Cutting leeks, white whoring, crazy AMA... What have I experienced in more than 30 meta universe Web3 groups?

Article | The Girl of the Yuan Universe
Source:Titanium media

In the cold of 2022, the first wave of pioneers with keen sense of smell quickly gathered in the wildfire of the Metauniverse and Web3. In the last three months, I have joined more than 30 meta universe Web3 communities. Today, I will take a look at the current situation in the circle, as well as the chaos and future of Tibet and DAO, two major schools in China.

30+communities, see through the Web3 picture of the universe

The average number of these communities is about 300, and the number of 30 groups is about 1000. Now, the circle is very small. When you enter each group, you will find several WeChat friends, which means that your contacts are very concentrated. At the moment when the industry is from 0 to 1, most of the civil communities are popularizing knowledge, gathering contacts, and doing basic industry discussion and project docking.

What types of communities are there? Who is leading?

The domestic community takes the "basket" of the meta universe as the core,In addition to VR, virtual human, meta cosmic architecture, industry media, knowledge learning, project docking, activity publicity, and meta cosmic social networking, there are also meta cosmic art, meta cosmic carbon neutralization, female DAO, meta cosmic sea going, and Dali Web3 digital vagrants

In the past six months, digital collection platforms and meta universe social platforms have gathered their own user groups. The first group of meta universe and Web3 related organizations, media and recruitment platforms have also emerged in China, and they have become the leaders of these communities.

By the way, the foreign community takes Web3 as its core. Every week, there are a variety of AMA activities (ask me anything) on Twitter and Discard. This is also the base of Defi, Gamefi, SocialFi and encryption circles. These activities will also be widely spread in WeChat groups.

What is the most active enterprise?

In addition to information dissemination and activities organized by industry media,The enterprises in the marketing direction are the first to land and the most active, and the digital collections, virtual people and virtual spaces are the most bubblingAt one time, a group of friends asked me about the integrated marketing plan of the universe.

The party building, culture and tourism, and education of the Yuan Universe are developing fastest. Virtual social networking, fitness, medical, digital twin factories and other scenes are spread among various groups through video numbers. I have also contacted the Yuan Universe Temple, Yuan Universe Cemetery and other exotic projects. VR and AR hardware passed the foam period and jogged happily (the most stable way to earn money), and some Web3 games and social networks went out to sea with great ambition (cutting foreign countries first).

What group is the most lively?

It must be digital collections and DAO - one connected to the wallet, and the other connected to the wallet. These two types of communities have the largest number of people and the most active interactions. howeverDigital collections can't avoid being cut, and DAO can't avoid whoring.

How can we do something practical when we don't cut chives?

At present, the tradable NFT is mainly sold on overseas platforms such as Opensea. There are few digital collections supporting reselling in China. These two groups are very active in their respective WeChat groups, and they have one thing in common: they claim that chives are Buddhist, and they buy the first place in the picture.

The current situation of Tibet in China, should we seize

In May and June this year, digital collections, taking advantage of the popularity of foreign NFT, broke into the vision of Chinese people on a large scale. All kinds of digital collections could not be crowded in. Only one group of 500 people could get into one place if they withdrew. Many people asked if they could contact them for cooperation or join the group.

Now you think these groups are cold? It is not wrong to rob or rob. To put it simply, "Although you cut, you rush". In the NFT and digital collection flash buying group, the most discussed topic is how much to buy, how to sell, and how to copy the bottom. Erchuang's NFT expression packs are flying everywhere. For example, the South Korean NFT black cat MIMIC community will also combine various activities such as book club, talk show, science, international, delphi, blind date, etc.

What is the gap between domestic Tibet and foreign NFT?

NFT and Databank are divided into two types, one is dependent on the existing IP or brand, and the other is the newly created native IP.The first kind of foreign NFT earns the most from NBA and Nike. Brand release of NFT has room for appreciation and can be made with users. Domestic collections cannot be resold. The Dabo brand is trying to spend money to subsidize and turn digital collections into membership certificates. It's so humble and helpless.

