 52.2 million, with a year-on-year increase of 21%, while the number of participating hours was 11.3 billion, with an increase of 16%. However, compared with the second quarter of 2021, the bookings of its virtual currency (robux) decreased by 4% to US $639.9 million.

    Game hotspots

    1. NFT card game Yin Yang games completed financing of USD 1 million

    On August 10, it was reported that Yin Yang games, the NFT game developer headquartered in Istanbul, announced that it had completed the financing of US $1 million, and Geli ş IM group led the investment. Yin Yang Games was founded in January 2021, mainly focusing on developing NFT collection and blockchain services. The company will use this financing to launch the NFT card game reincarnation.

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