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ETHW Officially Releases Bifurcation Time and Primary Network Handover Information

On September 13, it was reported that the workload of Ethereum proved that the branching chain ETHW officially released the branching time, that is, it was deployed within 24 hours after the merger of Ethereum. According to the social media account @ Ethereum POW on the main network of ethw, the exact time will be announced one hour before the start of the forked network, after which the chain ID of ethw will be switched to 10001, and the final code, configuration file, binary file and other important materials (such as node data, RPC and resource manager information) will take effect. In addition, in order to provide enough time for chain ID switching, the ETHW main network will be online at the specified time after 2048 empty blocks are processed, which means that the first ETHW block containing transactions on the main network will be Merge block+2049.


    As of press time, according toHuobi Global data display:

    BTCThe recent transaction price is 21800.95 dollars, up or down+0.75% within the day;

    The latest transaction price of ETH is 1761.84 US dollars, up or down -0.70% within the day;

    BNB's recent transaction price was 295.15 US dollars, up or down - 0.73% in the day;

    XRPThe recent transaction price was USD 0.3554, up or down by - 0.80% within the day;

    ADAThe latest transaction price was US $0.5089, up or down - 0.99% in the day;

    The latest transaction price of sol was US $34.88, up or down - 0.61% in the day;

    The recent transaction price of DOT was US $7.69, up or down by -1.56% during the day.


    The US Treasury Department issued FAQs in response to the tornado cash sanctions controversy

    Golden Finance reported that the US Treasury Department released a new FAQ on Monday in response to the controversy over the sanctions against tornado cash. The US Treasury Department said that the US sanctions regulations will not prohibit Americans from copying the open source code and making it available to others online, as well as discussing, teaching or incorporating the open source code into written publications, such as textbooks. The new guidance further outlines the application procedures for these users who are stuck in the Tornado Cash mixed currency pool. The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said that as long as the transaction did not involve other sanctionable acts, OFAC would adopt a favorable licensing policy for such applications. (The Block)

    ▌ Central Bank of Egypt: the maximum fine for violating the crypto trading ban is about 3.58 million yuan

    On September 13, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) issued a statement saying that it was tracking cryptocurrency transactions through some regional and international platforms. The Central Bank of Egypt warned that anyone who violates the decision to ban crypto trading could be fined 1 million to 10 million Egyptian pounds (about 3.58 million yuan). The Central Bank of Egypt once again warned against trading with all types of crypto virtual currencies because of their high risks, including large fluctuations in their value and being used for financial crimes and electronic piracy. In addition, it is not issued by the central bank or any official central issuing institution. Therefore, it lacks any material guarantee to ensure the stability of the currency and protect the rights of its traders. (Egypt Independent)

      Blockchain application

      ▌ galxe launched galxe passport as a universal identity for users in Web3

      On September 13, it was reported that Galxe (formerly Project Galaxy), a Web3 infrastructure service provider, announced the launch of the Galxe Passport, which serves as the universal identity of users in Web3 and can store identity information securely and anonymously. Galxe said that users can not only use Galxe Passport as a universal identity across different applications, but also obtain a unique Galxe Passport Soubound token in the wallet.

        ▌ trust wallet adds support for Solana DAPP

        On September 13, trust wallet, a multi chain unmanaged wallet, announced new support for Solana DAPP. Users can now connect trust wallet to Solana DAPP directly through the DAPP browser on trust wallet IOS and Android or using the wallet connect protocol on the desktop.


            Bitcoin mining difficulty reached 32.05T, setting a new record

            According to the golden financial reportBTCAccording to. com data, the mining difficulty of Bitcoin reached 32.05T, a record high. At present, the computing power of the whole network is 233.71 eh / s, and the 24-hour transaction rate is 3.14 transactions / s. It is predicted that the difficulty will be increased by 0.08% to 32.07t next time, with 13 days and 15 hours left before the adjustment.

