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ETHW Officially Releases Bifurcation Time and Primary Network Handover Information

On September 13,EthereumThe workload proves that the branching chain ETHW officially released the branching time, that is, it will be deployed within 24 hours after the merger of Ethereum. According to the social media account @ Ethereum PoW on ETHW's main network, an announcement will be made one hour before the forked network starts. After that, the chain ID of ETHW will be switched to 10001, and the final code, configuration file, binary file and other important materials (such as node data, RPC and resource manager information) will take effect. In addition, in order to provide enough time for chain ID switching, the ETHW main network will be online at the specified time after 2048 empty blocks are processed, which means that the first ETHW block containing transactions on the main network will be Merge block+2049.


    As of press release, according toHuobi Global data shows:

    BTCThe recent transaction price is 21800.95 dollars, up or down+0.75% within the day;

    The latest transaction price of ETH is 1761.84 US dollars, up or down -0.70% within the day;

    BNB recently traded at US $295.15, up or down -0.73% within the day;

    XRPThe recent transaction price was USD 0.3554, up or down by - 0.80% within the day;

    ADAThe recent transaction price was US $0.5089, up or down -0.99% within the day;

    SOLThe recent transaction price was US $34.88, up or down by -0.61% within the day;

    The recent transaction price of DOT was US $7.69, up or down by -1.56% during the day.


    The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on Iranian hackers, includingBitcoinaddress

    Gold Finance reported that on September 14, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions on 10 individuals and two companies involved in Iran's software extortion activities. OFAC claims that in 2021, the organization attacked a town and a children's hospital in New Jersey, and carried out other attacks. It is reported that the new sanctions include seven new Bitcoin addresses.

      ❑ Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States: Cryptographic intermediaries also need to comply with the rules

      On September 14, it was reported that Gensler, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, asked the staff to evaluate the cryptocurrency asset market. Encryption intermediaries also need to follow the rules. Will work with Congress on cryptocurrency related initiatives.

          Blockchain application

          ❑ Suzhou High speed Railway New Town realizes the first cross pilot city digital RMB settlement

          Golden financial news: Recently, Suzhou Hunyuan Jinke Technology Co., Ltd., which is located in Suzhou High Speed Rail New City, paid 13153.44 yuan of human resources service fees to the cooperative enterprises in Xiamen (the third batch of digital RMB pilot cities) using the digital RMB corporate wallet. The application of digital RMB in Suzhou High Speed Rail New City has made a substantial breakthrough across pilot cities. This corporate account transfer does not need to go through the bank's virtual account. The system transfers directly to the payee's corporate wallet, and incorporates the financial payment system of the digital RMB payment module, which effectively improves the security, stability and ease of use of the payment.

            ❑ Bitfly launched open source Ethereum merged browser

            On September 15, it was reported that Bitfly launched the open-source Ethereum merged browser, which has now been linked with Ethereum block browser etherchain Org merge. Bitfly said that the current functions of the browser include address query, consolidation and block information browsing, token information browsing, etc. Later, it will support ENS, charts, unconfirmed transaction pool information, etc.


                  US SEC sues encryption companies in Chicago for illegally selling tokens

                  Golden Finance reported that, according to a legal lawsuit on September 14, the US Securities and Exchange Commission accused Chicago Crypto Capital of making false statements about the initial token issuance (ICO) of BXY token of US $1.5 million, and did not register for securities issuance. The institution is seeking to recover or return all investors' funds and impose penalties. (The Block)

                    ❑ Michael Saylor: Bitcoin's energy intensity is far lower than that of Internet giants such as Google

                    Golden Financial Report: Michael Saylor published a long article on his personal website, sharing some views on Bitcoin mining and the environment. He said that about $4-5 billion of electricity was used to provide power and security for today's $420 billion Bitcoin network, and the output value was 100 times the energy input cost. This makes the energy intensity of Bitcoin far lower than that of Google, Netflix or Facebook, and 1-2 orders of magnitude lower than that of traditional industries in the 20th century, such as aviation, logistics, retail, hotels and agriculture. He also mentioned that 99.92% of the world's carbon emissions are caused by industrial energy use other than Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is neither a problem nor a solution to the challenge of reducing carbon emissions.

