Golden Morning Post | Digital RMB pilot has been expanded to Beijing


❑ Digital RMB pilot has been expanded to Beijing

Golden Financial News reported that the digital RMB pilot has been expanded to all over Beijing, with a total of more than 400000 scenarios. Liu Yuling, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Business Management Department of the People's Bank of China, introduced that Beijing took the lead in carrying out the pilot supervision of financial science and technology innovation nationwide, maintaining a leading edge in terms of the number of innovative applications, technology application scenarios and diversification of application subjects. (Beijing Daily)

Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau Prompts the Risks of Illegal Fund Raising such as "Metauniverse" and "Virtual Currency"

On September 23, it was reported that on September 22, Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued a warning on preventing the risk of illegal fund-raising, saying that recently, illegal fund-raising cases occurred frequently that criminals used high interest "wealth management" or hyped "meta universe" or "virtual currency" and other social hotspots to defraud public property. These criminal activities often used the cloak of "investment to get rich" to fabricate false investment projects, and used "high returns" to arouse public interest in investment, Once the capital chain breaks, the investors will run away with money and lose all their money. Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau hereby reminds financial consumers not to easily believe in the so-called high interest "wealth management", "meta universe, NFT, virtual currency investment", not to be moved by small gifts, not to receive "interest first" and other bait, but to protect personal information and purchase financial products through formal channels. (Zhongxin Jingwei)


As of press release, according toHuobi  Global data shows:

BTC recently traded at US $19302.50, up and down within the day-0.56%;

The latest transaction price of ETH is 1328.53 dollars, up and down within the day+0.05%;

BNB's recent transaction price is 276.80 dollars, up or down within the day+0.48%;

XRP recently traded at US $0.5073, up and down within the day+4.44%;

The recent transaction price of ADA is 0.4623 US dollars, up and down within the day+0.71%;

SOL's recent transaction price is 33.69 dollars, up or down within the day+3.89%;

The latest transaction price of DOGE is 0.064 US dollars, up and down within the day+6.37%。


Brazil issued search warrants on six cryptocurrency exchanges

On September 23, it was reported that yesterday, with the help of the Brazilian tax authorities, the Brazilian federal police carried out an investigation against six cryptocurrency exchanges. The investigation has executed hundreds of court orders against cryptocurrency exchanges, arbitrage agents and bogus companies in four Brazilian states. At present, search and seizure warrants have been issued for 6 cryptocurrency exchanges and 4 foreign exchange institutions. (

The two houses of Congress proposed a bill to support CFTC as the main regulator of BTC and cryptocurrency

According to the golden financial report, Bitcoin Archive said on social media that both houses of Congress have now proposed bills to support CFTC as the main regulator of BTC and cryptocurrency.

Some EU countries propose to ban the transfer of US dollar bills to Russia and strengthen restrictions on cryptocurrency related transactions

On September 23, it was reported that some EU countries proposed to prohibit the transfer of US dollar bills to Russia and strengthen restrictions on cryptocurrency related transactions. (Satellite News)

❑ DARPA is evaluating the threat of cryptocurrency to national security

Golden Finance reported that DARPA has signed a contract with Inca Digital, a digital asset data and analysis provider, to study the national security risks brought by cryptocurrencies. DARPA is a research and development agency of the US Department of Defense, which plans to analyze activities related to financial applications of distributed ledgers. The organization has awarded Inca Digital Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) to; Mapping the impact of digital financial assets" This research was carried out in the project of. (Coindesk)

Blockchain application

❑ Golden Gate University of the United States launched the blockchain laboratory and was supported by the Filecoin Foundation

Golden Finance reported that under the support of the Filecoin Foundation, Golden Gate University announced the launch of the blockchain laboratory, aiming to teach more about decentralized storage, Web3 and blockchain technology. Golden Gate University said that the Filecoin Foundation blockchain college laboratory will hold a party and training seminar, To help "expand the understanding of open and decentralized technologies, as students' understanding of cryptocurrencies and other related emerging technologies continues to grow in higher education. Marta Belcher, president and chairman of the Filecoin Foundation, revealed that the laboratory will also provide government officials and college teachers with the resources needed to understand decentralized technologies. (govtech)

