Golden observation | viewing the rise and fall of Ethereum products from gas consumption

It can be seen from gas consumptionEthereumThe rise and fall of many products, such as the rise of DEX, defi and NFT.

Casey, the investment partner of paradigm, compiled a visualization tool gasguzzlers (website: )。


Here are some insights.

The rise of MeV

2022 is the first year for MeV searchers to enter the top 10 gas consumption contracts.

The rise of stable currency

The gas consumed by tether reached ath in the summer of defi and continued in 2021 / 2022.


The rise of mobile mining

Under the catalysis of SNx and chainlink, it turned to protocols such as compound, sushi (the first real vampire attack) and curve. Between 2019 and 2021, mobile mining increased defi by several orders of magnitude.

UniswapBreak out in 2020To seize market share from the first generation DEX and Oracle.


So far, the categories that consume the most gas in 2022 are:Dexs, NFT market, NFT collection, stable coin, weth, mining, MeV, wallet, identity, lending, yield farming, L2S / sidechains, bridges, gaming, meme coins

Yeg87koSHRnDKGSXt95zfE2rwf3lnCuIJu1jpOK4.jpegCompared with previous years, the new breakthroughs are L2S / sidechains, identity, gaming and bridges.

So far, the main gas consumption in 2022 comes from:Uniswap、Opensea、Otherside、USDC、WETH、1inch、Strongblock、MEV Searcher、MetaMask、0x、Tether、LooksRare、Sushi、ens、Aave、Curve、gem、Chainlink、Convex、Genie


Contracts with the highest gas consumption in 2017-2022