Did Ethereum's last test network really merge successfully?

Today,EthereumAfter completing one of the most important tests before the merger, the encryption world is about to usher in a very important change.

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Original: "is the merger of goerli test network really successful?"

Today, Ethereum has completed one of the most important tests before the merger, and the crypto world is about to usher in a very important change.

On July 27, Ethereum announced that Bellatrix was upgraded to goerli's beacon chain Prater to prepare for the merger of test networks.On August 4, the Bellatrix beacon chain was activated to make the final preparations before the merger. At 1:45 UTC today, the total terminal difficulty (TTD) exceeded 10790000, the georli test network and the beacon chain were merged, and the georli test network was officially transitioned to POS certification. This is also the last test network for Ethereum to be merged before the formal upgrade.

Now that Ethereum has completed the most critical test since its birth, we just need to wait for the main network to merge. Just now,V GodVitalik Buterin)It indicates that after the merger of Ethereum and POS is completed, the gas fee may be reduced to between us $0.002 and US $0.05 with rollups.

The market performance of Ethereum also "responded warmly" to this test. Since last night,ETH It continued to rise sharply, and the price had exceeded 1900 US dollars by the time this article was published.

Did the upgrade succeed?

Since its establishment, Ethereum has always used POW as a consensus mechanism. In the huge ecology of Ethereum, miners and mining pools have also occupied a place for a long time. However, the energy consumption problem around POW has always been criticized. Although POS can significantly improve energy consumption, the discussion on system security and centralization has become a new storm.

At present, the POS transformation of Ethereum has only left a temporary step.


Ansgar dietrichs, a researcher at the Ethereum foundation, said the test was successful. He said on twitter that in such an exercise, the measure of success depends on the time of final completion. Another partner of Galaxy digital said that although the participation rate has decreased after the merger, some of the clients may have problems. But overall, the merger is still successful.

However, the tweets released by Shenyu also triggered discussions among netizens. Around 113787 epoch time, a large number of blocks were in the status of "missed".


Marius van der wijden, a developer of Ethereum, tweeted that there was some confusion on the network due to two different terminal blocks and a large number of nodes that were not updated, so we did not complete it earlier. But he did not forget to remain optimistic. "We are investigating what happened, but it looks good at present."


Odaily planet daily found that as of the time this article was published, the problem still existed and lasted not a short time.

Despite the official announcement that the upgrade was successful, the georli test network may still have some minor problems. When the network operation can be restored to normal after the upgrade, it may still take some time to reveal.

Eth is active

The success of goerli's merger also drove the price of eth to soar.

Yesterday, the US inflation data was released, which was lower than the market expectation, and the encryption market ushered in a recovery. Or due to the influence of these two factors, the ETH price fluctuates quite violently. Coinmarketcap data shows that the ETH price has risen by 11% in 24 hours, once reaching $1900.

The ETH / BTC exchange rate is rising, and eth leads the market recovery. In addition, it is worth noting that the recent BTC chain activities are slightly different from those of eth. On August 6 alone, nearly 60000 BTCs flowed into the trading platform.

Arcane research reported that in recent days, the open position data of eth has soared to 4.2 million eth. This shows that a large number of contracts in the market are still open at present, which increases the possibility of fluctuation for the future trend of the market. According to the retrospective data of arcane research, the number of eth contract positions is now the second highest in history, only slightly lower than the historical peak of 4.21 million on July 14 this year.

Defi ecology is also recovering with the market.


According to the data of defillama, Ethereum TVL has gradually recovered from the lowest point of last month, and now it has risen to above $40 billion. The total lock volume of defi has exceeded $70 billion.

At present, with the improvement of US economic data and the merger of eth main network, the ETH market continues.