How to get a16z's "merger certificate" NFT for free

This morning,Michael Blau, engineering partner of a16z Crypto, and Mason Hall, partner of a16z Crypto, announced the launch of a dynamic NFT "Proof of Merge" , used to prove whether the Ethereum network has successfully completed the merger.


Specifically, a16z has found a completely on chain method to check whether the merge has occurred. This method is to check the EVM "DIFFICULTY" instruction, which is a measure of the difficulty of digging out a specific block. This concept is meaningful only in the context of PoW consensus. Since the consensus will switch to PoS, the smart contract can automatically determine whether the merger has occurred by checking the "difficulty" value of the newly generated block.

Back to Proof of Merge, the NFT will output different metadata and illustrations according to the change of the "difficulty" value and the estimated time of the merge. In total, it will present three different states in three different stages. In the first stage, two separate circles will be displayed when pre merging; In the second stage, as the merger approaches, the two circles will begin to close until they overlap, forming a picture similar to the solar eclipse; Once the merge occurs, the shape will be converted to the final form: Yin Yang symbol.

Note of Odaily Planet Daily: a16z also mentioned that, for the potential PoW chain, it is expected that the graphics will stagnate in the second stage, because the "difficulty" value will never reach the requirements of the third stage, so the final shape will never be formed.

Currently, Proof of Merge has opened free casting, and interested friends can use the ""Page for free.

After opening the above website, connect the wallet, imitate the merger, slide the pulley in the figure below from the left to the right, and then confirm the transaction in the wallet (gas costs a few dollars).


Proof of Merge  The number is unlimited and free of charge, but it can only be claimed before the completion of Ethereum merger. Up to now, tens of thousands of encrypted wallet addresses have participated in the casting.

It is worth mentioning that Proof of Merge is not tradable, and NFT will be permanently bound to the casting address. Therefore, the speculation and profit of this NFT should not be considered. However, for friends who intend to witness the merger, one of the most important events in the history of cryptocurrency, they can start one as a memorial.