NEWSWEEK | Zuckerberg lost nearly 500 billion yuan by betting on the universe

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Zuckerberg lost nearlyfive thousandRMB100mn

On September two0, it was reported that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, had paid a high price for his strategy of betting on the meta universe in the real world. So far this year, his wealth has shrunk by more than half, reaching $71 billion (about 497.5 billion yuan), which is the largest loss among the super rich tracked by Bloomberg Billionaire Index. His current net worth is 55.9 billion US dollars, and his ranking among the world's billionaires has dropped from the 6th at the beginning of the year to the two0th. (Phoenix Technology)

CCTV Digital Collection PlatformYang Shuzang”twoDaily sales revenue reachesfifty-one point seven six10000 yuan

Golden Finance reported that, according to the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, the two0twotwo Chuangshi Digital Collections launched on September 19 by CCTV's "Central Digital Collection" were sold out in less than a minute. At present, there are two0twotwo Chuangshi Shuzang Y and S on sale, and the list price is twelve8 yuan. The two collections were sold out quickly on the day of sale. By this calculation, the sales revenue of CSSC was 517600 yuan in two days.

MIIT: China's blockchain patent applications account for84%

On September two0, the reporter learned from the press conference on vigorously developing the new generation of information technology industry held by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on September two0 that the income of the information technology service industry from January to July this year was 3.03 trillion yuan, up twelve% year on year. The revenue of the whole software industry accounted for 65.5%. In terms of segmentation, the average growth rate of cloud computing industry exceeded 30%, accounting for 14.6% of the global market. Cloud computing, big data, blockchain and other emerging technologies accelerated innovation, the number of international patent applications increased steadily, and the number of blockchain patent applications globally accounted for more than 84%; The pace of enterprises going to the cloud has been accelerated, and there are more than 3.6 million cloud enterprises nationwide. (Associated Press of Finance and Economics)

Bitcoin mining machine will be sold at a discount in Bitcoin Mainland

Golden financial report, Bitcom said on Twitter on Tuesday that it would reduce the price of the Antminer S19 Pro one hundred terahash (TH) model to $19/TH, about 30% lower than the market price in the index maintained by Luxor Technologies. Bitmain declined to disclose the specific price before the discount. However, according to the transaction terms published on Bitmain's website, only two00 machines can be purchased at a discount. Lauren Lin, the operation manager of Luxor ASIC transaction department, said that this meant that large buyers might also buy the Antminer S19 XP model at a price of more than $45/TH. Jaran Mellerud, an analyst at Arcane Research, said that the new discount price of BitContinental is $19/TH, which will definitely lead to further decline in the mining machine market. (coindesk)

▌TetherHave agreed to provide documents to proveUSDTReserves of

On September two1, it was reported that Tether had agreed to provide documents to prove USDT's reserves, and said that this dispute only involved the scope of documents to be provided. Tether said that the order issued by the court was just a conventional order and could not prove the plaintiff's groundless claim. Gold Finance previously reported that Tether, the issuer of stable currency, has been requested by the US judge to provide financial records related to USDT, including "general ledger, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and income statement", as well as Tether's transaction or transfer records of other cryptocurrencies or stable currencies.

Korean regulators:seventy-twoUS $one hundred million foreign exchange transactions are mainly transferred overseas through cryptocurrency exchanges

Golden financial report, Bloomberg reported on Thursday that the Korean financial regulator found that since June, there have been $7.two billion of "abnormal" foreign exchange transactions, most of which have been transferred through the cryptocurrency exchange. The Financial Supervisory Authority found an additional "abnormal" remittance worth $680 million. According to the report, an investigation has been conducted on the transfer of Hana Bank, National Bank, Agricultural Association Bank, Shinhan Bank, Youli Bank and seven other domestic banks, and the investigation will be completed by the end of October. The report added that most of the funds were transferred to Hong Kong, 8two% of which were US dollars. Last month, South Korea arrested 16 people on suspicion of participating in illegal foreign exchange transactions worth US $two billion. Bloomberg had previously reported that South Korea was investigating Woori and Shinhan's transfer of $3.4 billion worth of funds overseas.