            ❑ Data: In the past 24 hours, the whole network broke out $338 million, and Bitcoin broke out $124 million

            Gold Finance reported that, according to Coinglass data, the whole network broke out $338 million in the past 24 hours, including $124 million in Bitcoin and $119 million in Ethereum.

            ◎ Coin security: If Ethereum forks to generate a new chain, it will support the distribution of forked tokens ETHW

            On September 13, it was announced that Coin Security would suspend the deposit and withdrawal service of the Ethereum network (ERC-20) about one hour before the merger of Ethereum, starting at 08:30 on September 15, 2022. If a hard fork occurs and a new chain is generated, the Ethereum POW main network and its forked tokens will adopt the ethw code. If the ETHW chain continues to exist, King'an will assist all users who hold ETH and WETH in the King'an account in handling all technical requirements involved, and record the ETHW into the qualified King'an account at a ratio of 1:1. The distribution details will be announced separately. 

            ❑ CFO of Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Pantera Capital is leaving

            Golden Finance reported that Ryan Davis, the chief financial officer of Pantera capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund and venture capital investor, was about to leave his post, according to people familiar with the situation. During the search for a permanent replacement, Pantera's strategic adviser Matt Gorham will take his place, adding that Davis will continue to stay in Pantera during the interim transition.

              ❑ Bitfinex CTO: Ethereum cannot be compared with Bitcoin after the merger

              On September 13, it was reported that Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer of Bitfinex and Tether, said that Bitcoin is a form of currency, but Ethereum is trapped between currency forms and platforms, but ETH cannot compete with Bitcoin in currency because it has no fixed supply and it is not a real world computer because it has a shared global state, so it is too slow to expand. The merger will not fix transaction fees or make Ethereum more decentralized.

              ❑ Disclosed by Beijing First Intermediate People's CourtLettercoinIn the case of an investment dispute, the defendant was judged to return the defaulted assets

              On September 13, Beijing Shijingshan District People's court and Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's court recently made first and second instance judgments on a civil dispute over litecoin investment, respectively, requiring the defendant Ding Hao to return 33000 litecoin to the plaintiff Zhai Wenjie. On December 5, 2014, Zhai Wenjie transferred 50000 lait coins to Ding Hao's designated address for fund investment. Ding Hao promised to pay 1000 lites a month as interest. Until April 7, 2017, Ding Hao returned 17000 lites, and 33000 lites were still outstanding. The court held that the IOU and receipt signed by Zhai Wenjie and Ding Hao can prove that both parties have established a borrowing contract relationship. In terms of nature, Lite coin should be a specific virtual commodity, which does not have the same legal status as currency, and cannot and should not be used as currency in the market. However, litecoin has the attributes of virtual property and virtual goods and should be protected by law.

              Important economic developments

              ▌ Bank of America: the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates excessively, triggering an economic recession

              In the news on September 14, mark cabana, an analyst at Bank of America, said that because the Federal Reserve attaches great importance to curbing inflation, it may keep raising interest rates until the US economy falls into recession. With a stronger labor market, the Federal Reserve has become very hawkish. Unless the labor market also slows down significantly, the Federal Reserve may not believe that inflation has cooled, and it seems that the Federal Reserve will also cool the labor market. Analysts also said that he was really worried that the Federal Reserve would like to see further tightening of financial conditions, because only in this way can the Federal Reserve have confidence in achieving the 2% inflation target. The Fed may continue to be hawkish, which is adverse to risky assets. (Jin Shi)

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                Why have NFT

                One of the major reasons for buying NFTs is their emotional value. In this regard, NFTs are not very different from physical goods, unless the buyer is a complete utilitarian who only cares about the material value of the goods. In real life, no one buys lip gloss out of pure need. To a large extent, people buy it because of the happiness that lip gloss brings to them. The same is true of gifs, pictures, videos or other digital assets. Another important reason for purchasing NFT is that it has value-added space, and you can earn more money by purchasing and reselling NFT.

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