Golden Evening News | List of important developments in the evening of September 17

[Golden Evening News | List of Important News on the evening of September 17] 12:00-21:00 Keywords: V God, Yuga Labs, Coinbase Custom, First Star 1. V God proposed "L3 vision": L2 and L3 need to have different purposes, such as L2 used to expand L3 for customized functions; 2. Data: Besu, Nethermind and Erigon three Ethereum clients support PoS chain 100%; 3. Yuga Labs appointed Spencer Tucker as the first Chief Game Officer of the company; 4. Coinbase Customer newly supports 20 kinds of asset deposits and withdrawals such as KSM; 5. The third fund of First Star is planned to raise 40 million dollars, which will focus on blockchain, AI and other fields; 6. Shiba Inu announced the launch of its card collection game Shiba Eternity in Australia; 7. Kondux, a Web3 design laboratory, joined NVIDIA Inception.