                      ❑ Cryptocurrency Exchange Bybit stops derivatives trading in Brazil

                      Gold Finance reported that the cryptocurrency exchange Bybit will stop offering cryptocurrency futures and options trading in Brazil on Thursday. In a statement, Bybit said it was in discussions with the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) to resolve the issue. The company added that "at present, it is restricting derivatives trading". The Bybit platform currently displays a warning message about this change and suggests users to "manage their positions or orders" before Thursday. The company added that the measure "will not mean any form of blockade of derivative assets deposited by our traders". (CoinDesk)

                        ❑ Tether CTO: Ethereum is still not comparable to Bitcoin

                        According to the Golden Financial Report, Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer of Tether and Bitfinex, said today that Ethereum is still not comparable to Bitcoin because its statement has been changing. Ardoino said: "Bitcoin is a form of currency, while Ethereum hovers between claiming to be a form of currency and a platform. However, ETH cannot compete with Bitcoin in currency because there is no fixed supply, and it is not a real world computer because it has a shared global state, so it is too slow to expand." On the merger of Ethereum, Ardoino put forward more criticism on this change. He said: "The merger will not solve the transaction costs, nor will it make Ethereum more decentralized."

                          ❑ Bitfinex CTO: Ethereum cannot be compared with Bitcoin after the merger

                          On September 13, it was reported that Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer of Bitfinex and Tether, said that Bitcoin is a form of currency, but Ethereum is trapped between currency forms and platforms, but ETH cannot compete with Bitcoin in currency because it has no fixed supply and it is not a real world computer because it has a shared global state, so it is too slow to expand. The merger will not fix transaction costs or make Ethereum more decentralized.

                          ❑ Bitcoin contract long/short ratio hit a new high on September 12

                          On September 15, it was reported that TradeView data showed that the long/short ratio of Bitcoin contracts on Bitfinex reached an all-time high on September 12. On September 12, the multi order position of BTC/USD was 86 times of the empty position, reaching 104000 BTC. The last time this indicator exceeded 75 was on November 9, 2021, but it was ultimately beneficial to bears, because the price of Bitcoin fell 18% in the next 10 days. One of the reasons that Bitfinex's short margin traders reduced their positions this time may be due to liquidation, which means that the seller did not have enough margin, because the price of Bitcoin rose 19% from September 6 to 12.

                          Important economic developments

                          ❑ Report: Emerging markets led by Vietnam have driven the increase of global encryption adoption rate

                          On September 14, according to the latest report released by Chainalysis, the global cryptocurrency adoption index showed that the growth of the global cryptocurrency adoption rate slowed during the bear market this year, but the sharp decline did not erase the growth of the adoption rate during the bull market. The adoption rate of global cryptocurrencies is still higher than that before the bull market, and emerging markets are currently in a leading position.

                          ⑸ JPMorgan Chase: The probability of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates by 100 basis points next week is less than one third

                          Golden financial report: Michael Feroli, chief American economist of JPMorgan Chase, said that it is unlikely that Fed officials will raise interest rates by 100 basis points when they meet next week. In a report to customers on Wednesday, he said that the probability of increasing 100 basis points was less than one third, and that "excellent drivers will not speed up when approaching the destination". Feroli said that an increase of 100 basis points means that the top position of the benchmark interest rate of the Federal Reserve will be higher than 5%. "We doubt this". He also warned that now increasing the monetary policy brake might strengthen the bets on the Federal Reserve's interest rate cut in 2023. This will make it more difficult for the Federal Reserve to cope with price pressure by easing financial conditions.

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                              Why have NFT

                              One of the main reasons for purchasing NFT is its emotional value. In this regard, NFT is not very different from physical goods, unless the buyer is a complete utilitarian who only cares about the material value of the goods. In real life, no one buys lip gloss out of pure need. To a large extent, people buy it because of the happy feeling it brings them. The same applies to GIFs, pictures, videos or other digital assets. Another important reason for purchasing NFT is that it has value-added space, and you can earn more money by purchasing and reselling NFT.

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