Yunnan released the local standard of blockchain for the first time this yearelevenmonthtwelveImplemented from

Golden financial news: Recently, Yunnan Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau released that Yunnan Academy of Science and Technology, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Yunnan Standardization Institute and other units jointly completed two local standards in Yunnan Province, namely, the Application Guide for Blockchain Cross border Trade Services and the Application Guide for Blockchain Domain Name Resolution Services, which were officially implemented on November twelve, two0twotwo. The above two standards were issued for the first time in Yunnan Province. (Yunnan Network)


Pakistan Prime Minister's Office:one hundredTen thousand young people introduced encryption andWeb3Education and training plan

Golden Finance reported that the Prime Minister's Office of Pakistan announced that, as part of the Prime Minister's Youth Plan (PMYP), the country will conduct education and training on blockchain, Web3 and encryption technologies for 1 million young people. Shaza Khwaja, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Youth Affairs of Pakistan, said that the plan will focus on the skills agenda of future institutions, including teaching educational courses about blockchain and Web3, creating learning and job opportunities with significant economic impact, and cultivating world-class web3 developers for Pakistan. (thenews)

Australian senators draft a new bill on the regulation of stable currency and digital RMB

Gold Financial Report: Andrew Bragg, a senator from the Australian Liberal Party, released a new draft bill aimed at cracking down on digital asset exchanges, stable currencies and e-Yuan, a digital currency of the People's Bank of China. Bragg said in a statement on September 18 that "Australia must keep up with the pace of the global digital asset regulatory competition" because "Parliament must promote legal reform". The new draft bill is called the Digital Assets (Market Supervision) Act two0twotwo, which requires the introduction of digital asset exchanges, digital asset custody services, licenses for stable currency issuers, and disclosure requirements for Australian e-Yuan service providers. (Cointelegraph)

Russia sets up encryption expert working group, which will be set up next yeartwoThe mining standard of cryptocurrency will be released every month

On September 19, it was reported that the Russian encryption industry expert working group composed of members of the Russian Association of Cryptoeconomics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain (Racib), the cryptocurrency sector and other relevant industries announced its establishment. The working group will work together to develop a mining standard, which should improve the overall efficiency of mining, aiming to increase the operating time of expensive data processing equipment under optimal load, so as to improve profitability. Proper calibration of the ventilation system should be allowed, taking into account such indicators as humidity, season, region and the specific location where densified mining units are installed. The standard is expected to be published in February two0two3. The new standard will be incorporated into the "green zoom" national system of sustainable development of Russian construction industry.

Deputy Secretary of the Hong Kong Treasury: Support the steady development of financial technologies such as securities token issuance in Hong Kong

On September 19, it was reported that in order to promote the development of securities token issuance in Hong Kong, Chen Haolian, Deputy Secretary for Financial Affairs and the Treasury of Hong Kong, Huang Lexin, Director of Licensing Section and Head of Financial Technology Section of the Intermediary Department of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), and Liang Hanjing, Head of Financial Technology Section of the Investment Promotion Department, co chaired two meetings on September 14 and 16 to meet and communicate with the securities token issuance industry. Chen Haolian pointed out that the issuance of securities tokens had already been issued in Hong Kong. At the meeting last week, he learned that more than ten potential token issuers were deeply interested in the issuance of securities tokens. He stressed that the government was committed to supporting the steady development of financial technology in Hong Kong, including the issuance of securities tokens. Chen Haolian expressed that, "The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region supports the development of financial technology, so as to provide the society with a wide range of innovative financial services to support the development of the real economy It is the application of distributed ledger technology to issue securities, which helps improve efficiency, transparency and reduce costs. In addition, Huang Lexin made clarifications on a series of issues and removed many doubts and market misunderstandings, including the issuance of securities token, the regulatory principles of the CSRC and the latest regulatory direction in this field. Huang Lexin added that if any company is interested in securities token issuance, it is welcome to discuss the plan with the Financial Technology Group of the CSRC. (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Press Release)

Governor of the Bank of India: committed to implementing the digital currency of the central bank in stages

On September two0, the governor of the Bank of India said that he was committed to implementing the central bank's digital currency in stages.

