Project Weekly | Ethereum Integration Formally Completed

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance and Economics, covering key news of the week, market and contract data, mining information, project dynamics, technology progress and other industry trends. This article is a project weekly, showing you the progress of mainstream projects and star projects this week.


Data: Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity Breakthroughfour thousand seven hundred and fiftyPiecesBTCAnd go backoneAbove US $one00 million

Gold Finance reported that according to the statistics of oneML website, the number of bitcoins locked by the Bitcoin Lightning Network has exceeded four thousand seven hundred and fifty (four thousand seven hundred and fifty.93 at present), a record high, worth about one03eight70405.35 dollars, with an increase of 3.54% in the past thirty days. In addition, the current lightning network node data is one7eightone7, with an increase of 0.one3% in the past thirty days, the number of channels being eight6463, and a decrease of 0.eight% in the past thirty days.

Google search keywordsBuy Bitcoin's interest fell to a two-year low

The golden financial report shows that Google's search interest in the keyword "buy Bitcoin" has hit a new two-year low, scoring 6 in the week ended September one0. It is worth noting that the last low interest in this keyword was recorded on October one7, 2020, when cryptocurrency was preparing for a new round of rebound and finally hit a new high in last year's bull market.

BTCHash rate hit a record high, expectedtwo thousand and twenty-threeIn the fourth quarter of

On September one2, it was reported that according to Coingecko data, Bitcoin's hash rate reached a record high of 2eightone7.9 million. It is now estimated that the date of the next BTC halving has been advanced and will be carried out as early as the fourth quarter of two thousand and twenty-three. The next halving will reduce the bitcoin block reward to 3.one25 bitcoins. The whole halving process will last until 2one40 years, when it is estimated that all 2one million bitcoins will be mined.

Data:two thousand one hundred and fourteenPiecesBTCTransfer from unknown walletCoinbase

Golden financial report, WhaleAlert data shows that two thousand one hundred and fourteen BTCs (about $4672242eight) were transferred from the unknown wallet to Coinbase.

Listed mining enterpriseseightMonthly holdingsthirty-four thousand six hundred and fifty-sevenBitcoin, increasing month on montheight hundred and fifty-sevenPieces

On September one3, it was reported that Bitcoin Magazine statistics showed that listed mining enterprises held thirty-four thousand six hundred and fifty-seven bitcoins in August, eight hundred and fifty-seven more than the previous month, ending the trend of selling for three consecutive months.

nearthirtyHeaven currency standardBTCThe contract position continues to exceedsixtyone0000 pieces

On September one3, it was reported that according to Coinglass data, the position of currency based BTC contracts continued to exceed sixty0000 in nearly thirty days. Among them, Binance's contract position continued to rank first and OKX ranked second.

Bitcoin mining difficulty reached 32.05T, setting a new record

Gold Finance reported that, according to data, the mining difficulty of Bitcoin reached 32.05T, a record high. At present, the computing power of the whole network is 233.7one EH/s, and the 24-hour transaction rate is 3.one4 transactions/s. It is predicted that the next difficulty will be increased by 0.0eight% to 32.07T, one3 days and one5 hours before the adjustment.

Data: The Bitcoin Whale Address has reduced 6577 BTCs in the past 24 hours

According to the golden financial report, the data shows that the current Bitcoin Whale address (> one000BTC) holds 7eight33200 BTCs, which is 6577.23 less than 24 hours ago. Based on the current BTC price, it is estimated to be about one33 million dollars. At the same time, 7574.93 bitcoins were held by addresses with a balance of one00-one000BTC.

The first solar bitcoin mining facility opened in South Australia

Golden financial report, Bitcoin Archive tweeted that the first solar bitcoin mining facility has been opened in South Australia.

Bitcoin's lightning network capacity has broken through 4eight00 BTCs, setting a new record

Golden Finance reported that according to the latest data from oneML website, the number of BTCs locked by Bitcoin Lightning Network has exceeded 4eight00 (currently 4eight00.37), a record high, worth about 95534056.05 dollars, with an increase of 4.52% in the past thirty days. In addition, the current lightning network node data is one7eightone2 (0.one2% increase in the past thirty days), and the number of channels is eight6463 (0.52% decrease in the past thirty days).


The progress of Ethereum merger reached one00%, and the merger was officially completed

According to the golden financial report, according to the "The Merge Countdown" page of OKLink multi chain browser, the Ethereum merger has been officially completed, and the merger progress has reached one00%. The current block height is one5537393. Note: The Merge is the "merge", which is one of the important steps in the upgrading process of Ethereum 2.0. Ethereum will "merge" the equity certification system of the main network and beacon chain before launching the shard chain, which will mark the elimination of Ethereum's work certification and the complete transition to equity certification. After the merger, the energy consumption of Ethereum will be reduced by about 99.95%.

