The end of the meta universe is also "buying houses and land"?

When people consider the medium of value that an open world can carry, the first thing they can think of is land, which is the simplest emotion of human beings. According to relevant data,Since Facebook changed the name of its holding company to Meta in October 2021, the real estate price of Metauniverse has risen by as much as 500%In order to seize resources, famous enterprise brands are vying for virtual real estate in the universe.

Sister Sa was scanned by big data some time ago, and she felt the pain of home isolation. She also longed for everything in real life to be replicated in the virtual world of the meta universe, beyond the limitations of time and space.How should we look at the virtual "real estate" of the universe, and what is the value of this investment?What problems do you need to pay attention to for the meta universe project?

Metacosmic virtual "real estate"?

The name of the virtual "real estate" of the meta universe seems to correspond to the real world, which means a piece of land in the virtual world of the meta universe, but in essence it isA Fixed Programmable Digital Space in Virtual Reality PlatformUsers can carry out various digital customization and activities in it. Although there are similarities between investing in land plots in the meta universe and investing in real estate in reality, they have completely different logic. Sister Sa's team has been negotiating with the Yuanuniverse project party as Party A some time ago, from which we can find thatLand is more expensive in reality, while house is more expensive in the universe

The Value of Metacosmic Virtual "Real Estate"

When most people hear about the virtual "real estate" of the meta universe, their first reaction will be how it can be valuable, which is just as much as the game wants. But if they can think more, problems such as game stuttering, delay, and disconnection are always problems that puzzle game players. Although the scope of the meta universe can be unlimited in theory, the imagination is constrained by reality. Based on various realistic considerations, the major meta universe project parties have to limit the amount of land available in their meta universeTo a certain extent, forming the scarcity of the meta cosmic massifWhen Sister Sa's team saw the red and blue plots in the project side's map, and the unspeakable plots that had been taken by others, they suddenly found that there had been so many pioneers.

The ideal is full, but the reality is still bone. In your impression, Cyberpunk may not be mentioned, but at least it should have the level of GTA San Andreas, butReality may only reach my world。 When the Sajie team was responsible for purchasing the corresponding services of the Meta Universe, they found that the overall technical level was slightly weaker at present, and the infrastructure of the entire industry was not as good as we thought, so it could not meet our ideal Web3 and Meta Universe related needs, and it was not as interesting as Web2 games. So, what is the value of the virtual plot of the meta universe at present?

Tokens. Andrew Kiguel, founder and CEO of. com, once said thatThe place where brands and advertisements gather is a place of high value。 When the company is willing to pay for it, it is also the time when its brand is bound to the meta universe project, which further increases the overall value and influence.

The virtual plot of the universe is not only a building, but also a gathering place reflecting the corporate brand culture of the company. The more time and people people spend in the meta universe, the higher the value of the average size of land. The number of users and the trend of plot value can be similar to the real traffic of a web2 website and the activity of a chain,It will bring intangible assets such as attention and brand influence to users, and even bring real business in the futureIn web2, WeChat, QQ, Tencent and other Internet giants are typical cases.

In the early metaverse ecology, the number of virtual plots will increase with the increase of projects. In addition, metaverse projects are not controlled like traditional land and top-level domain names, so there are a large number of blockchain projects with the theme of virtual plots. At the same time, this is accompanied by a large number of foam, so we still need to be careful of the risk of thunder or uncertainty. Some investors will choose to make a portfolio, Reduce the probability of risk and increase the certainty of overall investment. From the perspective of users, the main line of the meta universe is to create high-quality immersive content to bringCost effective time-space expansion experience, including entertainment and productivity

Problems that must be paid attention to

For the project party of the meta universe, one problem that has to be noticed is the problem of the meta universe map. The meta universe map is a virtual space constructed by using computer graphics technology, and it is also an important entrance for major Internet companies to seize the beach to layout the "meta universe" virtual reality industry,In recent years, it has become a "disaster area" copied。 Among the top ten cases of judicial protection of intellectual property rights in Guangdong courts in 2021, one of them is the case of a news company suing a Youyun company, a mutual entertainment company and other companies for infringement of copyright and unfair competition.

A famous shooting game is a first person shooting game developed by a Korean game company. It is operated and protected by the plaintiff in the Chinese Mainland as an exclusive agent. The plaintiff sued the defendant company for believing that a total of 6 game maps and multiple game gun props in the game developed and operated by the defendant company copied the corresponding game maps and props of a famous shooting game operated and protected by its exclusive agent, and imitated the naming method of the game map and gun props,When promoting their own games, the defendants conducted false publicity that led people to mistake them for the famous shooter mobile game version, which constituted copyright infringement and unfair competition

The court finally determined that for shooting games, the game scene mapThe spatial layout structure under the skin of art is the key and core expression of its creationCan be protected as a graphic work. We should focus on the spatial layout structure of the game map, exclude the general design, prior design elements or non original content for comparison, and the defendant's four maps constitute copyright infringement. The compensation amount is based on the "average monthly profit of the game × Online duration of each infringing game map × Contribution rate of game map × Use rate of infringing game map ", and finallyMore than 25 million yuan of compensation

This case, as the first copyright infringement lawsuit of game map "skin changing" in China, has an important reference value for the construction of the universe of the Yuan Dynasty. If the meta universe project party does not pay more attention during the construction process, the meta universe map will probably be infringed due to its "skin changing" behavior. To construct the spatial layout structure of the meta universe map, the project party of the meta universe should fully consider the previous works, exclude the non original elements, and pay attention to the boundary of reference and copying. For the corresponding buildings of the enterprises settled in the company, we should also pay attention to whether they are infringing works, and perform the duty of care. At the same time, moreNeed to pay attention to the developing information network security management obligations and prevent criminal risks

Write at the end

The meta universe integrates physical life and digital life, and people's physical identity and digital identity will become inseparable,While the meme effect gradually disappears, it is necessary to consider its future development directionHow to give users a more mature or better product experience.