Detailed explanation of cc0 NFT: can open copyright break the backwater of NFT market?

The NFT project needs to break the situation of "building wheels repeatedly".

Original title: can opening copyright break the backwater of NFT market

Written by: Tangyuan

On August 5, Kevin rose, founder of the NFT project moonbirds, publicly announced on social media twitter that,Turn moonbirds and moonbirds oddities NFT into "cc0 mode", and establish moonbirds Dao to support any user to re create or derive new products based on this NFT project, without purchasing or holding NFT.

"CC" is the abbreviation of Creative Commons, and "0" means no copyright. Therefore, cc0 NFT refers to NFT without copyright restriction. The creators give up all copyrights condensed in the NFT works and contribute them to the public domain. No one needs to buy or hold the NFT, and the outside world can freely use the NFT works for commercial or non-commercial purposes and re creation.

Moonbirds' move undoubtedly opened up space for the re creation of its own NFT, but its sudden open attitude caused dissatisfaction of the NFT collectors and holders. First, this idea did not ask for advice from the community, and it was decided by the developer, which was contrary to the community spirit of the blockchain; Secondly, many users initially chose to purchase moonbirds NFT, expecting the developer to empower the NFT assets through operation.

Although users don't understand it, it seems that entrepreneurs and capital in the industry are forming a trend to advocate NFT to open copyright, which can be seen from the recent public space attention to cc0 NFT.

On August 3, a16z, a well-known crypto venture capital organization, issued an article explaining "why NFT creators are turning to cc0 mode.

As soon as the capital calls, the pixel NFT project nouns began to attract market attention. Since its inception in August 2021, the project has released the NFT Series in the cc0 copyright free manner, supporting any user to derive new works based on this NFT project.

Nouns is the first project to do cc0nft from the beginning. Although it was not famous during the explosion of NFT, when cc0 mode became the focus of attention, the market suddenly found that it quietly occupied a position in the field of NFT. Open copyright continued its vitality. Successful cross-border cooperation cases also showed the benefits brought by open copyright. At the beginning of this year, the classic box glasses element (noun glass) in the noun NFT series appeared in the advertisement of Budweiser beer in the super bowl of the football match, and the physical glasses were also produced offline.

Why is the NFT project trying to open copyright now?

Some people believe that NFT began to shift to cc0, not only because of the sudden success cases, but also because of the current crypto market environment. The NFT market, which is mainly oriented to the C-end, has begun to feel the cold of the bear market. The new funds entering the crypto market are decreasing, the transaction volume and user participation in the NFT market are decreasing, the dividend period is ending, and new projects are also in the dilemma of "building wheels repeatedly" without any new ideas.

The NFT project wants to share a share in the fight in the stock market, and it needs to change the operational thinking of selling NFT. One of the advantages of NFT is that it is programmable. With such attributes, it is far better to let everyone stand on the shoulders of giants to gather wisdom. The open copyright mode without purchase may lose the sales of NFT, but the external creativity brings new opportunities to the project is priceless.

Compared with the famous boring ape baycCryptopunkWhat is the difference between NFT projects like cryptopunk and cc0 NFT? What are the cc0 NFTs in the market? How are they developing? This issue of Web3 cellular will bring analysis.

"Copyright issues" restrict NFT project expansion

The public's awareness of NFT's copyright is probably inspired by a series of stories caused by cryptopunks.

The punk pixel Avatar cryptopunks series created by larva labs has always been a leading project in the NFT market. Crypto enthusiasts snap up this series of NFTs and set them as personal social avatars to flaunt their crypto community, which means that the holders of cryptopunks have ownership of the NFT.

When it was hot, few people thought about whether I could re create or commercialize cryptopunks. Until the end of 2021, under the name of "infringing copyright", larva labs provided OpenSea Put forward the requirements for removing multiple derivative projects from the shelf. Among them, the most famous "infringing" derivative NFT project is cryptophunks. In terms of naming, this project has an "H" more than cryptopunks. The visual content of the avatar is to invert the original pixel avatars left and right. The whole project looks like the original Shanzhai.

Larva Labs' request to be removed from the shelf was finally met by opensea, but this also leaves a question: what exactly does the so-called copyright of cryptopunks include? The project has never been made clear to the public before. It seems that the copyright is owned and used by the publisher by default, and the holder does not have the right to commercial use.

