Golden Web3.0 Daily | Yuga Labs denied launching new NFT series

DeFi data

1. Total market value of DeFi token: 45.31 billion US dollars



Data source of total market value of DeFi: coingecko

2. The trading volume of the decentralized exchange in the past 24 hours was 3.85 billion US dollars



Data source of trading volume of decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: coingecko

3. Locked assets in DeFi: $54.4 billion



Data source of top ten locked assets and locked positions of DeFi project: defilama

NFT data

1. Total market value of NFT: 17.8 billion US dollars



Data source of NFT's total market value and top ten market value projects: Coinmarketcap

2.24 hour NFT transaction volume: 22 billiondollar



Data source of NFT's total market value and top ten market value projects: Coinmarketcap

Top NFT within 3.24 hours


NFT data source: NFTGO

NFT/Digital Collectionhotspot

1. Yuga Labs denied that it would launch the new NFT series "Mecha Apes"

On September 16, it was reported that Greg Solano, co-founder of Yuga Labs, denied the news on social media that "Yuga Labs plans to launch a new NFT project named Mecha Apes before the end of this year", calling it a fake news. Previously, according to protos, Yuga Labs planned to launch a new NFT series "MechaApes" before the end of this year and raise 50 million dollars through this project.

2. Indian Institute of Technology launched courses on NFT and Web3 technology

On September 16, it was reported that Indian Institute of Technology, in cooperation with TimesPro, an e-learning platform, announced the creation of an education project centered on Web 3 technology. The course content includes the basic knowledge of distributed ledger, NFT, meta universe and digital assets. The Indian Blockchain Alliance (IBA) and iHub Divyasampark are partners in the course. At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate issued by the Indian Institute of Technology.

3. Nintendo's former president: neither supports nor opposes NFT, but the universe will dominate the game

Golden Financial Report, Reggie Fils AIme, former president of Nintendo, said in an interview with CNET that he neither supported nor opposed NFT and said: "With the rapid development of technology, players need to have some positive factors, so I do not support or oppose NFT. I want to see an example of real value added, but I have to say that we have not seen it yet. I believe that the meta universe will dominate games, augmented reality technology will develop faster and further, and we have seen that this technology has brought great experience to consumers." Reggie Fils AIme worked for Nintendo for 15 years as its chief operating officer before leaving the company on April 15, 2019.

4. Rakuten NFT, the NFT market under Rakuten, sets up special plates for NFT issued by Japanese local governments

On September 16, it was reported that Rakuten NFT, the NFT market under Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce platform, had set up a new "local NFT" segment, which was dedicated to launching NFT issued by Japanese local governments. Earlier this February, it was reported that Lotte Group launched its NFT market "Rakuten NFT".

5. ENS will test the online cable Name Wrapper within 7 days

On September 16, it was reported that Nick Johnson, founder and core developer of Ethereum domain name service ENS, said that ENS would launch the name wrapper on the test network within seven days. The ENS Name Wrapper allows the ENS domain name to be packaged as ERC-1155NFT. A parent domain name can set more permissions for its child domains.

6. NFTrade in the multi chain NFT market went online version 2.0

On September 16, it was reported that NFTrade in the multi chain NFT market announced the launch of version 2.0, with functions including NFT market aggregation, NFT shopping cart, NFT analysis and statistics, more blockchain integration, NFT scanning, and multi chain order book and NFT limited price orders. NFTrade is a multi chain NFT market, platform and indexer, allowing users to seamlessly create, buy, sell and exchange NFTs across chains.

7. NFTGo will open source self developed NFT rarity algorithm code and connect it to OpenRarity rarity model

According to the official news, on September 15, the NFT data aggregation platform NFTGo issued a document saying that it would completely open source the self-developed rarity algorithm code to provide a transparent and reasonable rarity model for developers and users. At the same time, NFTGo will access and display OpenRarity rarity ranking on products to enrich users' evaluation logic. In addition to the Rarity Sniper and Trait Sniper, this is the fourth rarity model for NFTGo access. Lowes, founder of NFTGo, said that NFTGo would support various rarity models in an open and equal manner to create a more fair and open web3 ecosystem.

8. The NFT rating project FungyProof announced that it was renamed Skry

On September 16, according to official news, the NFT rating platform FungyProof has announced that it has changed its name to "Skry". In addition, the company also released a new version of APP, optimizing the interface, rating algorithm and search function. It was previously reported that the FengyProof development team CR3Labs completed a $1 million pre seed round of financing in April this year, with Cadenza Ventures, Hypersphere Ventures and other investors participating.

DeFi hotspot

1.1inch: Some Ethereum addresses created through the Proficiency tool have serious vulnerabilities

On September 15, it was reported that the aggregator 1inch of the decentralized exchange released a security disclosure report, claiming that there were serious vulnerabilities in some Ethereum addresses created through the tool named Profitity. The vulnerability may enable hackers to steal tens of millions of dollars from the wallet of professional users in the past few years. 1inch thinks that the address generation method of Profitity is not secure, and the key linked to the public address can be calculated through violent attacks. It is recommended that users who use Profitity to generate addresses transfer their assets to a new wallet. Profitity, launched in 2017, is a tool that allows Ethereum users to generate "false name addresses". It is a custom wallet that contains recognizable names or numbers.

Metacosmic hotspot

1. The Sandbox will launch the universe in Dubai and other global cities

Golden Finance reported that Sandbox, a subsidiary of the venture capital company Animoca Brands Corp. Ltd., said at the 62nd True Global Ventures Conference held on Thursday that it would bring Hong Kong's meta universe strategy to a new market in Dubai and launch a "Dubai universe". Animoca Brand's Dubai Theme Meta World will follow the blueprint of its subsidiary Sandbox's Hong Kong "Mega City", which is a game meta world and virtual cultural center based on the Asian financial center Hong Kong. Sebastien borget, co-founder and chief operating officer of sandbox Paris, said that other planned location-based meta universes are being implemented in Singapore, South Korea and Türkiye.

Game hotspot

1. YGG Japan cooperates with KryptoGO and IVC to develop and provide a special wallet for Web3 games

Golden Financial Report, Blockchain Game Association" YGG Japan" It was announced today with ForN Co. that KryptoGO Co., Ltd and Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) will jointly develop a wallet specifically for GameFi users. In cooperation with YGGJ and IVC, KryptoGO's role is to optimize the experience of game asset management on the chain.

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