Check the landmark token airdrop events in history and predict the future

There are many ways to obtain high profits in the crypto market. Before the issuance of the project token, the layout of future airdrops is one of the important means.

Author: Eric · 7 o'clock capital
Original: "7 o'clock capital: research and prediction of airdrop law of encryption projects"

1、 Preface

Every round of bull market in crypto market will generate wealth myths of many investors. Although it has entered the bear market at present, the crypto market is still in the tuyere stage. We believe that more wealth myths will be born in the future.

There are many ways to obtain high profits in the crypto market. Before the issuance of the project token, the layout of future airdrops is one of the important means. Whether this investment mode is sustainable depends on understanding the significance of project airdrop.

Users are very important to all projects, and there is a positive cyclic relationship between users and tokens.

For early users of the project, the expectation of future airdrop is an important means to attract them in the early stage. With the accumulation and development of users in the early stage of the project to a certain extent, it is necessary to increase the number of users through fission, which needs to improve the popularity and generate a huge communication effect. At this time, it is possible to improve the quality of user base by rewarding past users through airdrop and creating wealth effect.

In addition, with the development of blockchain projects, various applications have a certain threshold for ordinary users, and improving users' awareness has become an important condition for developing users. The expectation of airdrop can promote users to conduct in-depth exploration and research and participate in the project, which will promote the public's awareness and interest in the project. Curiosity can kill a cat and feed a fat cat.

2、 Contents

1. History and law of airdrop of top projects

2. Project airdrop trend and how to participate in the future

3. Analysis of top air drop projects in the future

3、 Text

1. History and law of airdrop of top projects

7 O' In the process of investment research, clock capital sorted out that in the past bull market, the largest four phenomenon level airdrops were uniswap, dydx, ENS and optimization. The scope, amount and influence of airdrops were unprecedented. Next, we try to predict future airdrop opportunities by analyzing the laws of airdrop of these projects.

1) At the beginning of the defi outbreak, the two strong liquidity of DEX competed with each other, and uni milestone airdrop was born

On November 2, 2018, the basic application uniswap, which has a profound impact on future defi, was launched. By the middle of 2020, when the market is active, uniswap can generate millions of dollars of handling fees every day and distribute them to market makers. But at this time, uniswap does not have its own token.

In late August 2020, a group of anonymous developers suddenly released sushiswap, which is almost the same code base as uniswap, but has two key new features "governance token and updated pledge reward". A protocol war began. Sushiswap successfully migrated the TVL of uniswap worth 810 million US dollars, accounting for about 55% of the liquidity of uniswap, by pledging the LP of uniswap to distribute its governance token, and completed the plundering of the uniswap capital pool.

On September 17, 2020, uniswap released its governance token uni when it needs to compete with sushiswap externally and Dao governance internally. Based on the snapshot on September 1, 110 million uni were airdropped to 251754 addresses. Among them, 10.06% of the total amount is airdropped to 250000 early users, 4.92% of the total amount is airdropped to 49192 early LPS (liquidity providers), and 0.02% of the total amount is airdropped to 220 socks holders. Each address that has called uniswap V1 or V2 contracts can apply for 400 uni to reward their past contributions.


The uni airdrop mode is relatively rough, and there are no many restrictions on interaction. This is because, on the one hand, there was a small number of defi users at that time, and on the other hand, the interactive awareness of batch addresses for air delivery has not yet been formed.

Uni's airdrop came into being in the early stage of defi, and its airdrop form has milestone significance. First, it has stabilized its leading position in DEX. Secondly, its huge propagation effect has attracted more users in the encryption market to pay attention to defi. In addition, the airdrop is also a reward for the exploration spirit of users at the beginning of defi, which provides impetus for more people to participate in the new development of defi in the future.

2) In the high tide of defi, the futures derivatives leader dydx deployed by layer2 was completed, and the epic airdrop was started

From 2020 to 2021, defi experienced a rapid development. During this period, the application layer DAPP burst, and the leaders of each track were basically established. The decentralized stable currency, trading platform and loan application were gradually known and applied by users. At this time, the demand for more users to understand and participate in the decentralized futures derivatives track is increasing, but the high gas fee after the rise of defi has seriously restricted its development.

