Golden Morning News | Overview of important developments overnight on September 19

[Golden Morning News | List of important developments overnight on September 19] 21:00-7:00 Keyword: Best Buy, Meta, SBF 1. Best Buy began to sell Bitcoin hardware wallets in physical retail stores across the United States; 2. Analyst: Even if Bitcoin reaches US $2 million in 2040, it will consume less than 1% of the world's energy; 3. Meta will not set a fixed station for work and re booking: employees will collectively roast; 4. Marathon CEO: Regulators should encourage Bitcoin mining enterprises to use renewable energy; 5. Venture investor: NFT will bring cryptocurrency to billions of users; 6. SBF: FTX still has about US $1 billion in cash available for the acquisition of distressed encryption companies off the counter; 7. Analyst: As Bitcoin and the stock market weaken, Ethereum will be hit hard by price correction.