From the perspective of the second kind of native IP, Boring Ape added value to IP through celebrity marketing, issuing IP peripherals, building a meta universe, and airdropping land, and then expanded the IP with users, selling the secondary creation rights to domestic brands such as Li Ning, and then making profits; In China, the digital Tibet game is mainly composed of synthesis and airdrop. Most of them are released on the platform. The difficulty is to mobilize users to participate. However, there are many new games that bring hope.

How can digital collections combine with entities to make money continuously?

Where is the future of Shuzang in ChinaWe can refer to the first National General Standard for Digital Collections 1.0 released by China Communications Industry Association a few days ago,The value of digital collections depends on: IP value, quality, expandability of scenes, influence of creators, background stories, scarcity, influence and operation of publishers, rights and interests, and playing methods.

If the breakthrough of foreign NFT is ticketing, social networking and finance, I thinkThe breakthrough point of domestic digital Tibet is cultural IP and creator economy. There is neither bad technology nor bad system.The following four development paths of domestic digital collections have been explored and practiced by companies.

The foam has receded, and China has begun to develop its digital collection infrastructure in depthJust like Fengyuzhu released the digital collection SaaS platform a few days ago, Huawei Cloud can also provide digital asset management services for the collection platform. It is believed that digital collections can drive industry and economy in the future and truly create value.

ifThe only way for NFT is to gather people by doing things, while DAO is more about doing things by doing people, and the two are gradually converging, and no one can be separated from each other.If NFT wants to retain users for a long time, it needs to decentralize the operation of the community in the form of a DAO, and the DAO needs to use NFT tokens as a voting and incentive mechanism.

How can domestic DAOs form a group if they don't rely on white whoring?

Compared with the eye-catching and ups and downs of digital collections, DAO is more low-key and continuous.

I want to say why DAO will replace the company? Investigation shows thatOn average, migrant workers only work for two hours every day. That is to say, under the current education and company system, 2% of the elite are grinding with 98% of the screws every day. The world is so crazy. But in fact, screws can shine when they do what they are good at, which requires new organizations to do new things.

1. Status quo of domestic DAO - Primary Web3 Studio

There are many DAO organizations based on WeChat groups, most of which are engaged in web3 learning, knowledge co creation and project linking. Many industry media and DAOs of the Tibet platform use free air drop, product priority experience, experience accumulation, etc. to attract people to work, which is regarded as "white whoring" by many people. Even if someone does it, it is difficult to last.

Domestic products such as Dao01 app, which are taking shape, attract people with industry information, projects, etc., and bring new tokens. They can withdraw cash in the mall, subscribe for company equity, and provide proposals and voting functions under blockchain technology for individual building Daos. Foreign infrastructure tools are more vertical and perfect, including the remuneration payment system Utopia, offline voting system snapshot, proxy voting tool Sybil, etc.

At present,In terms of domestic DAOs, there may just be a shadow of on chain operations and decentralized operations. At present, the form of Dao is more like a studio of the primary Web3 version.

How does Dao get people and make money?

The types of DAOs includeProtocol, social networking, investment and public welfareWait, the three essential elements areGovernance mechanism under the common vision, tools and technology, and active participation.

The development path of DAO is the same as Lanterndao and Seedao,Gather people with things, new people do new things, and make profitable projects around the Web3 universe,Including gathering contacts, connecting projects, providing information, recruitment, investment and financing and other services.

The second isBased on the existing ecology, the autonomous school is derived from the digital nomad ecology of Dali, such as the Tiaohai Courtyard Bar, which also claims to use the form of DAO to participate part-time with love.

In this era when like-minded people are closer than relatives and friends, the DAO community gathered with consensus, talent, creativity and enthusiasm will have unlimited possibilities. For example, solve the unemployment caused by AI, and even reduce the gap between rich and poor and currency hegemony.

Finally, I want to say

In the past few months of these groups, we have witnessed the "first" in the field of too many universes and Web3 with our group friends. They may be false, but in the future, more "first" will eventually overturn our life, entertainment and work.

NFT and DAO represent the future value carrier and organization form, and are only part of the future digital world. In the ultimate form of the meta universe and Web3, from the pursuit of material to self realization, life will no longer be a track, but a borderless game in the wilderness.