Read 5 articles in the evening | bankless: after the merger, Ethereum will be like a river basin

1. Golden observation bankless: mergedEthereumIt will be like a river basin

In the merged world, Ethereum transactions will be conducted through a very specific and orderly process. A powerful trading supply chain is being built in front of us, and a huge power structure is about to appear. The current situation of Ethereum trading supply chain is rigid and childish. We all submit our transactions to the memory pool, and the arbitrage robot drops and competes for each point of value, and then the miners sort all these transactions to build a block. In the merged Ethereum, this process is encoded and defined in the protocol. This is fundamentally permissible ETH Pledgers make use of value capture at every step to ensure that value is transferred to them at the end of the supply chain.Click read

2. Golden observation | viewing the rise and fall of Ethereum products from gas consumption

From gas consumption, we can see the rise and fall of many products of Ethereum, such as the rise of DEX, the rotation of defi and NFT. Casey, the investment partner of paradigm, compiled a visualization tool gasguzzlers (website: )。Click read

3. A turning point in the history of crypto Finance: usdcs are eating back at defi

Three days ago, the office of foreign assets control (OFAC) of the US Treasury Department listed tornado cash and 45 related Ethereum wallet addresses on its SDN sanctions list. This also makes tornado cash a successor to blender IO, the second coin mixer sanctioned by OFAC. However, unlike the former, tornado cash is the first case in which the regulatory authorities impose sanctions against the agreement. "The entire encryption industry has entered a major turning point, and the government's regulation of the industry has also entered an unknown field."Click read

4. Comprehensively review the layout of traditional big factories in Web3 and metauniverse

On August 4, 2022, Facebook, renamed meta, announced that its instagram would launch NFT to more than 100 countries. The platform would integrate with coinbase wallet and dapper and support flow blockchain. We can see that the traditional giants, especially the traditional Internet enterprises, are exploring and trying to Web3. In fact, their actions and rhythm have begun to accelerate gradually. This article will summarize and sort out the layout of traditional industries in Web3 according to the public information.Click read

5. Coinbase: under the bear market BTC What is the status of lightning network?

In the 13 years after its birth,BitcoinIt has risen from "obscurity" to a market value of $1 trillion, and the total transfer value on the chain has exceeded $60 trillion. Despite this feat, the decentralized design of the bitcoin network limits it to only 7 transactions per second. When the demand for using the network exceeds 7 transactions, users will experience a long waiting time, and the handling fee of each transaction can reach up to $60. However, bitcoin now has a lightning network.Click read