What really caused NFT collectors to notice the copyright issue of cryptopunks is another thing. In August 2021, larva labs signed an agency agreement with the Hollywood agency UTA (United talent agency). This cooperation reveals that cryptopunks has been seeking copyright cooperation opportunities with movies, TV, video games and other entertainment platforms in an attempt to gain revenue from the b-end. It is speculated that this is the reason why larva labs has been reluctant to grant similar commercial licenses to NFT holders.

This aroused the anger of cryptopunks Holders: Well, I invested in your NFT and you have made money from me, but it seems that you do not intend to share the return with me, which is not in line with the Web3 spirit of "value returns to users".

It was also at that time that NFT followers began to look for a counterexample of cryptopunks in the market due to copyright issues. Another NFT head project bored ape Yacht Club (bayc) was just a model that explicitly stated copyright.

The developer Yuga labs said that the ownership and commercial use right of bayc NFT would be granted to the buyer when the transaction occurred.

Bayc pioneered the concept of "NFT copyright belongs to the buyer", allowing the holder to use it as a collection, and at the same time, it can also commercially derive the NFT it holds.

With this foundation, the domestic fashion brand China Li Ning will buy # 4102 bayc boring ape. After obtaining the NFT, the news that China's Li Ning flash store invited "boring ape" to be the manager was widely concerned by the public. Moreover, the Li Ning brand combined with the boring ape element, produced clothing, shoes and other peripheral products, and held related exhibitions.

The combination of boring apes and physical brands has given the IP of this NFT circle a new round of exposure. Expanding the popularity of NFT IP outside the circle is a win-win situation for the IP itself and NFT holders.

The opening of the copyright of boring ape has left more opportunities for Yuga labs. In March this year, the company simply acquired cryptopunks and announced the opening of the commercial copyright of the NFT series of pixel head images. The copyright of this NFT series has finally been clarified.

However, it should be noted that the copyrights of bayc and cryptopunks are only open to the holders who purchase them. They only support the creation and development of derivatives based on the purchased NFT, but cannot use the brand names and logos of these two series.

For example, when China Li Ning purchases bayc # 4102 NFT, it can only use the boring ape image of # 4102. It can print the boring ape image of this number on T-shirts, hats and shoes for commercial use, but it cannot change or recreate the ape image. In addition, China Li Ning can only mark the number "bayc # 4102" or "# 4102" on the clothes, and cannot directly use the brand logo and name of bayc series.

It can be seen that the owners of bayc NFT can only develop derivatives based on a boring ape image they hold. The programming content of NFT is not open to the public, which limits more use scenarios of bayc, such as interaction with other NFTs in the metauniverse. If such demand breaks out in the market, NFT developers need to open more rights.

Cc0 opens innovation space for NFT projects

Even though Yuga labs pioneered the opening of copyright, the previous NFT market did not seem to realize the importance of this. The supply of NFT collections for the C-end is continuous, and consumers start one after another under the stimulation of investment and profit, and some NFT prices are constantly pushed up with the influx of market enthusiasm. However, everything came to an abrupt end in the overall downward trend of the crypto asset market.

According to nftgo data, NFT trading volume has been shrinking since May. Recently, the total daily trading volume of NFT is about US $150 million, which is significantly reduced compared with the daily trading volume of more than US $2.2 billion in January this year.

The NFT market has become a stock market. Both new and old NFT projects are making every effort to attract new users. Old projects with excessively high floor prices are actively deriving new products to reduce the user's consumption threshold. For example, boring monkey bayc issued a low threshold mutant monkey mayc, which is 78% higher than the floor price ETH The floor price of bayc and mayc is only 18.8 eth.

Nevertheless, the decrease in NFT market activity has become a reality, and the market needs a new stimulus to break this backwater. Cc0 copyright free NFT began to enter the vision of users and capital.

The full name of cc0 is "Creative Commons zero". In fact, cc0 is not a new concept exclusive to the NFT world. CC is the English abbreviation of "shared intellectual property", and zero represents the ultimate "0 copyright". Shared intellectual property is owned by creative commons, a non-profit organization Org (knowledge sharing organization) proposes that authors should selectively open the copyright of their works, which usually means that creators voluntarily give up all copyright of their works and contribute them to the public domain, and support anyone to use their works for commercial purposes or re create them, becoming the common intellectual property of mankind.

