No long-term gamefi: an in-depth interpretation of the development history of chain tourism (Part 1)

With the arrival of the bear market, the problems of various gamefi are gradually exposed.From early fomo3d toAxieStar sharks, and later the very popular u-standard gold, and then the latest stepn. We might as well analyze the development history of gamefi in depth.

In the development history of gamefi, what are the positions of these gamefi, and whether there are core logic of mainline connection in the gamefi playing methods.

Throughout the development history of gamefi,In recent years, there has not been a long-term game in gamefi, but only different Ponzi schemes,The whole gamefi does not create anything valuable for the crypto market, but there are various plate replicas.

For all these gamefi games, the most important point for players is to calculate the payback cycle of a certain game. It needs to be judged according to its economic model. In the early stage, we need to understand the increase of the project's currency price or the increase of the props in the game. How to judge the quality of the whole economic model is actually closely related to personal experience in defi, It is precisely because of the def and loan agreement that we can freely transfer funds on the chain. The development of gamefi is also derived from the development of def and DEX.

King of broken circles

Gamefi is essentially a DAPP application under the banner of game, so gamefi has lower threshold and more attractive to users than defi. Especially in the gamefi frenzy from November to December 2021, many games of the whole gamefi attracted a lot of new users to the crypto world. From this point of view, gamefi is a very good weapon for breaking the circle of the crypto industry, because the gamefi design is simple enough and games are people's just needs,The low threshold of the game has also attracted many Xiaobai who have no investment experience to participate in the game. At the same time, gamefi is more attractive when it combines games with making money.


Looking at the earliest gamefi, we have to mention eosio, because the first wave of gamefi popularity appeared on eosio. There are many gambling games on eosio, which makes many people earn a lot of money in the bear market, and even makes some OGS earn the first bucket of gold. But at the same time, this project also cuts off many users. Eosio was called the gambling chain and gambling chain by the public at that time,Word of mouth is also poor, which was the first wave of gamefi.


Another one is built onEthereumGambling game on - fomo3d. This game also allowed many people to earn a lot of money in the bear market. At that time, it was also a very phenomenal game. Its service fee consumption has occupied the peak of Ethereum gas consumption for a long time, and it can be said to be the originator of the whole gambling game.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the first wave of gamefi in the early period did not really recognize games. They were mainly gambling games and were at a very savage stage of development. Strictly speaking, these games could not be regarded as gamefi,It can only be considered as the application of some gambling discs transferred to the blockchainYes, so far these games have died out.

After these games were destroyed, they entered the second wave of gamefi frenzy brought by axie. Since axie was supported by Binan,Therefore, the development history of axie and the development history of coin on gamefi are also highly bound.


Axie is the first game to attract a large number of outsiders on the blockchainIf you want to participate in this game, you need to buy axie monsters first. After you buy them, you can fight among players to earn relevant profits. In short, this game is actually a very basic sprite battle game.

Compared with some web2 games, this game has no comparability.However, this game created the dual token model of gamefi in the whole crypto worldAXS is the governance token of axie, and the holder has the governance right. The other is the game token SLP. SLP is a token that can be issued indefinitely, and the relevant benefits obtained from the user's upgrade or gold deposit come from SLP.

This dual token economic model had a certain impact on the entire gamefi market, including stepn, which also adopted this token model.Due to the crazy rise of axie, game guilds like YGG were born.


The birth of the game guild has also gradually seen some new projects, such asCoinbaseGuildfi, the leading investment, but the project of this game association is also a flash in the pan. It is generally considered as a project used by institutions to cut leeks. Ordinary users may not have enough capital to participate in gamefi, so they need to join the game guild to play gold together and finally share the profits equally,Therefore, the role of trade unions in this period is more to attract people for the new game.

As mentioned above, almost all gamefi uses Ponzi's model,Ponzi's rule is that as long as continuous people join in, the game will be sustainable.Therefore, the guild called everyone to fight for gold, and played a very central role during this period. At the same time, the centralization of power also led to the boom of axie.

Star sharks

Axie is one of the several head gamefi Games launched by bitcoin. In 2021, its AXS price reached a peak of US $160 and continued to drop to the current US $17. As the first real gamefi game, a similar imitation disk also appeared. Star shark, which was incubated by Bi'An, is said to be produced by members of Tianmei studio. Later, Tianmei came forward to clarify that it was not produced by its team. Releasing the news of Tianmei's production team is actually just a gimmick used by the dealer to attract users.This game has extremely low playabilityYes, there are a lot of bugs in the early stage, and it is normal to get stuck after entering the site.

As an imitation disk of axie, it only turns the small monster in axie into a shark. The whole economic model is still a dual token model. Star sharks have survived for a long time, and so far they can not be regarded as a complete collapse.But it fell from $16 to $0.6, which is no different from a crash.

The gamefi we learned in the first stage of the early stage are all simple and rough gambling games, most of which are money circling projects without a bottom line.

Then, the second stage is the games with combat content such as axie and star shark. These games began to have game content and playability, and then generated some demand for gold, which brought a large number of Southeast Asian people together, thus giving birth to some large trade unions, such as the YGG guild.This stage is a simple and labor-intensive gamefi game.

Axie's greatest contribution is to extend its dual token economic model, which brings some reference value for the development of gamefi in the futureHowever, this mode may not be a good thing for the traditional game teams, because they do not understand gamefi and defi thoroughly, and even do not understand the token economic model. The traditional game teams only design in their own ecology. For some game teams that are about to be disbanded, due to the successful financing by taking the train of gamefi, they eventually become a project that has no bottom line.

Although this dual token economic model was the first to affect the whole crypto, we must be cautious about such games. As long as the plates are cut early and late, they will be cut sooner or later.

In the next issue, we will focus on the analysis of some u-standard gold games and the role of Binan in gamefi.