The total number of Ethereum addresses exceeded 250 million

According to the golden financial report, according to OKlink data, the total number of Ethereum addresses has exceeded 250 million. This article is 25442oneeight36, an increase of 7one4eight9 in the past 24 hours, including 203492770 ordinary addresses, eight64eight7thirty4 coin holding addresses, and 526457 active addresses. In addition, the number of Ethereum contract addresses has exceeded 50 million, up to now 50929035.

The first PoS block one5537394 was finally confirmed after Ethereum merger

Golden Finance reported that the first PoS block one5537394 after the merger of Ethereum was finally confirmed. Previously, it was reported that Tim Beiko, the core developer of Ethereum, was waiting for the final determination, which would take about 6 minutes.

After the merger of Ethereum, the prices of some GPUs fell by nearly 40%

Golden Finance reported that with the successful completion of Ethereum merger, the demand for GPU mining machines seems to have shrunk, and a large part of the mining market will no longer pay attention to GPU. At present, the prices of some GPUs have also dropped rapidly. On the eBay platform, RTX thirtyeight0 one0GB Founder&# 39; The s Edition model sold for more than $750 in the middle of June, but now it has fallen to the range of $500-sixty0, with a price drop of 39%. (dexerto)

After the merger of Ethereum, more than 40% of the blocks are added by Coinbase and Lido

On September one6, it was reported by foreign media that within a few hours after the merger of Ethereum, more than 40% of the network blocks were added by two entities: Coinbase and Lido. Lido is a community led pledge collective. Coinbase is the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with 27.5% and one4.5% shares of the network respectively. Martin K ö ppelmann, co-founder of Ethereum infrastructure company Gnosis, wrote in a tweet: "In the last one000 blocks, only Lido and Coinbase built 420." (Coindesk)

Core developers of Ethereum: the specific content of Shanghai upgrading has not been determined yet

Golden Finance reported that Marius Van Der Wijden, core developer of Ethereum, said that core developers may agree to solve the problem of pledge ETH withdrawal in the next "Shanghai" upgrade, but the specific content of this upgrade is still unclear. If the "Shanghai" upgrade content is too much, it may affect the test progress. For example, if there are one0 changes in the "Shanghai" upgrade, you need to test each change separately, and also test how different changes interact with each other. This means that once the number of functions included in the "Shanghai" upgrade increases, the test workload will increase exponentially, which will eventually lead to the delay of the "Shanghai" upgrade date. As the upgrade of "Shanghai" will solve the problem of withdrawal of pledged ETH, once it is delayed, the interests of pledgers and verifiers may be affected.

The total locked positions of Ethereum L2 network fell below 5 billion dollars

According to the gold financial report, L2BEAT data shows that, so far, the total locked positions on Ethereum Layer2 are 4.9 billion dollars. In the past 7 days, the decline was 9.65%, of which the largest amount of locked positions was the expansion plan Arbitrum, about 2.52 billion US dollars, accounting for 5one.53%. The second is Optimism, with a locked position of USD one.4one billion, accounting for 2eight.eighteight%. DYdX occupied the third place, with $464 million of locked positions, accounting for 9.4eight%.

Other projects

Data: one39446 pieces of Token BAB have been forged by Binance soul binding

On September one2, it was reported that according to Dune Analytics data, one39446 Tokens BAB bound by BNBChain soul had been cast in total, of which one955 had been revoked, and one3749one were effectively cast in total.

DogechainAnnounced that the operation has been resumed, and the maintenance has not caused any financial loss

On September one2, it was reported that Dogechein officially announced that it had fully resumed operation. The internal error has been repaired, and the Dogechein chain and cross chain bridge can be operated. The maintenance did not cause any financial loss, but the balance display in the user's wallet may be delayed. Golden Finance previously reported that Dogechein officially announced yesterday that it would maintain the main network. It is expected that the network will be down for 2-3 hours, and said that this maintenance will be a key upgrade. The user's funds are safe.

RSS3Establish strategic partnership with Lens Protocol

On September one2, it was announced that RSS 3, the Web3 information infrastructure, had established a strategic partnership with Lens Protocol, the Web3 social protocol developed by the Aave protocol team. RSS3 will provide a series of tools to help Lens Protocol build the next generation of social media applications. All activities on Lens can be accessed through the RSS3 API to further promote the composability and interoperability of the Web3 ecosystem.

