Thinking about the advertising mode and opportunity of the meta universe

With the popularity and scenes of the meta universeWith the increase of, new business models will continue to emerge. before01 BlockchainWrittenEight New Business Models of the MetauniverseIn this article, the business models mentioned include the construction services, advertising, real estate leasing, sales of digital collections, immersive experience and entertainment, sales of goods, data service providers of the meta universe and virtual office.

Meta said in its meta universe planning that advertising will be one of the important revenue sources of the meta universe in the future. Obviously, where there is traffic, there will be advertisements. The more traffic, the greater the value of its advertising will be. We can also set up billboards in the meta universe to advertise like the real world. Now there is a company dedicated to advertising in the meta universe, Metaverse Billboards.

According to the official website, Metaverse Billboards has 140 pieces of land on the Cryptovoxel platform, with more than 250 billboards for customers to choose from. According to his Q&A on the official website, the weekly advertising price is one Ethereum (US $2543, about 16000 yuan). Customers only need to submit a JPG photo to purchase advertising services.

In addition to billboards, Metaverse Billboards has also set up an NFT exhibition, where users can display their NFT or buy tickets to enjoy NFT.

1、 Metauniverse Advertising, the Possible Golden Hen of Meta in the Future

Meta is one of the most active enterprises to lay out the meta universe. Meta obviously sees the potential of meta universe advertising. Zuckerberg once disclosed some plans of Meta's investment in the meta universe at the financial report meeting in the second quarter of 2021. Meta will sell hardware, but this is not the place to make real money. Zuckerberg said on the financial report conference call that Meta's goal is to sell its equipment as cheaply as possible and focus on making money through the business and advertising of the meta universe itself.

Zuckerberg said: "Our business model will not mainly focus on trying to sell equipment or similar things at high prices, because our mission is to provide services to as many people as possible. Therefore, we hope to make everything we do as affordable as possible, so that as many people as possible can participate in it, and then expand the scale of the digital economy."

Meta will make every effort to improve the technology and enhance the user's experience. Zuckerberg said that only when the hardware can provide users with a sense of real existence in the digital world, will people increase their willingness to join the meta universe. Advertising will still play a role, but Meta will also focus on the sale of virtual goods. Zuckerberg said that advertising in the meta universe would be an "important part" of Meta's strategy of profiting from the meta universe, but he was more optimistic about the business of the digital world.

Many people believe that some of today's video games, such as Minecraft, Robox and Fortnite, are early versions of the meta universe. Those free games make money by selling virtual goods to players. Zuckerberg hinted at the financial report conference call that Meta would copy this strategy, make money in its own meta universe, and take a piece of every transaction.

Zuckerberg believes that digital goods and creators will be a huge source of profit. The universe will have experiences that the real world cannot feel. People have unique virtual avatars, digital clothes and digital goods to experience experiences that cannot be felt in the real world, such as dressing up as superman and enjoying the feeling of flying in the air.

2、 Some predictions for the advertising industry in the meta universe

For consumers, the meta universe advertisement will bring more immersive and ultimate interaction, and provide a quality experience of immersive and enhanced version without leaving home; For advertisers, as the epitome of digital technology, meta universe advertising will have a disruptive impact on the advertising operation process, such as customer management, user insight, creative planning, advertising, effect evaluation, etc. For the advertising industry, meta universe advertising will promote the technical innovation of the advertising industry, become a new scene of advertising marketing activities, and provide a broader space for the industry to increase value. In the future, in addition to advertising in the real world, the virtual world may also become the next place where the advertising industry needs to layout.

What kind of form will the meta universe advertisement have? First of all, the universe will make advertising more diversified. With the help of various interactive technologies, various scenes in the virtual world will be greatly enhanced, and more super realistic life scenes from the real world will be expanded. At the same time, the limitations of time, space, quantity and quality of real advertising media can be broken through. Perhaps every brick, tile, road sign and device in the meta universe can become a "container" for advertising.