Indonesia's Ministry of Trade plans to issue new rules for the management of crypto asset exchanges

Golden Finance reported that the Indonesian Ministry of Trade plans to issue a new rule to manage the crypto asset exchange, requiring that two-thirds of the board of directors and commissioners must be Indonesian citizens and reside in the country. In addition, the new rules will also require the exchange to use a third party to store customer funds, and prohibit the exchange from reinvesting the stored encrypted assets.

The legislation of the US House of Representatives to regulate the stable currency willUSTTwo year ban on stable currency

On September two1, it was reported that the legislation being drafted by the US House of Representatives to regulate stable currencies would impose a two-year ban on stable currencies similar to UST. According to the latest version of the bill, it is illegal to issue or create new "endogenously collateralized stable currencies". This definition will apply to stable currencies sold in the public. These stable currencies can be exchanged, redeemed or repurchased with a fixed amount of monetary value, and only rely on the value of another digital asset from the same creator to maintain its fixed price. The draft legislation will authorize the U.S. Department of Finance to consult with the Federal Reserve, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to study tokens similar to Terra. In addition, the House Committee may vote on the legislation as early as next week. (Bloomberg)

Ukraine will amend the virtual assets law according to EU encryption rules

Golden Finance reported that Ukraine is updating the laws and regulations applicable to cryptocurrencies to make its legislation consistent with European standards. Several government agencies in Kiev are preparing to amend the "virtual assets" bill, which became law earlier this year. It is reported that Ukraine will revise in accordance with the provisions of the EU Crypto Asset Market (MiCA) legislative plan. In February this year, Ukraine passed the revised Virtual Assets Act, which was signed into law by President Zelensky of Ukraine in March. (

EU FinalizedMiCALegal text of encryption regulations

On September two1, it was reported that the EU had finalized the full text of the Crypto Asset Market Legislation (MiCA). Officially, the text can still be commented on, but according to sources familiar with the negotiations, the text has actually been finalized. The verified draft bill leaked its version, urging EU law enforcement officials to adopt a "substance over form" attitude towards the bill, which means that the provisions of the bill may even apply to some assets classified as NFT. In principle, NFT is excluded from the framework, which requires the crypto asset issuer to issue a white paper containing a technical roadmap for the platform to register with the authorities, and requires the stable currency issuer to hold capital and conduct prudent management. As reported earlier, CZ said that the latest MiCA draft removed the previous restrictions on non euro Stabelocoin. (CoinDesk)

Gansu: No data center is allowed to participate in virtual currencyminingproject

Golden Financial Report: According to the news released by Gansu Province, the General Office of the People's Government of Gansu Province has issued Several Measures to Support the Construction and Operation of the National Hub Node (Gansu) of the National Integrated Computing Network. The Measures point out that universities and vocational colleges in the province are encouraged to optimize their existing professional settings, reasonably plan to open undergraduate and junior colleges such as digital economy and blockchain, and apply for relevant doctoral and master degree authorization points. Build a provincial data center operation monitoring platform, establish and improve the data center energy consumption monitoring mechanism and technical system, and prohibit any data center from participating in the virtual currency "mining" project.

Estonia CryptobankStrigaFirst encryption license granted

Golden Finance reported that the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Estonia's anti money laundering law enforcement agency, said in a statement released on Wednesday that the encryption banking company Striga was approved to operate on September two0. The company is part of the Bitcoin Lightning startup LastBit and is now registered under the Anti Money Laundering Act, which aims to crack down on the previous liberal system governing encryption companies.

The Russian Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance have reached an agreement to allow cross-border settlement using cryptocurrency

On September twotwo, Alexei Moiseev, Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia, said that the government departments and the Central Bank had "generally" agreed on a rule allowing residents to use cryptocurrency for cross-border payments. It is reported that the proposed policy change is intended to allow Russian nationals to use digital wallets. It is reported that in two0two0, the country passed legislation to prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC) for payment. President Vladimir Putin also signed a bill in July prohibiting the use of digital financial assets as a means of payment. In May, Trade Minister Denis Manturov suggested that Russia legalize encrypted payment "as soon as possible". (Kommersant)