ETHWOfficially release bifurcation time and main network handover information

On September one3, it was reported that the workload of Ethereum proved that the branching chain ETHW officially released the branching time, that is, it was deployed within 24 hours after the merger of Ethereum. According to the social media account @ Ethereum PoW on ETHW's main network, an announcement will be made one hour before the forked network starts. After that, the chain ID of ETHW will be switched to one000one, and the final code, configuration file, binary file and other important materials (such as node data, RPC and resource manager information) will take effect. In addition, in order to provide enough time for chain ID switching, the ETHW main network will be online at the specified time after 204eight empty blocks are processed, which means that the first ETHW block containing transactions on the main network will be Merge block+2049. (TheBlock)

StarkWareCairo one.0 will be introduced to support StarkNet's unlicensed network requirements

On September oneone, it was reported that StarkWare, a zero knowledge proof technology development company, announced the one.0 version of the programming language Cairo. The core will be the intermediate presentation layer Sierra, which can enhance availability, security and convenience, support StarkNet's unlicensed network requirements, and simplify and protect the protocol. At present, the development is in progress, and the first version is expected to be released soon. In addition, Cairo one.0 will also affect Regenesis. StarkWare will release more information about Regenesis in the next few weeks. Note: Cairo language is StarkNet's native smart contract language, which will be launched in 2020.

QLC Chainone5 million USD financing has been completed, and Dawnstar Capital leads the investment

On September one3, it was reported that QLC Chain had successfully completed the US $one5 million financing led by Dawnstar Capital to accelerate its mission of technological improvement and accelerate its digital transformation by increasing its adoption rate. This financing will not only provide QLC Chain with a new ecological fund, but also help QLC Chain further develop in other markets and projects, and also provide human capital for it. In the next few weeks, QLC Chain will release a new roadmap for the second half of 2022 and two thousand and twenty-three, which includes important milestones, such as supporting QLC tokens on BNB Chain, and developing QLC Chain's marketing capabilities in social media.

aone6z CryptoRelease NFT "Proof of Merge" commemorating the merger of Ethereum

On September one5, it was reported that aone6z Crypto released the NFT "Proof of Merge" commemorating the merger of Ethereum, which users can cast for free before the merger. This NFT is a dynamic NFT, which outputs different metadata and illustrations according to the value of "difficulty" and the combined estimated time, and presents different visual effects in computer language with ASCII art as its feature. The life cycle of the NFT has three phases, all of which are based on the reading of the above "difficulty" embedded in the EVM. In the first stage, two separate circles are displayed when pre merging. In the second stage, as the merger approaches, the two circles will begin to intersect until they overlap, forming a picture similar to the solar eclipse; Once the merge occurs, the shape will be converted to the final form: Yin Yang symbol.

Data: ETC's total network computing power has broken through 70TH/s, continuing to set a new record

On September one5, it was reported that according to 2Miners data, the current network computing power of ETC is 72.6TH/s, which continues to set a new record.

ETCThe computing power of the whole network has broken through 90TH/s, rising 55.one7% in 24 hours

On September one5, it was reported that according to 2Miners data, after the successful merger of Ethereum, the current network computing power of ETC was 92.4eightTH/s, with a 4-hour increase of 55.one7%, a new record high

TetherAdd one billion USDTs on the wave field network (authorized but not issued)

On September one5, it was reported that according to Whale Alert data, Tether added one billion USD to the wave field network. In this regard, Paolo Ardoino, Tether's chief technology officer, said that Wavefield Network had replenished the inventory of one billion USDTs. This is an authorized but unissued transaction, which means that the amount will be used as inventory for the next issuance request and chain swap.

As Ethereum miners flocked to RVN rather than ETH, interest in Ravencoin surged

According to the golden financial report, Ethereum officially completed the merger today, but Ethereum miners flocked to RVN rather than ETH. According to the data retrieved from CoinMarketCap, interest in Ravencoin (RVN) soared, ranking first in cryptocurrency, ahead of ETH, ETC, BTC and SHIB. In this major change, miners flocked to the alternative chain, resulting in a 54one% surge in Ravencoin's hash rate in the two weeks before the merger from September one to September one5. In addition, CoinMarketCap data shows that Ravencoin's value has risen by nearly 75% in the past seven days.

BAYCThe turnover of series NFT increased by more than thirty0% in the past 24 hours

According to the golden financial report, the latest data of OpenSea shows that the turnover of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) series NFT in the past 24 hours was 4oneone ETH, with a growth rate of 356%. Ranked 4th in OpenSea in terms of turnover in recent 24 hours.

USDCThe proportion of supply in smart contracts reached a 4-month high

Golden Finance reported that Glasssnode data showed that the supply of USDC in smart contracts currently accounted for 42.2thirty%, a four month high. The previously monitored high was 42.222% on September one4.

More than 25 million ApeCoins will be unlocked tomorrow, accounting for nearly eight% of the current flux

Golden Finance reported that more than 25 million ApeCoins will be unlocked on September one7, accounting for nearly eight% of the flow. (CoinDesk)

Circle USDC circulation decreased by one.3 billion dollars in the past week

On September one7, according to official news, from September 9 to September one5, Circle issued USD2.5 billion in total and redeemed USD3.eight billion, reducing USDone.3 billion in circulation. As of September one5, the total circulation of USDC was US $50.4 billion, and the reserve was US $50.5 billion, including US $one0.4 billion in cash and US $ billion in short-term US treasury bonds.

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