In February 2021, dydx launched a cross margin perpetual contract platform on layer 2 of Ethereum based on the starkex extensibility engine and its own perpetual smart contract. This makes it possible to provide higher transaction throughput and lower minimum order volume while greatly reducing the user's use cost. At this time, its trading performance is almost comparable to that of the centralized trading platform, and it can accept more trading users. At this time, dydx needs to attract more attention and users, and an epic airdrop is brewing.

On August 4, 2021, dydx announced that it had cast 1 billion governance tokens, of which 7.5% (75 million dydx in total) were airdropped to the addresses of 64306 eligible users who had previously used the agreement.


Each account can receive a minimum of 310 dydx and a maximum of 9529 dydx. Users who have obtained the airdrop qualification can receive the reward only after completing the corresponding transaction volume on the layer 2 protocol of dydx.

The airdrop of dydx is no longer indistinguishable, and the airdrop level is divided according to the transaction volume. This is more in line with the needs of project development. On the one hand, all users will receive basic rewards to increase their word-of-mouth and communication effects. On the other hand, more rewards will be provided to traders who make greater contributions, because these users are the core users of dydx.

The airdrop amount of dydx is unprecedented. Its wealth effect has shocked the entire crypto market and greatly improved the popularity of the project. At the same time, the online trading and mining made the trading volume of dydx rise rapidly, and became the leader of the decentralized futures derivatives track. At this time, defi also entered the peak stage of the previous cycle.

3) Web3.0 gradually unfolded its narrative, and the domain name system ens, as an important carrier of did, took the lead in airdrop

In 2021, the Q4 market began to weaken, and the future direction of the encryption industry will gradually develop from defi to the more ambitious Web3.0. As a new Internet based on the blockchain, Web3.0 wants to be popularized, and the addresses on the chain also need to be optimized to become a language form that is easy for users to recognize. In the blockchain network, ENS can resolve the Ethereum address randomly composed of numbers and letters and the domain name ending with ". Eth", which can greatly improve the use experience.

On November 3, 2021, Brantly millegan, chief operating officer of ENs, issued a document stating that governance tokens will be issued, 25% of the total supply will be airdropped to users, and 25% will be given to ens contributors. There are more than 137000 qualified addresses. The specific airdrop rules are:

-Airdrop is assigned to the registered address of ". Eth" secondary domain name that has been registered or is currently valid

-Airdrop weight is mainly calculated according to the number of accounts rather than domain names

-The formula is 0.27 times the number of days holding at least one ENS domain name, plus 0.067 times the number of days before the domain name expires; If the account is additionally set with reverse resolution, the above result will be multiplied by 2


The airdrop of ENS is more reasonable, and it is possible to airdrop to the real users of the domain name instead of speculators who speculate on the domain name. It is airdropped according to the address rather than according to the number of domain names, which effectively prevents the wool Party of Tun domain names. Moreover, the holding days as a parameter, on the one hand, is beneficial to early participants and OGS, who hold more days. On the other hand, it is also beneficial to the currently valid domain names, especially the long-term domain names that have been purchased. Reverse parsing is a double incentive for real users.

The large-scale airdrop, the fair airdrop mechanism, and the skyrocketing price of tokens have made ENS domain name service instantly popular, and the brand effect has increased with the increase of attention, and prompted investors in the encryption market to pay attention to Web3.0. Did, as the basic application of Web3.0, must take the lead in development, while ens, as the key carrier of user did, will inevitably take the lead.

4) Web3.0 entered the public chain development period, and optimism airdrop fired the first shot in the rollups war

In the last bull market of Ethereum, congestion and high gas fees became the bottleneck restricting its ecological development. If in the era of Web3.0, Ethereum hopes to continue to be the leader of the ecological public chain and carry a larger number of users, capacity expansion will become an urgent problem to be solved. With the development of technology, Ethereum will gradually establish a merge and introduce sharding in the surge stage. After sharding, the rollup project will be the core to increase scalability.

At present, optimal rollups and ZK rollups are the two most popular methods. ZK rollups is still in its early stage due to the difficulty of technical development. Because of the relatively mature technology, the ecological environment of optimal rollups has flourished. Optimism is the first Ethereum layer2 project, leading the development of Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) compatible optimal rollup solution. It took the lead in airdrop and began to seize the market.

On April 27, 2022, optimism announced the issuance of native tokens, and conducted the first wave of airdrops on June 1, 2022. According to the official plan, the op allocated for airdrop will account for 19% of the total circulation. The airdrop on June 1 only distributed 5% of the total OP, and the remaining 14% will be airdropped in the second and third rounds. This is the first batch of large-scale airdrops.