Britain proposes a bill to combat illegal encryption activities

Golden Finance reported that the British government announced a bill to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to seize, freeze and recover cryptocurrency assets used in criminal activities such as money laundering, drugs and cybercrime. The Act aims to build on the earlier Economic Crime (Transparency and Law Enforcement) Act, which helped regulators impose sanctions on Russia and freeze relevant assets in the country. Regulators have been worried that some Russians have been using cryptocurrencies to escape the sanctions imposed after the invasion of Ukraine. (Coindesk)

Blockchain application

Suzhou: will speed up the city's pilot promotion of digital RMB Build more application scenarios

On September two0, it was reported that Cao Lubao, secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, said at the opening ceremony of the Second Yangtze River Delta Digital Financial Industry Innovation Week and the Suzhou Financial Support Industry Innovation Cluster Development Conference on September 19 that Suzhou would accelerate the promotion of digital RMB pilots in the city, actively build more application scenarios at the C, B and G terminals, and accelerate the formation of industrial advantages; We will continue to attract high-quality resources, promote the vertical and horizontal expansion of the digital RMB industry chain, and transform the pilot advantages into the development advantages of the digital financial industry innovation cluster. (Jin Shi)

Iran's central bank begins to pilot new digital currency

On September two1, it was reported that Iran would launch the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and the Bank of Iran would begin to test the "Digital Rial" plan, which would continue to be linked to the official currency of the country, the Rial, at a ratio of 1:1. The officials believe that the plan will provide the Iranian government with more power over the country's currency and provide more options for financial participants. The currency will only be used in Iran. (bolnews)

Societe Generale provides digital asset services for asset management companies

Gold Finance reported that SGSS provided new services for asset management companies wishing to develop cryptocurrency funds. More and more investors want to include cryptocurrencies in their portfolios. Therefore, asset management companies are seeking to establish a series of solutions that mainly invest in digital assets. To meet these specific needs, SGSS now provides asset management companies with services as fund custodian, appraiser and liability manager. The services provided by SGSS enable asset management companies to enhance their products in a simple and adaptable manner within the European regulatory framework. (finextra)

Digital RMB pilot has been extended to all areas of Beijing

Golden Financial News reported that the digital RMB pilot has been expanded to all over Beijing, with a total of more than 400000 scenarios. Liu Yuling, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Business Management Department of the People's Bank of China, introduced that Beijing took the lead in carrying out the pilot supervision of financial science and technology innovation nationwide, maintaining a leading edge in terms of the number of innovative applications, technology application scenarios and diversification of application subjects. (Beijing Daily)


Ethereum NetworkGasThe fee has been reduced to3 gwei

On September 19, it was reported that Etherscan data showed that the gas fee for Ethereum network has been reduced to 3 gwei.

Data:53%US voters oppose the Federal Reserve's digital currency

On September two0, The Block quoted a poll commissioned by a conservative group in the United States, which reported that 53% of American voters said they opposed the Federal Reserve's digital currency, while eleven% said they supported it, and more than one third of voters (36%) said they were not sure. In addition, 59% of voters said they were unlikely to support digital currency when they were told that the government could monitor all purchases you made with digital currency and prevent it from being used for specific purposes; 51% of the respondents said that they were unlikely to support digital currency after being told that the government could tax transactions using digital currency if the person conducting the transaction did not pay the tax. At the same time, 4two% of voters said they were not sure whether cryptocurrency would harm the environment, while 31% of voters said they did, and two7% of voters said they did not harm the environment. Compared with Republicans, Democrats were more likely to say cryptocurrency would harm the environment.

Crypto market makerWintermutestayDeFiLoss in hacker attackone point sixUSD100mn

On September two0, it was reported that Evgeny Gaevoy, founder of Wintermute, an encryption market maker, had sent a message on social media saying that Wintermute had lost $160 million in DeFi hacker attacks, and its CeFi and OTC businesses were not affected at present.

Nasdaq plans to launch institutional encryption hosting service

Golden Financial News, according to The Block, citing a number of sources, Nasdaq plans to launch an institutional encryption hosting service, and the new product is currently awaiting regulatory approval. NASDAQ will also establish a new encryption department. The plan of NASDAQ is to first develop an advanced hosting solution, and then introduce liquidity and execution services to meet the following industry challenges. The hosting solution will integrate all the best functions of the cryptowallet with the help of innovative technologies. It is reported that the plan of NASDAQ still needs regulatory approval.