❑ DBS Bank of Singapore expands encrypted transaction services for customers

On September 23, it was reported that DBS Bank of Singapore expanded its encryption trading services for wealth clients, and about 100000 qualified clients will be able to trade BTC, BCH, ETH and XRP. (Straits Times) According to the Financial Times, Singapore's largest commercial bank DBS Bank still plans to develop its cryptocurrency and digital asset business, and said it hopes to expand its digital exchange and provide services to more than 300000 high net worth customers in Asia.

❑ Delio, a Korean crypto finance company, cooperates with Blockdaemon to launch retail pledge service

On September 23, it was reported that Delio, a Korean encryption finance company, had reached a cooperation with Blockdaemon, a blockchain infrastructure provider. In addition to Delio's existing encryption banking products such as loans and deposits, Blockdaemon provided Delio with a pledge service focusing on retail.

❑ Wuhan "Huizhengtong" application blockchain technology officially appeared

Golden Financial Report: On September 23, at the unveiling ceremony of "Wuhan Jianghan District Intellectual Property Protection (Red T) Service Center" and "Wuhan Jianghan District Blockchain Intellectual Property Service Center", the blockchain intellectual property protection application "Huizhengtong" officially appeared, marking new progress in Wuhan's intellectual property protection. (Changjiang Daily)

❑ California Golden Gate University will provide blockchain and encryption education to students

Golden Finance reported that Golden Gate University in California will cooperate with Filecoin Foundation to provide blockchain and cryptocurrency education. The Filecoin Foundation said in its press statement that learning will focus on decentralized storage, the technology behind Web3 and the next generation Internet, while taking advantage of the growth of the encryption industry. According to the plan, the Filecoin Foundation Blockchain Academy Laboratory will hold a party and training seminar to meet the growing interest of higher education in cryptocurrencies. (finbold)


❑ The Sandbox launched an exclusive SAND pledge plan for land owners

On September 23, it was reported that according to the official announcement, The Sandbox, the meta universe game platform, announced the launch of an exclusive pledge plan for SAND that is only open to land owners on the Polygon network. In the first 12 weeks, 250000 SAND awards will be distributed every week, with a pledge ceiling of 500 SAND/LAND, that is, the more LANDs held, the more SANDs that can be pledged. Pledgors can withdraw SAND income once a week, and do not need to pledge LAND in the smart contract. The plan was launched at 0:00 on September 23, Beijing time.

❑ One week after the merger of Ethereum, the supply has increased by more than 5000ETH

Golden Financial Report, according to ultra sound Money data shows that the supply of Ethereum has increased by more than 5000 ETH a week after the merger. According to the data, as of press release, the new supply is 5027.07ETH. Anthony Sassano, co-founder of EthHub, tweeted: "It has been more than a week since the merger. If Ethereum is still a PoW, the supply of ETH will increase by about 100000. On the contrary, the current supply of ETH has only increased by about 5000, which means that the net issuance of ETH has decreased by 95% (including very little destruction at present) 。 Most of the ETH issued by PoW may be sold by miners because they have to pay operating costs. Since the operating costs are significantly lower than PoW, most of the ETH issued by PoS (after tax) may be held/re pledged. Once the market warms up again and the average gas price returns to above 15 Gwei, the ETH issuance will be net negative (that is, ETH is in a deflationary state). "

❑ Coinsquare announced the acquisition of CoinSmart to create Canada's largest crypto trading platform

