Golden Map | NFT Weekly (9.11 - 9.17)

[0911 - 0917] Summary of weekly report:

1. The trading volume of NFT market fell back last week, down about - 1.4% compared with last week; Among them, X2Y2's turnover continued to rank first, accounting for 47.8%.

2. Last week, the number of active users in NFT market was slightly warmer than the previous week, with an average daily number of active users of about 45000, up about 7.1%; Among them, Opensea accounted for 88.5%, maintaining a leading position.

3. The token market fell back last week, with Lookes down - 14.1% to 0.24U and X2Y2 down - 11.3% to 0.12U.

4. In terms of token pledge APY, the annualized yield of Looks is about 58.5%, and that of X2Y2 is about 69.4%.