Exploration of the meta universe application scenario of Internet giant Baidu

As a giant of PC Internet, baidu undoubtedly occupies a huge market. However, with the iteration of the Internet, baidu missed the development opportunity of mobile Internet and became the last in bat.

Now, with the arrival of new outlets of metauniverse, many technology companies choose to layout metauniverse as their future development strategy.

In foreign countries, Facebook was renamed meta, focusing on the development of metauniverse; Microsoft, NVIDIA, Sony and others have also laid out the meta universe and jointly established the meta universe standard forum to jointly build a more open meta universe. In China, thetencent, Alibaba, bytecan, Netease, etc. have also announced their meta universe business.

As a domestic technology giant, Baidu will not miss the upcoming Internet revolution.Unlike other enterprises' large-scale investment and financing of metauniverse, Web3 and blockchain companies, baidu mainly researches and develops low-level technologies and constructs application scenarios and consumer experience platforms based on general technologies and interactive hardware.

At present, Baidu has formed a closed-loop development trend based on its ecological environment, including Baidu brain, Baidu AI Cloud, super chain system, digital human platform, digital library platform, and metauniverse infrastructure, and actively promoted the realization of Baidu metauniverse in combination with cloud computing, IOT (Internet of things) and other technologies.

Baidu blockchain

Baidu began to explore the blockchain field in 2013. In 2018, baidu established a blockchain company, specializing in the research and development of blockchain technology and carrying the blockchain development business. Early blockchain applications mainly focused on finance.

In February 2018, baidu finance (DU Xiaoman Finance) blockchain laboratory developed the blockchain game "laitzdog", which is a new attempt by Baidu in the blockchain application field. Using blockchain technology, the uniqueness of laitzdog can be guaranteed, and they cannot be modified and destroyed.

Blockchain game "leitzdog" image

In addition to the financial field, baidu is also actively exploring in different directions related to its business. The most important exploration is to use the characteristics of blockchain such as traceability and non tamperability to apply in content and copyright protection.

On June 8, 2018, the official website of Baidu's blockchain native application "duuniverse" was officially launched. Duuniverse is a digital planet and digital society integrating blockchain + big data + social networking + entertainment consumption.

From April to October 2021, baidu launched totem (blockchain original image service platform), Baidu Encyclopedia and Baidu super chain. So far, Baidu's blockchain strategic layout has officially surfaced.

It can be seen that Baidu's blockchain strategy mainly focuses on its own business, and many blockchain products are built on Baidu's super chain. Tan Dai, director of Baidu blockchain laboratory, said: "blockchain can promote each other with artificial intelligence and big data, comprehensively promote content copyright protection, monitoring and rights protection, and content creation and distribution, and effectively build a copyright content industry with more efficient operation process and more reasonable profit distribution."

Virtual digital human

Baidu said that after the two stages of digital human 1.0, represented by "paper man" and digital human 2.0, represented by virtual anchor, it is time to usher in digital human 3.0, a digital human driven by AI.

In order to better reflect the immersive application scene and experience, digital people driven by AI, as an important carrier of interaction between reality and virtual in the meta universe era, began to enter the public's vision.

Baidu put forward the "virtual digital human strategy" in 2019. For this purpose, it also launched Baidu AI Cloud Xiling intelligent digital human platform, which can quickly create digital people. In the concept video released by Xiling digital people platform, digital people of different industries and functions such as virtual hosts, virtual reporters, virtual brand spokespersons, digital employees, virtual idols, and virtual anchors have appeared one after another.

Baidu AI Cloud Xiling digital people family

At present, Baidu's digital people have spread across all walks of life, such as the virtual employee "Xiaopu" of Pudong Development Bank and the virtual anchor "XiaoC" of CCTV, which truly liberates the enterprise's productivity. At the baidu world 2022 Conference on July 21, Baidu AI Cloud also launched the digital people live broadcast platform to continuously explore more application possibilities of digital people in society and life.

On July 29, the 2022 global digital economy conference Internet 3.0 summit was held. At the digital people ecological development forum, the cloud computing and big data Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of information and communication technology and other institutions jointly released the world's first international standard for digital people. Baidu AI Cloud Xiling digital people platform became the first batch of digital people manufacturers to implement the standard, and also represents the highest standard of the current digital people industry.

Data collection platform

With the increasing popularity of the concept of the meta universe, digital collections based on the real economy, as an important element in the meta universe, are very important for major companies including Baidu. Developing the field of digital collections can give priority to seizing the digital world behind.

In January 2021, baidu announced to launch its first digital collection platform "Baidu Super Chain Wallet" and issue digital collections.

Baidu Super Chain Wallet is established by relying on Baidu app. Most of the collections and collection publishers are based on Baidu's inherent product ecology, such as Baidu Encyclopedia, baidu creator's digital collection plan, baidu super chain, Baidu Encyclopedia museum plan, Baidu Encyclopedia art plan, etc.

In March, Baidu's Xiaodu also entered the digital collection field, launched the Xiaodu Xunyu digital collection platform in Xiaodu app, and bundled the collection with Xiaodu products.

On July 17, Chaoyun digital collection was newly released in Baidu online disk app, and the digital collections of Baidu online disk super dimensional plan and Baidu Encyclopedia art plan were sold within a limited time.

Among the above three digital collection platforms, baidu Super Chain Wallet has now been renamed as star pocket, and has been launched on the app, with the transfer function. The other two platforms are still in Xiaodu and Baidu online disk app.

Xirang meta universe

Although Baidu did not seize the development opportunity when the mobile Internet came, it was the first to launch the metauniverse social product when the metauniverse came.

"Xirang" is the first domestic meta universe product released by Baidu. In xirang, it can connect virtual reality and interact with multiple people, and achieve technological breakthroughs in vision, hearing and interaction. Artificial intelligence technology brings deep interactive experience to the public. The 3D scene created provides the basis for immersive experience, supports multi terminal compatibility, and VR, PC, IOS and Android are fully connected to share data.

Official publicity map of xirang

One of the main characteristics of "xiland" is openness and co creation, which provides enterprises with access to the meta universe and digital marketing channels.

The car brand linkke has created a "linkke paradise" in the xirang yuan universe, which is open to the public and provides users with immersive car watching, car buying and other innovative experiences; FAW Pentium also held a launch conference for Pentium b70s in xirenyuan space; Jindian held the first new product release conference of yuanuniverse in Baidu Xilang; The virtual middle school campus created by the school of animation and digital art of Communication University of China was unveiled in the xirang yuan universe


Baidu has gone a long way from developing the underlying technology to building the upper application scenarios. After missing the development opportunities of the mobile Internet, Baidu has seen the development opportunities brought by the meta universe.

With the development of technology, the meta universe is no longer an illusory dream. Through the innovation and upgrading of AI, AR, VR and blockchain technologies, as well as the creation of more rich application scenarios for the meta universe, Baidu will eventually enter a new era in the wave of the next generation of Internet attacks by countless people, brands and companies.

However, whether metauniverse is the terminal of Internet development or not, the giant ship Baidu will eventually be involved in the sea or set sail again, and who will take the lead in this torrent, let us wait and see.