Gold Finance reported that the Canadian crypto asset trading platform Coinsquare announced that it had signed an acquisition agreement with CoinSmart Financial Inc. to acquire all the issued and outstanding shares of its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Simply Digital Technologies Inc., which owns and operates the CoinSmart trading platform. Through this acquisition and integration, Coinsquare will become one of the largest crypto asset trading platforms in Canada, and will also provide diversified and compliant products in various business areas, including retail and institutional transactions, crypto payment processing and digital asset custody. It is reported that Coinsquare is applying for Canada's first crypto asset trading platform under the supervision of dealers and market members of the Canadian Investment Industry Regulatory Organization ("IIROC"), which is currently in the final stage of approval. (thestarphoenix)

The total number of registered users of STEPN reached 4.72 million, and the accumulated mileage was 67 million miles

On September 23, it was reported that based on the key data released by Solana's Move To Earn application STEPN on Thursday, users recorded more than 67 million miles (108017738 kilometers) of mileage on the application, reaching a historical high of 1 million users on June 2, 2022, and the total number of registered users reached 4.72 million. (The Block)

TigerHas been confirmed as quitting the fraud project, TIGERToken prices plummeted by 96%

On September 23, CertiK monitored that the price of TIGER token of Tiger project dropped by 96%. After investigation by CertiK security team, it has been confirmed that the project is an exit fraud project. As of the time of publication, the fraud had earned at least $1.13 million. The selling comes from EOA 0x2b7F41d964F13613858899855081A2077471b5A, which has transferred funds to EOA 0xfE86B58BcC2523250B6a27199aA768ab33bEcd79. EOA 0x2b7F41d964F136138588998550841A2077471b5A also participated in an exit scam earlier this year, resulting in about 4.5 million dollars being stolen. Although this contract is different from the previous one, the logo, Twitter handle and Telegram groups are still the same. Therefore, it is almost certain that this scam has the same back gang as this morning's scam.

Data: The third largest Bitcoin whale increased its holdings by 351 todayBTC

According to the golden financial report, Tokenview data shows that the third largest whale of Bitcoin started to increase its holdings of 351 BTCs at 06:08 on September 23. Up to now, the address holds 139282.79BTC in total.

TetherLaunch USDT on wave card

Golden Financial News: According to official news, Tether today announced the launch of USDT on Polkadot.

PandaDAO community refund and dissolution proposal has been approved& nbsp;& nbsp;

On September 24, it was reported that the PandaDAO community refund and dissolution proposal had been approved according to the information on the relevant page. According to the proposal, the eight core members and community leaders of PandaDAO will destroy 50 million PANDAs, and the Uni pool will also be removed. The team will also deploy a refund contract for community members to refund. The average refund amount of each PANDA=the current total supply of ETH/PANDA in the refund contract. PandaDAO has raised about 1900 ETH on JuiceBox, and also launched the NFT project Random Panda Club and NFT transaction agreement ERC721 P. Earlier, the core members of PandaDAO said that the main reasons for the dissolution were the governance structure and the management of the DAO.

Important economic developments

❑ The dollar index DXY broke 113, hitting a new high since January 2002

The market shows that the dollar index DXY broke 113, hitting a new high since January 2002, and rose 1.61% within the day.

The yield of 10-year US government bonds climbed 6 basis points to 3.77%, a new high since 2010

The golden financial report showed that the yield of the 10-year US treasury bond climbed 6 basis points to 3.77%, a new high since 2010.

Bank of America: Bull Bear indicator returns to the "most bearish" level

At the break on September 23, Bank of America: the bull bear index returned to the "biggest bearish" level, which is the worst level of investor sentiment since the global financial crisis.

Golden Encyclopedia

NFT Are there any specific use cases in the game domain?

One is the aggregation of sports fan effect+digital collections. The cards are mainly the symbolic actions of NBA star players, which has a high viscosity audience. Therefore, it is natural that such digital star cards are popular.

The second is the trust endorsement of the same team Dapper Labs.

The third is fomo emotion promotion. In fact, this is a common feature of digital collections - the earlier you enter the market, the more profitable you will be.

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