Secondly, the communication efficiency of advertising is improved. At present, the advertising information we receive is unilateral, which can be seen but not touched. You can only "imagine" or get relevant information according to the information given by the advertiser. When the interaction technology such as wearable devices is more and more developed, people can use this technology to achieve in-depth interaction between the full body senses and the cognitive environment, thus improving the efficiency of business communication. In addition, with the popularization of virtual meetings, different spaces can be seamlessly connected. Compared with online meetings, advertising account managers are no longer limited to voice and image information. They can actually capture customers' micro expressions, body language and other signals, improve the communication efficiency of advertising business, and convey more accurate information to customers.

Furthermore, advertising is no longer a one-sided interaction, but a way of contact for both parties (customers and sellers) to interact. At present, we can only accept advertisements unilaterally, but in the future, with the integration and upgrading of intelligent network technology, interactive technology and other digital technologies, the sensory mobilization of interactive devices will be enhanced, and sellers can play more tricks. Such as online concept stores, theme parks, virtual conferences, concerts and other virtual experiences to attract the attention of target audiences.

Brands and sellers can master the advertising effect with the information of meta universe advertising. It is hard to get the answer whether and how effective the advertisement is now. The data processing in the meta universe will realize stereo visualization and zeroing. Perhaps in the future, data workers can enter the virtual space through the built-in eye tracking device, XR device, etc., and quickly conduct the transformation and cross analysis of massive heterogeneous data by hand touch, drag and drop and other interactive methods. At the same time, the rich chart display can display holographic data in multi-dimensional and three-dimensional way, thus helping advertisers to deeply and comprehensively understand the operation rules, product trends, user preferences, etc. behind the market. Based on the above information, sellers can also know which segments and contents attract attention, and create better advertising based on these data and experience.

3、 Metacosmic Exhibition

With the continuous deepening of online and offline virtual reality integration exhibition, the meta universe has gradually become a form of exhibition, and may also be a very important form. "Metauniverse Exhibition" is a kind of experience mode to design a virtual space that is the same as or beyond reality, endow virtual identities to real characters, and control the exhibition through mobile phones, keyboards, handles and other control tools after entering the virtual space. In fact, exhibition is an important place for enterprises to advertise.

On August 19, 2022, Baidu Xiren officially launched the exhibition of the Metauniverse solution in Beijing, and launched a one-stop meta universe conference and exhibition service, which can realize the convenient experience of 3-day customization and 1-day exhibition. For example, in terms of the meta universe exhibition, the curator can obtain 8 exhibition templates of different sizes and styles, and support a variety of exhibition works including paintings, video animation, sculpture, installation art and NFT digital collections. Whether it is to build a 200 square meter exquisite exhibition space or a 1000 square meter large-scale art exhibition, the curator only needs to prepare exhibition materials such as exhibits, promotional posters, guidance information, etc., and can quickly hold his own meta universe exhibition as needed in the fastest week. At present, Baidu Xiren has provided one-stop meta universe services for dozens of brands in various fields such as automobile, marketing, culture, art, science and technology, and will continue to create more meta universe exhibition cases in pan entertainment, finance and other fields in the future.

In addition to Baidu, Netease also released its own online exhibition system Netease Yaotai. Netease Yaotai is an immersive activity system under Netease Fuxi. Through technologies such as offline real meeting scenes and real-time expression migration, Netease Yaotai breaks the traditional video conference mode and brings users a more scientific and immersive activity experience. At present, Netease Yaotai has been successfully applied to many activities such as Henan Smart Culture and Tourism Conference.

Other enterprises also have different levels of layout in the field of meta cosmic exhibitions. For example, Daoke Cloud builds its own meta cosmic platform for exhibitions based on 3D, VR virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and 1:1 under line exhibition scenes are reproduced through live shooting and 3D panoramic imaging.