The number of downloads of cryptocurrency transactions and cryptocurrency wallet applications decreased year on year55%

According to the golden financial report, since the cryptocurrency market has been in a lasting bear market for most of last year, cryptocurrency applications have also witnessed a decline in interest, as can be seen from the sharp decrease in the number of applications downloaded. Although the application of prepaid cash increased by 69% year on year, surpassing other financial technology fields, the performance of cryptocurrency and retail investment applications showed a downward trend. In fact, according to the data released by Apptopia on September 19, the number of downloads of cryptocurrency transactions and cryptocurrency wallet applications fell by 55% year on year in the third quarter.

Data: held by four wallet addressesBUSDNearly accounting for the total supply94%

On September two0, it was reported that the IntoThe Block data showed that there was a high concentration of currency holdings of BUSDs, with about 19.31 billion BUSDs (worth 18.98 billion dollars) controlled by four wallet addresses, accounting for 93.46% of the supply of BUSDs. In addition, CoinMarketCap data shows that among all cryptocurrencies, BUSD ranks sixth in market value; Of all the stable currencies, BUSD ranked third in market value, second only to USDT and USDC. It is reported that on September 6, King'an announced that it would automatically convert USDC, USDP and TUSD to BUSD. On September 19, WazirX announced that it would remove USDC, USDP and TUSD on September two6, and the balance would be converted to BUSD. (Beincrypto)

USD stable currencyUSDCMarket value falls belowfive hundredUSD100mn

On September two1, it was reported that according to the latest data of Coingecko, the market value of the USD stable currency USDC has fallen below 50 billion dollars, currently 49994610884 dollars.

Data: more thanfour hundred and seventyone hundred00 users inSTEPNRegister on, accumulate sportssix thousand seven hundred10000 miles

According to the golden financial report, the MtwoE application STEPN on Solana released key data on Thursday. Users recorded more than 67 million miles (108017738 kilometers) of mileage on the application, reaching a record high of 1 million users on June two, two0twotwo, and the total number of registered users reached 4.seventy-two million. It was previously reported that Stepn's revenue in the first quarter and the second quarter of two0twotwo also exceeded $two6.8 million and $twelvetwo million respectively. (TheBlock)

Bitcoin mining enterprisesCompute NorthApplication for bankruptcy protection, completedthree point eight fiveUS $one hundred million financing

Golden Financial Report: A document submitted to the Southern District Court of Texas in the United States shows that Compute North, a bitcoin mining enterprise, is applying for Chapter eleven bankruptcy protection, and disclosed that Dave Perrill, its CEO, resigned due to the pressure brought by the decline of the encryption market, but will continue to serve on the Board of Directors. It is reported that the bankruptcy application may have a negative impact on the industry. Compute North is one of the largest providers of mining computing power and has many transactions with other large mining companies. The company has four large mines in the United States, two in Texas and two in South Dakota and Nebraska. Its partners include Marathon Digital, BitNile Holdings, Singapore mining company Atlas Mining, Chinese mining enterprise The9, etc. In February, it was reported that Compute North had completed US $385 million financing, including US $85 million round C financing and US $300 million debt financing. (CoinDesk)

▌TigerHas been confirmed as quitting the fraud project,TIGERToken prices plummeted96%

On September two3, CertiK monitored that the price of TIGER token of Tiger project dropped by 96%. After investigation by CertiK security team, it has been confirmed that the project is an exit fraud project. As of the time of publication, the fraud had earned at least $1.13 million. The selling comes from EOA 0xtwob7F41d964F13613858899855081Atwo077471b5A, which has transferred funds to EOA 0xfE86B58BcCtwo5two3two50B6atwo7199aA768ab33bEcd79. EOA 0xtwob7F41d964F136138588998550841Atwo077471b5A also participated in an exit scam earlier this year, resulting in about 4.5 million dollars being stolen. Although this contract is different from the previous one, the logo, Twitter handle and Telegram groups are still the same. Therefore, it is almost certain that this scam has the same back gang as this morning's scam.

▌TetherLaunched on PokaUSDT

Golden Financial News: According to official news, Tether today announced the launch of USDT on Polkadot.

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