January 1 of each year is the international public domain day, to commemorate those works that contribute copyright to public knowledge. According to the copyright regulations and intellectual property laws of different countries, on the first day of the new year every year, works of music, books, works of art, poetry, films and other fields will be contributed to the public domain, and the copyright of these works will be open to all. This means that the original creator or copyright owner gives up their exclusive rights and the work can be used by the owner for free.

For the NFT project that follows cc0, the creator gives up the copyright of a certain NFT and decides to open it to the public domain. Anyone can freely modify or re create the content without permission, and can also be used for commercial purposes without holding or purchasing the NFT with open copyright.

Take moonbirds, which has just announced the adoption of cc0 license, as an example. Even if you do not own a moonbirds NFT, you can change the image of moonbirds NFT, re create, derivative new works or make products for sale, and the proceeds will belong to you. If you do so, you will not be accused of infringement.

Compared with such NFT projects as bayc which also express open copyright, NFT projects with cc0 license are different in ecological construction and business model operation.

Operation form

Bayc is more like a "PGC brand". Professional project parties are responsible for the output or guide users to output NFT related content. The government leads the development of the project route and regularly reports the latest progress to build an NFT IP brand.

The cc0 type NFT project is more like a "UGC platform", which is dominated by users or outputs NFT content. The NFT project party provides basic element components or concepts, and users can build their own content according to their own needs. For example, users can establish a Dao organization to build a project ecology, or derive a new game or physical object based on NFT. Cc0 NFT projects give up IP ownership, giving every user the opportunity to participate in this IP creation. At this time, NFT projects are more like an ecological incubator.

Ecological structure

Bayc type NFT is like a brand company. The project is driven mainly by the developer and led by the user. It is top-down. For example, the bayc project was released by Yuga labs. Later, the Dao organization was established and token ape was issued. Recently, the metauniverse project otherside based on this NFT character was launched. These developments are led and promoted by Yuga labs. In addition to the content of consumers, users can also express suggestions and make contributions in the Dao organization, but they are not the leading Party.

The cc0 type NFT project is more like an infrastructure platform. As an infrastructure, it incubates numerous derivative projects. It is a horizontal and continuous derivative process. One NFT element is likely to generate numerous new projects. These derivative projects will feed back the original NFT and form a multi stakeholder ecosystem. For example, there are hundreds of products derived from this NFT project at noons. Many NFT projects have been derived from the "square glasses" element alone. The project operates independently, has its own development team and new concepts, and the profits from the NFT sold are owned by itself.

From the perspective of operation form and ecological structure, cc0 type NFT projects and ecological development complement each other. The decentralization of copyright to ordinary users releases many opportunities for participation, which is equivalent to sinking the market and reaching more actual commercial use scenarios. The spontaneous self propagation effect of users can also quickly accumulate a lot of attention, funds and talents. The more people join, the more creativity will be stimulated.

Of course, not all projects are suitable for the cc0 copyright free mode. This mode is more suitable for NFT projects with less obvious representational features of works, because such projects can leave more extension space for creators. For example, the text format NFT project lot, which was very popular in the early days, did not clearly indicate that it was a cc0 copyright free mode. However, since each NFT image is composed of only a few lines of text, it gives the creators more imagination and creative space. Users can create different products based on the modular content provided by the project, such as games and NFT collections, which are more consistent with the cc0 concept in terms of operation form.

In addition, it is relatively difficult to operate a successful cc0 NFT project. The structure of the platform or ecological type is doomed to generate more stakeholders between the derivative project and the original project, which greatly tests the ability of the original project and Dao to organize and coordinate resources.

What are the cc0 NFT projects?

At present, many developers have been working hard to create the NFT platform of cc0 copyright free mode. These NFT projects include the early noons, the small match man mfers, Goblin town with the theme of goblin image, and now moonbirds.

Nuns, founder of cc0nft

brief introduction

Noons is based onEthereumThe cc0nft project on was created in August 2021. Each noun NFT can be automatically generated according to people, things and places.

