Must read 5 articles in the evening | a16z: What does the merger of Ethereum mean?

1. Golden Observation | a16z: What does the merger of Ethereum mean?

The merger of Ethereum -- an important upgrade of Ethereum that took place early Thursday -- will become the most important moment in the history of open source. It's hard to think of a cooler example than this. A community of hundreds of developers from multiple organizations has promoted open research and hard technology development for many years. Many people do not realize that it is a crazy feat to transition Ethereum to "proof of equity" (PoS), instead of "proof of work" (PoW), which is achieved through mining.Click to read

2. Golden observation | The latest statement of the chairman of the US SEC: PoS tokens may be securities

Of the nearly 10000 tokens in the crypto market, I believe the vast majority are securities. This is the latest statement on the encryption market made by Gary Gensler, Chairman of the US SEC, at the hearing of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on "Supervision of the US Securities and Exchange Commission" on September 15.Click to read

3. Golden Observation | Post merger Era: Will Ethereum surpass BTC?

"The Ethereum merger is complete! This is an important moment for the Ethereum ecosystem. Everyone who helps to achieve the merger should be very proud." After the completion of the merger of the major milestones of Ethereum, the founder Vitalik Buterin (V God) sent a message to celebrate on the social platform. At 2:45 p.m. on September 15, the long-awaited "The Merge" of Ethereum was completed, and the transition from PoW to PoS was complete. What will happen to Ethereum after this?Click to read

4. The history, model and future of the first Robox in the meta universe

In 2021, a game company will be directly listed on the New York Stock Exchange. On the first day, the stock price will rise by 54%, and the company's valuation will exceed 45 billion dollars. One year after listing, the company's revenue will increase by 108% compared with the previous year. This company has the courage to go public directly. At the same time, it can maintain such a strong growth momentum in the highly competitive game field. Many people will think that it is a giant company with many popular games. However, this 18 year old company has only one game, which is loved by 95% of American teenagers. In 2021, its daily activity will reach 45.5 million times. This game is Roblox, A large multiplayer interactive game platform known as "the first unit of the meta universe".Click to read

5. Difficulties and Opportunities of MakerDAO: How to Realize Governance Reform?

The real situation of the DeFi protocol may not be as bright as the surface data. Our impression of MakerDAO may include: TVL is in the first place for a long time, DAI is an important DeFi infrastructure, and MakerDAO can rely on stable rate income to buy back and destroy MKR. But who would have thought that MakerDAO, the most representative DeFi protocol, has also fallen into the mire.Click to read