Must read 5 articles in the evening | End of the 8-year mining era of Ethereum

1. Golden observation| Ethereum15 concepts in the post merger era lead you to an in-depth understanding of Ethereum 2.0

At about 14:42 on September 15, Beijing time, Ethereum officially completed the merger. Ethereum triggered the merger mechanism at the block height of 15537393, and produced the first PoS block at the height of 15537394. Ethereum officially changed its consensus from PoW to PoS mechanism. How much do you know about Ethereum 2.0 when Ethereum enters the post merger era? This article uses 15 concepts to guide you to understand it in depth.Click to read

2. The 8-year mining era of Ethereum ended:V GodChina Mining and Nvidia

The end of eight years of mining in Ethereum is also the end of mining in China's geography. In this field, people advocate computing power and fight against entropy growth, creating a super unicorn that can make a quarterly profit of 1.1 billion dollars. It also allows video card giants like Nvidia to have to re plan their pricing strategies. We want to use these words to record a history that all Web3 people should know.Click to read

3. What are the impacts and preparations of the merger near DeFi?

The merger will significantly change the operation mode, environmental protection degree and narrative of Ethereum. With this hard fork, Ethereum will run on the new consensus mechanism PoS instead of the original PoW. In this article, we will introduce the important events that took place at each DeFi leading governance forum when the merger is approaching.Click to read

4. Be alert to the three scams of "Ethereum merger"

Before the merger, Steve Bassi, founder of PolySwarm, a decentralized security network market, suggested in an interview with the media that fraudsters might use Ethereum merger as a market hotspot to launch new scams against novice encryption users. These scams include fraud ETH2.0 Token replacement, fraudulent ETH pledge ore pool, false airdrop and other forms.Click to read

5. God V: Why did Ethereum choose PoS?

Today, that is, September 15, Ethereum will have its largest protocol upgrade in history, The Merge. After the completion, the consensus mechanism will change from POW to POS. On this special day, I would like to remind you of an article titled "Why Proof of Stack (Nov 2020)" published by V God on Twitter in 2020. V Shen believes that the blockchain network under the PoS (Proof of Rights) consensus mechanism is more secure than PoW (Proof of Workload), and the defense measures against attacks are more complete than the latter, and the threshold for participation in verification is lower.Click to read