The founder of noons is named "4156". He was the holder and staunch supporter of cryptopunks # 4156. According to the public information, he has asked larva labs for many times about copyright issues but has not received a reply. He is very dissatisfied with the copyright restrictions of the company. Finally, he sold his cryptopunk # 4156 at 2500 eth (the market price at that time was about US $10.25 million). While parting ways with cryptopunks, he created the first cc0 NFT project, noons.

Noons' square glasses elements have been out of the circle. At the beginning of this year, the project cooperated with Budweiser beer. The box glasses appeared in the advertisement of the super bowl of the famous football game. The physical glasses arrived in the hands of users in the form of gifts, which attracted the attention of the market.


In terms of distribution method, unlike the previous NFT projects, which released tens of thousands of pictures at a time, it only released one NFT at a time. From August 8, 2021, the noons agreement generates and auctions one noonft every 24 hours. By August 10, this year, the number of noons NFT has reached 404, that is, the current circulation is 404, and the total circulation is unlimited.

On August 10, noun issued noun NFT numbered # 404

In terms of appearance, each noun NFT is a character of pixel style, and the common feature is wearing square glasses. According to the official introduction, nouns is randomly composed of 5 predetermined features, 2 backgrounds, 30 body structures, 137 jewelry elements, 234 head elements and 21 eye elements. If arranged in a random combination, noun can generate a total of 403930380 NFTs. According to the output rate of one per day, it can continuously output 110000 years.

On August 10, the floor price displayed by noons on opensea was 94 eth, about US $169000. Statistics showed that the number of wallet addresses holding the NFT was 238.


Noons is committed to exploring cc0 copyright free NFT and seeking to establish feasible open source IP intellectual property rights. The project creator voluntarily gave up the copyright and commercial use right of the NFT, which means that anyone can use the name, characters and picture elements of nouns to re create. Even if you don't own the noun NFT, you can use the noun brand and style to create your own movies, games, clothing, etc.

Nouns regards itself as the basic application layer for others to use and build. It has established a decentralized autonomous organization - nouns Dao. The income of each noun NFT will be automatically included in the nouns Dao organization. The treasury funds are mainly used to support the builders and excellent projects of nouns ecology. Users who hold noun NFT can decide the use of funds (ETH) of noun Dao by voting. To date, 26730 eth has been accumulated in noons Dao, with a value of USD 44.8 million.

During the cross-border cooperation with Budweiser beer, noun Dao donated a noun NFT to the "bud light n3xt" NFT issued by Budweiser beer, and the square glasses element appeared in the brand advertisement. Nouns cooperated with the bud light n3xt project to produce glasses. All users who buy the "bud light n3xt" NFT will get these glasses.

Nouns cooperates with bud light to launch physical glasses

Tens of thousands of projects have been derived based on noun, of which 148 have been supported by noun Dao. These projects include online products such as 3D noun characters and games, as well as offline products such as physical clothing, glasses and stickers. The well-known NFT projects are unwrapped noun and lil noun.

Meme wind small match man mfers

brief introduction

Mfers is also a meme type cc0 NFT project based on Ethereum. The creator gives up the copyright of the project and supports anyone's secondary creation.

The project was launched at the end of November last year and was founded by KOL sartoshi on twitter. He is based on the YouTube match man father son dialogue Emoji "are you winning son?" For inspiration, the mfers NFT series was created. The image of the NFT is composed of match people with simple strokes. On June 10 this year, sartoshi announced that he would quit mfers and cancel twitter. He handed over the smart contract to the community.


The total amount of mfers NFT is 10021, and the initial casting price is 0.069 eth. On August 10, the floor price of this series was 1.07 eth, about 1800 US dollars.

Mfers initial casting price is 0.069 eth

Mfers is different from cryptochunks and other NFT collections that are automatically generated by algorithmic programs. Its biggest feature is that all NFTs are simple strokes drawn by sartoshi himself. Most of the small match people in mfers are wearing headphones, smoking cigarettes, and busy with computer keyboards. The whole shape makes people feel a "mourning culture" and is deeply loved by cryptocircles.


Mfers adopting cc0 copyright free mode allows anyone to copy, forward or re create it. Sartoshi, the founder, said that the project has no roadmap and no official community. The planning, operation and development of the project are all guided by the independent consciousness of mfers community members. Therefore, it has also been nicknamed "three no products" by users.

