Golden Morning News | Overview of important developments overnight on September 16

[Golden Morning News | List of important developments overnight on September 16] 21:00-7:00 Key words: Valkyrie, Voyager, Coinbase, digital euro 1. Valkyrie's two crypto trust funds have raised about US $74 million; 2. The total value of ETH2.0 deposit contracts reached a new historical high; 3. Insiders: FTX is in a leading position in the acquisition of Voyager assets; 4. Wall Street Journal: The "pledge" model of Ethereum may attract the attention of the US SEC; 5. Shenzhen has officially launched 1.05 million digital RMB application scenarios and opened 26.71 million digital currency wallets; 6. Polygon Co creation: Ethereum merger may bring "one billion users" to Web3; 7. Coinbase: All ERC-20Token deposits and withdrawals of ETH have been recovered; 8. Chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the United States Senate: the bill to expand the power of CFTC encryption will be voted soon; 9. Officials of major countries in the euro area: digital euro must be private and environmentally friendly.