Golden Morning News | Overview of important developments overnight on September 18

[Golden Morning News | List of important developments overnight on September 18] 21:00-7:00 Keyword: Do Kwon, Hangzhou, ETC 1. Do Kwon: I am not "fugitive" and willing to fully cooperate with any government that wants to talk to; 2. Cryptocurrency transactions increased sharply during the merger, with ETH accounting for the majority; 3. Hangzhou has opened the function of digital RMB to pay electricity bills; 4. ARK Ark Fund reduced 165359 Coinbase shares accumulatively; 5. Data: This week, ETC's total network computing power exceeded 300 TH/s to a record high; 6. Singapore Police: Do Kwon is no longer in Singapore; 7. Michael Saylor: Bitcoin is superior to the physical property of ordinary people.