It is also because of its openness that mfers has transformed NFT users from the passive identity of content recipients to the role of constructors who actively participate in the project ecology. Some people in the community are busy with brand building, some spontaneously organize community communication and offline activities, and some people pay their own money to design mfers' physical products, and put mfers' small match people on billboards.

At present, mfers has derived a variety of peripheral products, such as T-shirts, hats, skateboards, offline brand coffee shops, etc. 3D versions of mfers have also appeared. NFT derivative projects include mfers ahead (small match man in front), the mferchicks with female image as the theme, ape mfers with ape image as the theme, etc.

Goblin town

brief introduction

Goblin town NFT series is based on Ethereum. It has released image NFT with goblin goblins as its theme and was launched on May 21 this year. At the initial stage of startup, the user only needs to pay the gas fee on the chain to cast the NFT. On August 10, the floor price of goblin town NFT was 1.5 eth, about US $2700.


Goblin town NFT has a total circulation of 9999. The goblin image is not cute, it is simply ugly. Therefore, some people do not appreciate this painting style, but others like its weird.

Goblin town's weird painting style

Goblintown announced that it was cc0nft when it went online, allowing anyone to commercialize or redevelop it in any form. Compared with the well-known NFTs such as bayc and azuki, which have clear project planning, Goblin town also belongs to the "three noes project" -- there is no roadmap, no official community, and the practicality is handled by itself.

Due to the cc0 license of goblin Town, it ushered in a wave of derivative NFT at the beginning of its launch. NFT avatars with goblin grlz, babygoblin Town, gtburgers and even goblin piss and other goblin elements appear in the market. The floor prices of these derived NFTs are extremely low, attracting a number of players to buy them.

Cc0 brings opportunities for derivative projects to emerge, and the increase of derivative projects also increases the exposure of goblin Town, which on the contrary shows the market's recognition of original projects. Goblintown once became one of the most successful NFT projects launched under the crypto bear market environment.

The "moon bird" troupe, which is on its way to transformation

brief introduction

Moonbirds is the NFT avatar series launched by proof company and also built on Ethereum. The main image element is cartoon owl, with a total circulation of 10000. On April 16 this year, moonbirds opened the public casting, with an initial casting price of 2.5 eth. On August 10, the floor price of moonbirds NFT series was 14.5 eth, about US $25000.

Moonbirds cartoon owl image

Moonbirds oddities is a new NFT series recently launched by proof. Its image is cartoon strange birds, and its main style is pixel style. The project was officially launched in July this year, with a total issuance of 10000, some of which were airdropped to moonbirds holders. On August 10, the floor price of moonbirds oddities NFT series was 0.78 eth, about US $1388.

Moonbirds Oddities


When moonbirds was first launched, the trading volume once exceeded that of bayc and cryptopunks. The reason why this NFT is selling well is that the development team behind it, the proof collective "club", is a great motivation.

Proof collective is composed of 1000 NFT collectors. Its members include the famous crypto artist beeple (Mike Winkelmann) and investor Gary Vaynerchuk. Kevin rose and Justin mezzell, the co founders of the club, are also very influential in the field of NFT. The former is a partner of true ventures, a blockchain investment institution. They not only engage in investment, but also preside over a popular Podcast in the field of crypto assets.


At the beginning of its establishment, moonbirds did not make clear the copyright situation. Until August 5, Kevin rose, the co-founder of the project, publicly announced that moonbirds and moonbirds oddities NFT would be transformed into cc0 licensed projects, supporting anyone in the public world to create and derive new projects.

Moonbirds, which turned to cc0 halfway, caused dissatisfaction among NFT holders.

Some people said that the reason why moonbirds NFT was purchased at a high premium was that it valued the strength of the proof company behind it and waited for the team to empower "moonbirds". Now, turning to cc0 will dilute the IP value. Some people also speculate that contributing the copyright of the project to the public domain may mean the withdrawal of the proof team. The team's aura will no longer exist, and the value of moonbirds will need to be reassessed. Then who will protect the interests of the users who chose to purchase the project due to the team background?

For the user's questions, the official proof has not yet responded.