Why should we pay attention to Starbucks' Web3 trial?

Original author: DAO enthusiast, @ cwweb3

Original title: Starbucks' Web3 Test

On September 12, Starbucks announced some details of the Odyssey plan based on Web3 technology and opened applications. This is a plan that combines NFT and the existing membership card system, and uses Web3 technology to unlock new scenarios.This plan may have a greater impact on users and the industry than we thought.It was also a very brave attempt.

Coffee is not an ordinary commodity in the European and American markets. People's demand and emotion for coffee are far greater than ordinary consumer goods. If the coffee machine in the office breaks down one day, it is classified as office emergency, which is far from being comparable to ordinary consumer goods. And Starbucks, as the coffee brand with the highest market share, this Web3 attempt can be said to really cut into everyone's daily life.

An unknown fact is that Starbucks app is the second largest mobile payment app (31 million users) in the U.S. market, second only to Apple Pay (43 million users), while Google play (25 million users) can only rank third. The financial report just released in August showed that Starbucks also had 27.4 million active members in the United States in the last quarter, contributing 53% of its revenue. In other words, the member loyalty system and the member app are not the icing on the cake business of Starbucks, but one of the basic systems of Starbucks. It is also the most successful member loyalty program in the world, which is targeted and emulated by countless brands. Now Starbucks wants to do experiments based on its own basic system.

Why Starbucks

Although Starbucks is a coffee enterprise, its member app payment system and user loyalty system have always been leading in the world. Behind this success is a large amount of scientific and technological investment and exploration of various scenarios. The membership system of Starbucks is far more than saving enough stars for coffee. It realizes large-scale personalization through big data and AI, and deepens the connection with customers through gaming experience, finally giving customers personalized rewards. Such a plan has produced a lot of viscosity and is being followed by a large number of brands.

NFT to unlock what

In the future Starbucks APP, NFT will appear in the form of "stamps". This stamp can be obtained through special tasks, such as participating in online coffee courses, or continuously clocking in different stores near. Such tasks are called "journeys".

Stamps play a similar role to POAP here. Some limited edition stamps can also be purchased in the APP. This market will also support the sale of two-way stamps among members, and stamps will be issued on Polygon Yes. By introducing a series of new scenes such as stamps, members will not only have a relationship with brands, but also have a lot of interaction with each other.

There is also a concept of partner/partner in this system. The official communication clearly mentions that this role is actually an employee of Starbucks. At present, it is unclear what level of employees can get the role of partners. I guess all Starbucks store employees can apply. As partners, these employees have the opportunity to create some unique experiences and form a link in the ecosystem. (No basis, blind guess)

Starbucks has always been known as the third space outside home and office. Through the Odyssey plan, Starbucks app will no longer be a payment and points application. Starbucks aims to turn it into a digital third space supported by Web3 technology. Here, brands, members and partners (employees) get together because of their love for coffee and connect through various unique experiences, so as to truly form a community.

Other details

Although NFT is mentioned many times in the press release, Starbucks avoids using NFT in the app as much as possible (it may completely replace the word). There will be no concept of wallet in Starbucks app. Those obscure concepts in Web3 have been blocked. At present, it is not known whether NFT assets correspond to users in the form of hosted wallets or third-party solutions.

Today, I happened to meet a friend who has contacted the internal memo of Starbucks NFT program. The information given is that some things are still "working hard" to judge whether it is appropriate. Based on this information, I guess the web 2.5 solution is more likely. It may also be because of this reason that Starbucks did not choose to directly NFT its membership card, but used NFT as an extension of the new scene and the existing membership reward system.

Starbucks Odyssey plan is supported by an external partner named forum3. Forum3's business is to use Web3 technology to support brand loyalty programs. Adam, one of its founders, is the former chief digital officer of Starbucks. His main achievement during his time at Starbucks was to lead the related work of Starbucks app and reach 50 million users worldwide. He has won the trust of Howard, the founder of Starbucks and now interim CEO, which is an important reason for the success of this cooperation.

Finally, we're bullish on the future of these technologies enabling experiences that were not possible before. It's really important to take we're looking at it for the long-term. Given that we're plugging it into our industry leading, massive scale rewards program - we're committed