Must read in the evening | How are the eight co founders of Ethereum

1. Golden Observation | Summary of Zero Knowledge Proof Classic Literature (collectable)

  A16z crypto has selected a group of resources for those seeking to understand, deepen and build zero knowledge: powerful basic technologies, which hold the key to blockchain scalability and represent the future of private applications, including applications in encryption/web3 and countless other innovations.Click to read

2. Golden observation | The Federal Reserve's monetary policy meeting will be held soon, and the total market value of encryption will fall below 1 trillion dollars

The Federal Reserve will hold a new monetary policy meeting from September 20 to 21. It is widely expected that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by 0.75 percentage points for the third time in a row to combat high inflation. The monetary policy meeting is just around the corner. BTC fell below $19000, ETH fell below $1300, and the total market value of cryptocurrency fell below $1 trillion.Click to read

3. How are the eight co founders of Ethereum now?

On June 7, 2014, witnessed by the eight co founders, the idea of Ethereum was born in a rental house called "spaceship" in the Swiss woods. Today, the maximum market value can exceed $150 billion. In fact, since the birth of Ethereum, the encryption industry has caused a storm, and even set off wave after wave of craze in the web3 world, such as from 1CO, NFT, to Defi, IDO and other concepts. Even the concept of Web3 comes from a co-founder of Ethereum.Click to read

4. What will happen next when Shanghai judicial authorities recognize the value of virtual currency?

On September 14, 2022, an article published on the official account of Shanghai procuratorate showed that the public interest litigation prosecutor of the Pudong new area procuratorate finally calculated the amount of public interest damage compensation based on the value of the virtual currency gained. In this case, the defendant made a profit of 6000usdt, and the procuratorial organ recognized that the defendant's illegal gain was about 38760 yuan,The court also pronounced a judgment accordingly.We are concerned that many official account focus on "recognizing the value of virtual currency", and even many people in the circle think that this is "good" news, but not so. As a lawyer focusing on criminal defense, I am more concerned about the significance of this case and what will happen in the future judicial practice.Click to read

5. How will tokens subvert the traditional content creation model?

When Daniel Allan, a musician, produced his album Overstimulated in 2021, he could have spent months or even years creating and publishing works, just like many Internet creators, in order to build a large enough fan group to fund his full-time work. Or, he could have taken a more traditional route: reselling his works to traditional music manufacturers, hoping that one of them could give him a rare prize: record contract.Click to read