Golden Evening News | List of important developments in the evening of September 16

[Golden Evening News | List of Important Events on the evening of September 16] 12:00-21:00 Keywords: White House, Russia, Hong Kong, Digital Euro 1. The White House of the United States issued the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies; 2. Governor of the Russian Central Bank: ready to discuss the use of cryptocurrency in foreign trade; 3. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority explored the use of blockchain technology to finance SMEs; 4. US Treasury: The central bank's digital currency has the potential to provide significant benefits; 5. The Central Bank of Russia seeks to recruit blockchain developers; 6. The European Central Bank selects Nexi as the prototype of digital euro; 7. The Financial Stability Commission will report the regulatory loopholes of digital assets next month; 8. The top three pledges of Ethereum accounted for more than 50% of the total pledges; 9. Chairman of the SEC: The cryptocurrency using the equity certificates may be securities.