As a public chain, optimism is significantly different from the previous application layer projects in airdrop. It increases the airdrop rewards for ecologically active users, and the objects of airdrop are more extensive. These include early users and active users of optimism, major Dao participants of Ethereum, users of Ethereum multi signature wallets, gitcoin donors, and Ethereum core users with bridging function. If more than 4 items are met, they can obtain additional "stacking rewards". In addition, optimism uses blockchain analysis tools and ENS robots to capture proposals, filter out some of the garbage addresses that swipe the transaction volume and seek airdrops, and reduce airdrops to real users and honest users as much as possible.

As the first large-scale airdrop public chain project, optimism, on the one hand, increases the types of airdrop objects, and uses batch airdrops to retain the incentive for later users. On the other hand, it uses the detection of anti witch attacks. This is an important reference for airdrop of later projects. Airdrop is not only aimed at simple batch interaction, but also a series of behaviors such as interaction, governance, donation and cross chain, and the batch interaction of those associated addresses will be excluded from the airdrop list. Airdrop is no longer a simple incentive for short-term interaction, but a real user who needs to accompany the ecological development for a long time.

7 O' Clock capital has achieved good returns in the above four phenomenal airdrops. We believe that from the unrestricted airdrop of uniswap, to the airdrop echelon set by dydx, to the time factor added by ens, and finally to the omni-directional cross time airdrop of optimism, the requirements of the project for interaction duration and interaction breadth are constantly improving. In the future, the airdrop strength of the project for users with long-term and deep participation will continue to increase. Those investors who accompany the growth of the project and use the products will receive higher rewards.

2. Project airdrop trend and how to participate in the future

1) Project airdrop trend analysis

1. Characteristics of phenomenon level airdrop

In the future, when looking for large-scale airdrops with wealth creating effect, we can make use of the following characteristics in combination with the above analysis:

-First of all, from the airdrop time nodes of the four projects, with the development of the encryption industry, the number of users and market awareness need to be greatly improved at an important stage of the development of a certain track in a certain period, and the probability of airdrop of the top projects of this track increases.

-Secondly, from the perspective of the income of the four projects, there are very considerable positive income every day, so the scale of airdrop of similar projects with high income may be very large.

-Finally, from the perspective of the investment institutions of the four projects, uniswap received institutional investments such as a16z, dydx received institutional investments such as a16z and coinbase, ENS received funding from Ethereum foundation, and optimism received institutional investments such as a16z and paradigm. These projects with large institutional investments and endorsements have relatively high token values and relatively rich airdrop income.

In general, the encryption industry is at an important stage of development of a certain track. The track has considerable positive returns and top-level projects invested and endorsed by large institutions, and large-scale airdrops with wealth creating effect may be carried out.

2. Witch attack recognition increased

As for the analysis of future airdrop rules, we have to mention a project - Cross Chain Bridge hop protocol, which will improve the anti witch attack and anti cheating to a higher level. The following operations are defined as witch attacks:

-Multiple address related addresses: multiple addresses have unified fund distribution or collection addresses, and multiple addresses have obvious relevance on transfer records

-Batch operation traces and activity similarity: batch transfer in a short time, same gas value, similar interaction amount, etc

-The interaction history has attack records of other projects in the past

In the future, the project will have more and more strict restrictions on the mass airdrop of witches' attacks. It is necessary to prevent these situations.

2) How can investors capture high returns in future airdrops

First of all, we believe that there will be more top-level projects with wealth creating effect in the future, because it can be seen from the above analysis that this is the best choice for some top-level projects of the track to increase project awareness and participation for their own development when the crypto market develops to a specific stage.

Secondly, we need to grasp the development trend of the crypto market, discover the upcoming track, and capture the top projects with considerable positive returns and investment and endorsement of large institutions in the track.

Finally, it is necessary to become a long-term participant in these top-level projects, not only simple interaction, but also a long-term in-depth experience of the project. It is necessary to participate in governance, donation, interaction and other aspects, and to prevent being judged as a witch attacker.

3. Analysis of top air drop projects in the future

Based on the above analysis, what projects may be the next top-level airdrop?

First of all, from the perspective of time nodes, the encryption industry is still in the development stage of the public chain, and the key airdrop projects still focus on the public chain. With the progress of Ethereum's merge and surge, there is no doubt that the projects with high popularity in layer2 and large institutional investment need to be focused on now. Next, let's analyze the four most potential layer2:

-Optimism and arbitrum of optimal rollups

-Zknet and zksync of ZK rollups


Although optimism has completed a round of airdrops, only 5% of the airdrops have been completed, and the next 14% are determined to be airdrops. This clear airdrop cannot be easily abandoned.

Based on the above analysis, we first need to participate in its ecology, to interact with the projects in the ecology, to participate in pledge, etc. especially at present, many projects are officially supported, and through participation in specific projects, we can obtain airdrops. In addition, you can also hold some tokens to participate in project governance. In short, we should be a long-term loyal user.

The recent strong rebound of OP shows that the market still has good expectations for it. After waiting for the market to improve, the tokens airdropped in the later stage may be a considerable income.


Another top-level public chain of optimal rollups, arbitrum, meets the conditions for large-scale airdrop in terms of investment institutions and positive returns. Recently, the project also held the arbitrum Odyssey activity. Users who participate in the 8-week project interaction can obtain the corresponding NFT as the participation voucher. In the future, the air drop to the participants may become a new air drop method.

Due to the capacity adjustment of arbitrum, the flow rate is kept at a medium level. Like Ethereum, when the traffic reaches the capacity limit, the gas price will automatically rise until the traffic surge slows down. Therefore, with the increase of people participating in the activity, the gas surge led to the suspension of the activity.

At present, nitro is being deployed in the project. After successful deployment, arbitrum Odyssey will be restarted. Before nitro is congested, arbitrum will have a larger capacity. This will keep the transaction at a low level and will not affect the user experience even under heavy loads. After the restart, this will be an activity that cannot be missed.

In addition, we should also refer to the optimization airdrop model, place assets in the main chain of arbitrum for a long time, understand and participate in the projects that have been deployed by arbitrum, and participate in all-round activities such as voting governance, so as to be a loyal long-term user of arbitrum.


Starkware is a company that uses Starks technology to develop extended solutions for Ethereum. It has two main chains:

-The license layer of the main chain named starkex - used by dydx / immutable X / subversifi

-Decentralized layer with the main chain named starknet

On March 23 this year, starkware released the alpha 0.8.0 version of starknet main network. Starknet is a decentralized, license free ZK rollup (based on zkp), and uses zkstar technology to achieve exponential expansion without compromising privacy. Its round D valuation has reached US $8 billion.

In July this year, it announced its token issuance plan, of which 9% has been allocated to those who work for starknet and provide support or development for its underlying technology. If the public chain developed based on starkex such as dydx or immutable x is used before June 1, it may be possible to obtain this part of airdrop.

We note that there are still 9% & nbsp;, As a refund of starknet to pay part of the cost of joining starknet from Ethereum. To prevent Gamification, community refund is only applicable to transactions that occur after the refund mechanism is announced. This part can be understood as airdrop to future users. Therefore, we should continue to pay attention to the development of starknet, especially its compatibility with EVM. After the main network ecology has developed to a certain extent, we should actively participate in it and obtain this part of the income.


Zksync was developed by matter labs, which received funds from top investors such as the Ethereum foundation and Union Square ventures. Zksync has been running since September 2020.

Since zksync 1.0 is not compatible with EVM, there are not many projects that support or integrate zksync, but they need to participate in them, such as zigzag, tevaera, gitcoin donation, etc.

On July 20, zksync announced that the first zkevm rollup zksync 2.0 would be launched on the main network in 100 days. After being compatible with EVM, its ecology will grow rapidly, and token issuance will also be put on the agenda. Therefore, as a long-term loyal user, he may get good returns in the future.

In addition to layer2, other public chain airdrops with development potential also deserve attention. For example, cosmos in the modular public chain can obtain the new public chain token airdrop by pledging atom, and the previous evmos allows the pledgor to obtain good benefits. There is also the layer1 public chain of Libra background favored by capital: Aptos, Sui and linea. They actively participate in the construction after they go online, and can also get returns in the future.

4、 Conclusion

Blockchain technology is developing at a high speed and will become the underlying support of the new generation of Internet in the future. In the era of Web3.0, there will be more new tracks, and new applications of different tracks will also develop in a blowout manner. We should be explorers who dare to try new things, constantly learn and explore, accompany and participate in the development and construction of high-quality projects. Wait for the ripe melon to fall, wait for your wealth legend.